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  1. Suggest me an addon?
  2. Removing the import function.
  3. help needed (URGENT)
  4. (Java) Overwrite line in .txt file
  5. Java Architecture and Sub-GUIs
  6. Java Web application Development
  7. Mastering this field
  8. Help with creating a java sonar amplet, microphone and speaker
  9. Shares Tracker
  10. Eclipse List Type Safety Warning
  11. UML modelling missunderstanding
  12. Want To Compile And Run Java Code At Home
  13. Record binary files
  14. [SOLVED] Changing whole array
  15. Input Validation - Take no Symbols or Numbers
  16. [SOLVED] Assertion
  17. BEGINNER! use of {} and ;
  18. problem with Runtime Environment 6 update
  19. ActionListener runs from timer appears to run again before first one is done
  20. JSP and servlets
  21. Made a little program with an if / else if... Any thoughts appreciated
  22. How do I create a level using different colours in a picture?
  23. How do I get a list of words for a Scrabble-game
  24. Aglet code example.
  25. Components locations being reset after revalidation
  26. java shift and ~ operator when to use each one?
  27. Computation Tree for Calculator
  28. [SOLVED] Stack Memory question (understanding)
  29. I want to learn J2EE in the shortest time possible
  30. Write simple game
  31. how to work with url include with # (jsoup)
  32. Android Audio Decoding for Morse Code and PSK31
  33. [SOLVED] Is it possible to mix these?
  34. [SOLVED] Project help
  35. [SOLVED] Gamelogic - variable in another class
  36. Pros and Cons of Listeners vs Method invocation through Reflection
  37. Find the biggest number
  38. Commenting your code: RIGHT or WRONG way?
  39. Difference between interface and abstract class?
  40. Multiple listeners? || one program or one for everyone?
  41. Page or panel with grid lines
  42. [SOLVED] Custom listener: how to separate interactors
  43. Java student - confusing quiz questions
  44. [SOLVED] Information on toString()
  45. Best Route for Program
  46. [SOLVED] Using passwords the right way?
  47. Setting up postage calculations
  48. java and web development
  49. [SOLVED] error while creating a "clear" method
  50. Best way to approach building a document based on a series of check box selections?
  51. Making a Touch interface with Java
  52. turtle graphics
  53. UML issue.
  54. Java Control Panel
  55. Generalized Linked Lists
  56. Is scanner the right choice?
  57. [SOLVED] Running one of the Oracle tutorials
  58. Where To Start? : Java Game Programming
  59. Advice with make Card exercise...
  60. Phone book program, where to begin?
  61. [SOLVED] Setter Methods Query
  62. Making my own GUI tookit. Looking for some advice.
  63. More parameters vs more methods
  64. Calculating pixel-offset for location on OpenStreetMap
  65. Message Buffers and Data Structures in Java
  66. Help with assignment?
  67. Why List interface is implemented multiple time in same hierarchy
  68. Java debugging techniques and processes
  69. Nested For...each Loop?
  70. jTable keep row visible
  71. What does this code mean?
  72. Java basics
  73. Convert string output to excel
  74. [SOLVED] Where to go after Java101?
  75. Mutator method at Beginner level
  76. Help! electricity bill project
  77. [SOLVED] Post variable in the main class
  78. Anti-virus
  79. Time complexity problem?
  80. Random Motion vertically
  81. Meaning of code? & possibility for shortening?
  82. [SOLVED] Image Icon problem
  83. JMX and Java Application Monitoring
  84. Method println()
  85. How do I create a Java messagebox an on form messagebox? Stuck
  86. API For Analyzing Javadoc
  87. [SOLVED] Final method and static method
  88. Help finding necessary imports
  89. Export to jar..
  90. [SOLVED] How To Compare String input to char Array....
  91. [SOLVED] Method sharing question.
