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Thread: I need help with a sort of banking program

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    Default I need help with a sort of banking program

    Hello, I've been stuck trying to get this to work but I've had no such luck and I was hoping you could help. What I'm trying to do is to make method called debit that will withdraw money from the account and to print a message if it exceeds it. Thanks.

    public class Account {
        private double balance;
        public Account( double initialBalance )
        	if ( initialBalance > 0.0 )
        		balance = initialBalance;
        public void credit( double amount )
        	balance = balance + amount;
        public void debit( String[] args );
        public double getBalance()
        	return balance;

    public class AccountTest 
        public static void main( String args[] ) 
        	Account account1 = new Account( 50.00 );
        	Account account2 = new Account( -7.53 );
        	System.out.printf( "account1 balance: $%.2f\n",
        		account1.getBalance() );
        	System.out.printf( "account2 balance: $%.2f\n\n",
        		account2.getBalance() );
        	Scanner input = new Scanner( System.in );
        	double withdrawalAmount;
        	System.out.print( "Enter withdrawal amount for account1: " );
        	withdrawalAmount = input.nextDouble();
        	System.out.printf( "\nsubtracting %.2f from account1 balance\n",
        		withdrawalAmount );
        	account2.credit( withdrawalAmount );
        	System.out.printf( "account1 balance: $%.2f\n",
        		account1.getBalance() );
        	System.out.printf( "account2 balance: $%.2f\n",
        		account2.getBalance() );

    Current Syntax errors
    --------------------Configuration: <Default>--------------------
    C:\Users\Cam\Documents\Account.java:24: error: missing method body, or declare abstract
        public void debit( String[] args );
    1 error
    Process completed.

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    Default Re: I need help with a sort of banking program

    The error message says it all: methods need a body, unless the class is abstract. Where is your debit() method's body?

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