I have a web service package called 'TestService.aar' deployed in 'axis2.war/WEB-INF/services'. Each web-method of my service has following code;

public ClassOne getClassOne () {  
ServiceFactory factory =  new ServiceFactory();  
MyServiceAPI service = (MyServiceAPI) factory.getService() ;  
return service.getClassOne();  

Currently as you can see, I am creating an object of a ServiceFactory class (present under axis2.war/WEB-INF/lib directory as an independent JAR) in each web-method which can be re-factored and improved. Following are my options;

1) One way is to make my 'ServiceFactory' instance static (singleton) and all will use single instance. (Not recommended as my code will run in an Application Server like jBoss, WAS, WL and GS and it can cause problems)
2) The other way is to introduce Spring and make my WebSerice class springaware. I followed the instructions under 'Wihtout ServletContext' part of the link Apache Axis2 - Axis2 integration with the Spring Framework but I am unable to implement it successfully.

Can some provide me a simple example from which I can achieve my target. I just want all my services deployed as '*.aar' within axis2.war to access my ServiceFactory class which is deployed as 'jar' in 'axis2/WEB-INF/lib'.

Your comments and help will be appreciated,