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  1. [SOLVED] The concept of Server and Client
  2. Setting up the Floor for 2d JAva Game?
  3. need to know this
  4. Loading in images
  5. Need to know this difference
  6. Reading String Input?
  7. [SOLVED] Web Service from WSDL
  8. switch and math problem issues
  9. HELP!!! Entry Class to represent entries in a telephone directory
  10. Objects
  11. Out of memory work around for a java application (please help!)
  12. CashRegister class- adding a method getItemCount
  13. cosine in java
  14. type substitution - whats the theory behind it
  15. Auto contrast and auto brightness
  16. Packets Sent
  17. How do you pass an Array as a Parameter?
  18. Help with GUIs please & methods
  19. [SOLVED] how to get each field of a current date
  20. an error message while runnung java
  21. Calling method from .class file
  22. simple question...
  23. Theory behind 2d Game making?
  24. [SOLVED] static variable in an instance method?
  25. "illegal modifier for parameter sum; only final is permitted
  26. need help here with jsp
  27. Design question about maps
  28. Javamail
  29. Openning Image with java
  30. Getting started
  31. need in few hours help me
  32. Javamail attachment filenames
  33. How to get data from a third party website
  34. [SOLVED] Using class implicit toString() for array index
  35. advanced java networking help/theory
  36. [SOLVED] String class: using the substring method to obtain only the last character in the str
  37. How to remove the in-between spaces in a String? Please help.
  38. can't figure out how to sort an array.
  39. [SOLVED] theory behind testing each element of an array.
  40. Converting Images to Shapes
  41. RMI
  42. variables and efficiency
  43. Java and XML
  44. Identify and avoid some of the pitfalls in learning to use generics
  45. other than jtwain
  46. [SOLVED] Problems setting up java files that I downloaded from a publisher's website
  47. Java LAN Chat Program
  48. What can go wrong if you replace && with & in the following code:
  49. FAX Functionality in JAVA Application
  50. Few very basic Java questions.
  51. Exercise problems
  52. need help to compile
  53. How to convert a String into an Hexadecimal ?
  54. movement
  55. How would i do these things??
  56. Help with program
  57. How can I detect the end of a line in a file ?
  58. Java Help...
  59. Anyone know what this code is doing?
  60. C# and Java
  61. count how frequently each character occurs
  62. Setting markers in strings??
  63. How to store and use large numbers containing more than 100 digits in java??
  64. Odd Even Zero Counter?
  65. Java 2D game...Floor and Monsters?
  66. Problem to organize my code in classes
  67. Java Questions! :)
  68. Print Content on Pre Printed Sheet
  69. JFreechart
  70. implementing interface from encrypted jar
  71. the word "this"
  72. From C# to Java
  73. Arrays
  74. GUI does not pop up in child process before parent is killed
  75. java.util.* and visual studio 2005
  76. java is not clicking for me, why?
  77. Jar File Security
  78. Dll injection Java
  79. JFrame Menu Screen(For my game)?
  80. why is this there and what does it do?
  81. Simple Input Dialog Question
  82. Java Exceptions
  83. Where to start?
  84. DOS board game
  85. Deployment question
  86. Converting an array
  87. Future of Java
  88. using the setSize and setLocation methods of Rectangle class
  89. looping through an ArrayList of objects with their own attributes
  90. Fractions
  91. increasing my java knowledge
  92. How do I access SENS information in JAVA?
  93. How do you design a complex program
  94. volatile
  95. run java class file from independent of OS
  96. Questions about a Problem I'm trying to solve
  97. coverting to Char?
  98. TreeNode vs. Node
  99. adding multiple ints into a string
  100. Generating random letters and numbers together
  101. Implementing HTML tags in Java Source Code
  102. how to indent
  103. Help in Java
  104. Add white spices before the String element
  105. demarkating portions of images in different shapes
  106. Loading Images and Edit it
  107. print code to browser
  108. Natural language processing in java
  109. how to transform an html file to a web site in java
  110. Java sockets help
  111. reading string input then casting it to an int?
  112. Random Letter problem please help!
  113. google search
  114. Advice on Java personal msg system?
  115. Practice Questions / Problems / Projects
  117. Switch Statment
  118. UTC Dates
  119. applet img
  121. What is SNMP in Java?Hoe to execute code related to this?
  122. How to display ppt slides through java????
  123. Auto Fill the TextField
  124. How to include .ser file into .jar file
  125. Skeletonization / thinning issue
  126. The Bounded Buffer Problem
  127. Trying to make a bot
  128. Passing JTextField as String parameter
  129. url
  130. index of array
  131. Client Socket on Application Server
  132. Averages, Highest & using a .csv file ! ? ! ?
  133. Reading CSV files into a program
  134. Problem running .jar in Windows 7
  135. Drawing circles with smoother lines?
  136. java validate help??
