I have seen that @ScriptAssert is used for duplication validation. For example,
lang = "javascript",
script = "_this.confirmPassword.equals(_this.password)" ,
message = "account.password.mismatch.message")

I know that in my jsp file, I can receive this error message globally together with all the other errors as follows:

<form:errors path="*">

However, I want to receive this specific password duplication error message and have it displayed by the password field, however, I do not know by what path name I can retrieve this error? For example, to receive the Username error by the Username field, the jsp looks like:

<spring:message code="newUserRegistration.label.username" />
<form:input path="username" cssClass="short"
cssErrorClass="short error" />

<form:errors path="username">
<div><form:errors path="username" htmlEscape="false" /></div>

...here the username is mapped to the path name username to retrieve the username error, but by what name do we retrieve the password error that is checked by @ScriptAssert, especially when there are multiple @ScriptAssert within @ScriptAssert.List?

I have checked other forums, etc. to find the path name for @ScriptAssert or the path name for each @ScriptAssert within @ScriptAssert.List, but could not find any solutions.

Any help will be appreciated.

Kind regards,