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Thread: Getting my paddle to move left and right in a straight line-STUCK

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    Default Getting my paddle to move left and right in a straight line-STUCK

    I want to be able to add a new feature that lets me control the paddle to move left and right in a straight line.

    I already included the event library for mouse listeners but I dont know what to fill in the MouseClicked and MouseDragged
    methods to create the motion of the paddle.

    Any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Here's the code:

    import acm.graphics.*;
    import acm.program.*;

    import java.awt.Color;
    import java.awt.event.*;

    public class paddle extends GraphicsProgram{

    /** Dimensions of the paddle */
    private static final int PADDLE_WIDTH = 60;
    private static final int PADDLE_HEIGHT = 10;
    /** Dimensions of game board */
    public static final int APPLICATION_WIDTH = 400;
    public static final int APPLICATION_HEIGHT = 600;

    /** Dimensions of game board */
    private static final int WIDTH = APPLICATION_WIDTH;
    private static final int HEIGHT = APPLICATION_HEIGHT;

    public void run(){


    private void paddleSetup(){
    GRect paddle = new GRect(200,450 ,PADDLE_WIDTH,PADDLE_HEIGHT);

    // mouse listeners to drag the mouse ONLY left and right
    public void MouseClicked(MouseEvent e){


    public void MouseDragged(MouseEvent e){


    // instance variable for the paddle
    private GRect paddle;
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    Default Re: Getting my paddle to move left and right in a straight line-STUCK

    The usual way for animation is to have the listener change the x,y location of the thing to be moved, and then call repaint(). The repaint method will call the paint method which should use the x,y location to draw the item to be displayed.

    You need to override the paintComponent method in the component where the paddle will be shown and add listeners for what event that you want to control the movement of the paddle. The listener code will change the x,y for the paddle and call repaint.

    This is for the Java SE classes. I have no idea about the acm packages. You'll have to read the API doc for those classes to see how to use them.

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