  137. Grading
  138. Monitor the progress of sending a file to client
  139. Java Newbie: How to Code Node and its Neighbors?
  140. Project - Please Help
  141. Basic Animation
  142. Drawing
  143. Sub class Serialization
  144. how to display combination of char and interger
  145. [SOLVED] Need Regex for a pattern
  146. Curly braces or semicolon?
  147. JAVA to C++ conversion
  148. library
  149. jump use
  150. How to check whether the string contains only the specified characters ????
  151. Bookmarks/Favorites Menu
  152. Thread Sleep, Timer, Button Question
  153. [SOLVED] why casting int to String is not possible through brackets method
  154. In need of a programmers help.
  155. convert vector to array of bytes
  156. Urgent need a java regex pattern
  157. RandomAccessFile.readByte() find EOF
  158. Java 3d Programming
  159. marshalling/un marshalling how?
  160. (while) insted of (try and catch)
  161. regular expressions, characters unallowed in file names
  162. any ways to run a class from another class?
  163. star design programs
  164. question
  165. finding String in a file
  166. How to write registration module
  167. X10 Java API
  168. project on mobile computing
  169. Alignment
  170. Get a certain line in a JTextField
  171. HttpURLConnection null pointer exception
  172. access cisco router with java programme
  173. [SOLVED] placing packages of the same directory into an array
  174. java maskeraiding as firefox - how?
  175. println class
  176. How to schedule a Java Program for Background processing
  177. Continuous Integration (vs)
  178. [SOLVED] java Reflection Question - I am lost.
  179. "showMessageDialog" method in swing package
  180. [SOLVED] Executable .jar file isnít launched after being double-clicked
  181. plz help me with this.....plzz....
  182. Site to site communication (applet)
  183. [SOLVED] events log
  184. my java assignment -- please help
  185. compiling a file
  186. jMonkeyPlatform not working - SceneViewer loading bar stuck at 14%
  187. How to generate an ActionEvent progrematically
  188. Class to run in future!
  189. JButton Width & Height
  190. xml output problem
  191. A java beginner needs a lot of help and ideas
  192. A few questions
  193. login to website as user, no browser
  194. Should validation code exist in set methods or in a validate method
  195. Make some text bold, some NOT bold. JTextField
  196. [SOLVED] Array related assignment
  197. Navigating
  198. java programming books
  199. inheritance
  200. nested loop
  201. Virtual Keyboard in Java
  202. [SOLVED] convert String to int
  203. random
  204. [SOLVED] Get Data From Database MySQL using ComboBox
  205. Menu of Menus Help
  206. Auto Email from excel or access
  207. [SOLVED] difference between fileReader and bufferReader
  208. Is it possible to load classes at runtime that are discovered from a directory
  209. [SOLVED] Expanding my knowledge in Java: GUIs, Images, OO concepts. Mini project Video Poker.
  210. MySQL Database
  211. blending in java2d
  212. Easiest transition from VBA?
  213. Memory Handling -de allocate memory in Java
  214. [SOLVED] Method of Sorting? by assiging numerical values to Strings
  215. JRE 1.5 doc question
  216. need help Printing output from a JTextfield
  217. JVM Generations
  218. How to Convert DWG File to an Image
  219. [SOLVED] How to write to an application
  220. Looping object creation
  221. 2D Array Question
  222. Grabbing info from Java game
  223. Java layer over a page?
  224. Evaluate the environmental flexibility of programming in Java?
  225. Java problem -- sending email via JSP page
  226. repaint panel without clearing it
  227. How to get the list of highest score
  228. Help URGENT
  229. what is benefit of JWMS architect versus MVC architect ?
  230. Graphic Environment Abstract Methods
  231. Question with PrintJobListener
  232. TO do OR NOT TO do
  233. Construct a class that implement ActionListener with no constructor
  234. How to connect keyboard through COM?
  235. Reflection and finalization
  236. java creator problem
  237. Add or remove a row on a jtable with Netbeans 6.0
  238. Color Problem
  239. Not sure what type of variable to use.
  240. need help with binary tree
  241. hlp files
  242. Need help understanding method calls and such
  243. netbeans project
  244. How to place icon on a picture base on (x,y) axis
  245. Object.clone()
  246. Increase Java Memory Allocation
  247. Getting date based on days past year
  248. Java Application Server
  249. Calling Crystal Report
  250. repeatedly reading from a url? anyone?