I'm a newbie at this stuff, but I'm trying to port a Windows app over
to Linux and encountered

issues with the xmlbeans. We have a handful of xsd files generating
class files. On Windows,

I'll get Driver.class(2k) and Driver2.class(10k). On Linux, the same
build through Maven I'll

get Driver.class(10k) and Driver2.class(2k). So there appears to be
an ordering issue which causes the Linux application to not compile with these classes. The java code using
Driver/Driver errors out with incompatible types:
found : xx.xmlbinding.Driver2
required: xx.xmlbinding.Driver
Different xsd files have the same complexType in the file:
<xsd:complexType name="Driver">

Does this make sense?
Any suggestions on how to solve this with cross compatibility in mind?