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Thread: Cryptogram, help please

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    Default Cryptogram, help please

    Need help with my cryptogram program,
    the program skips over the line of code that asks for the letter you need to replace
    Thank you so much

    import Keyboard.*;
    import java.io.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import java.text.*;
    import java.util.Arrays;
    * Write a description of class SolveCryptogram here.
    * @author Matthew Campbell
    * @version 6-01-12
    public class SolveCryptogram
    static final int LETTERS_IN_ALPHABET = 25;
    public static void main(String args[])
    throws java.io.IOException, java.text.ParseException
    String message;
    char selection, letter, replacement;
    char check = 'y';

    char[] messageone; //original cryptogram
    char[] substitution1 = new char[LETTERS_IN_ALPHABET]; //letter from original cryptogram that you want to change
    char[] substitution2 = new char[LETTERS_IN_ALPHABET]; //letter that it will change to
    char[] messagetwo = new char [4096]; //decoded message
    int subsMade = 0; //keeps track of how many substitutions you've made, slightly archaic in this build.
    System.out.println("--- Cryptogram Helper ---");
    message = Keyboard.readString("Enter cryptogram: ");
    message = message.toLowerCase(); //prevents case conflicts
    messageone = message.toCharArray(); //stores the original cryptogram as a char instead of a string
    for(int q = 0; q < messageone.length; q++){
    if (Character.isWhitespace(messageone[q])){
    messageone[q] = '.'; //meant to handle spaces in the substitutions.
    selection = Keyboard.readChar("(R)eplace letter or (Q)uit: ");
    selection = Character.toLowerCase(selection); //prevents case conflicts
    switch (selection)
    case 'r':
    System.out.println("Do not replace periods in your cryptogram."); //periods indicate spaces, this is why they're ignored
    for(int i = 0; i <= LETTERS_IN_ALPHABET; i++){
    letter = Character.toLowerCase(Keyboard.readChar("Letter from cryptogram: "));
    substitution1[i] = letter;
    replacement = Character.toLowerCase(Keyboard.readChar("Replace with: "));
    substitution2[i] = replacement;
    check = Keyboard.readChar("Make another substitution? (y/n) ");
    check = Character.toLowerCase(check); //prevent case conflicts
    if (check == 'y'){
    i = i; //a type of do nothing
    substitution1[(i+1)] = '.';
    substitution2[(i+1)] = ' '; //replaces periods into spaces
    i = 30; //forces an exit out of the loop
    System.out.println("Making substitutions...");
    for(int l = 0; l <= message.length() - 1; l++){
    int o = 0; //used to spider the substitution1 array for replacements
    while(substitution1[o] != messageone[l]){
    messagetwo[l] = substitution2[o];
    System.out.println("Substituted " + substitution1[o] + " with " + substitution2[o]); //keeps track of replacements made for the user

    for(int gh = 0; gh <= message.length() - 1; gh++){
    System.out.print(messagetwo[gh]); //displays the decoded message

    case 'q':

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    Default Re: Cryptogram, help please

    The project guidlines are
    Enter cryptogram: ABC

    (R)eplace letter or (Q)uit: r
    Letter from cryptogram: A
    Replace with: B

    Original cryptogram: ABC
    With replacements: BBC
    Substitutions: A->B

    (R)eplace letter or (Q)uit: r
    Letter from cryptogram: B
    Replace with: C

    Original cryptogram: ABC
    With replacements: BCC
    Substitutions: A->B B->C

    (R)eplace letter of (Q)uit: q

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    Default Re: Cryptogram, help please

    Please Edit your post and wrap your code with[code=java]<YOUR CODE HERE>[/code] to get highlighting. The unformatted code is very hard to read.

    What does post#2 show? Does it show the correct execution of the program? If not, please edit it and add some comments to show where there is a problem and to show what the output should be.
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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