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Thread: exception handling problem

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    Default exception handling problem

    Design and implement a program that creates an exception class called
    InvalidDocumentCodeExeception, designed to be thrown when an improper designation
    for a document is encountered. during processing. Suppose in a particular business
    all documents are given a two-character designation starting with either U, C, or P,
    standing for unclassified, confidential, or proprietary. If a document designation is
    encountered that description, the exception is thrown. Create a driver program to test
    the exception, allowing it to terminate the program.


    Modify the solution to PP 10.3 (above) such that it catches and handles the exception
    if it is thrown. Handle the exception by printing the appropriate message and then
    continue processing.


    anyways i've completed Programming Projects 10.3 and 10.4, the code is below
    however I have no idea what this other stuff is about :

    For this lab you will combine Programming Projects 10.3 and 10.4 in your
    textbook on pages 580 and 581.
    You solution should include a “Driver” program that tests the exception. To do
    this, you will need to create a class that holds information about Documents you
    are processing. You may choose what that document contains (ie: Vendor Name,
    Total Sale, Client Name, Type of Lawsuit, ……. You choose, but it must include
    Document Code).
    Your “Driver” program should include a loop so the user can enter information for
    a number of documents. Use an Array to hold the Document Objects.
    Entering an improper Document Code should trigger the exception. Your code
    should handle the exception, and allow the user to enter more documents.
    When the user is done entering Document information, print the contents of your
    Extra Credit: sort your array before printing.

    can someone please tell me what its asking and how to implement it
    cuz I have no idea :S

    any help will be much appreciated




    public class InvalidDocumentCodeException extends Exception{
    public InvalidDocumentCodeException(){
    public String getMessage(){
    return "Document code must be U (Unclassified), C (Confidential), or P (Proptietary)." +
    "\nDocument will default to Unclassified.";

    public class Document {
    private String dType = "U";
    public Document(String docType){
    if( docType.compareToIgnoreCase("U") != 0
    && docType.compareToIgnoreCase("C") != 0
    && docType.compareToIgnoreCase("P") != 0 )
    throw new InvalidDocumentCodeException();
    dType = docType;
    catch(InvalidDocumentCodeException e){
    System.out.println("Exception caught and handled! Continuing...");
    public void setDocType(String docType){
    dType = docType;
    public String toString(){
    return "Document type: "+ dType.toUpperCase();

    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class Starter {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    String done = "DONE";
    System.out.println("DocType? U = Unclassified, C = Confidential, P = Proprietary.");
    System.out.println("Type DONE, in all caps to end.");
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
    String docType = scan.next();
    while(docType.compareTo(done) != 0){
    Document doc = new Document(docType);
    docType = scan.next();
    System.out.println("Program Fin~");

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    Default Re: exception handling problem

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    Default Re: exception handling problem

    What part are you having trouble with?

    The Exception class part, the array part, the sorting part (which is extra credit anyway), how to appropriately handle the exception, the entire thing, something else?

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