  92. Unable to compile
  93. Need help with hash tables in my code
  94. help on application blocked
  95. Run time error
  96. Beginner... stuck on how to use FormattedFields in java for inserting dates
  97. Writing to database (concurrency)
  98. security(encrypt/decrypt) across machines
  99. How to get an Array of US cities?
  100. need help
  101. [SOLVED] Read String to List<Integer> and back
  102. Rest APIs
  103. [SOLVED] Compile Java Source Files at Runtime in JRE
  104. Question about substrings
  105. How to create voice recorded.
  106. static
  107. Need help with transparency
  108. Question About Best Practice for ActionListener With Multiple Buttons
  109. Interface
  110. RMI Security Manager?
  111. using a stepListener from an the eventlistener class
  112. Java Urgent Help
  113. Iterator
  114. Help creating ImageJ plugin
  115. modulus question
  116. Importing Apache Commons?
  117. irshad ali
  118. [SOLVED] Stuck in converting meters in milimeters
  119. Reading other people code?
  120. [SOLVED] String Manipulation.
  121. Java Theory
  122. [SOLVED] What do i learn next?
  123. Help with moving an object in Java?
  124. Novice
  125. [SOLVED] Create A Countdown In Java
  126. Which Book to buy for beginner ?
  127. Using Modulus to alternate between 2 functions?
  128. Renaming a file
  129. New to Java
  130. IO without APIs
  131. Java Mutex Question
  132. Generate API HTML Pages
  133. Generic Array Tools (lend me a critical eye)
  134. [SOLVED] Game Combat: Fighting one enemy at a time? (Issue with static/non-static?)
  135. Period
  136. [SOLVED] Output in columns
  137. Alternatives to JFrame
  138. Excel API With Chart Support
  139. Change the default JRE the browser uses to open applets
  140. Use of await statement in problem
  141. Embedding an image in textbox
  142. Input verification suggestions?
  143. Using JUnit to test JSwing
  144. Question about math.pow and math.sqrt
  145. Situations for using while loops, do while loops, and for while loops.
  146. Comparator implementation?
  147. can i do this with switch statement?
  148. [SOLVED] MouseEventDemo
  149. Signing an applet with a certificate
  150. JReport date and time question
  151. dual display problem
  152. java simulation library
  153. Collection Framework
  154. Java - Curl and Json
  155. Java Help Offline
  156. How to approach the book Head First Design Patterns?
  157. Help me Please... How to rotate this object and give colour inside
  158. Options for data retrival (conceptual non-specefic)
  159. Cross platform Java Programming
  160. [SOLVED] Adding a new row automatically with jTable(maybe?) (WindowBuilder)
  161. Multiple people working on the same project[SOLVED]
  162. Application build process
  163. Binary Search Trees theory question?
  164. unable to differentiate legal and illegal forward reference
  165. Javadoc link to external resource
  166. Re: data and object streams
  167. help pass data to browser
  168. Swing document editor
  169. Can a database application be developed in 2 months?
  170. Just a few basic questions
  171. How to patch a program
  172. ThreadPool implementation query
  173. Questions about if statements and if-else statements
  174. [SOLVED] Need help with YES/NO Loop in Fibonacci Sequence
  175. When to switch to Java 8?
  176. Help please?
  177. Question about do loops?
  178. Difficulty understanding code with for loop?
  179. [SOLVED] Sorting with a comparator
  180. I need help solving my question in my homework
  181. Sorting lowercase strings before uppercase strings
  182. Changing Javadoc Link
  183. Java Debugger Program
  184. Generating printout file and sending it to printer.
  185. Red Black trees question?
  186. [SOLVED] JTextField (JDoubleField etc)
  187. [SOLVED] Is there a "best" way to read/write files in Java?
  188. [SOLVED] repaint from another class!
  189. Java Math Curiosity
  190. Parsing
  191. Advice on how to pull data in from a USB port that is sampling analog data from a micro-controller
  192. some operation in loop.
  193. Event Handler Question
  194. multilevel inheritance
  195. Miscellaneous questions
  196. Hash Code
  197. Question: How can I add an Item to a combobox when I click a button?
  198. Java and Windows
  199. Building a Calender with Automated Employee Vacation Planner - Questions.
  200. How to write a String name variable to store letters,dotes and spaces only in Java?
  201. Is it possible to launch windows directly into a JAVA based password entry system?
  202. How to make a COMPLETELY UNIQUE Java GUI?
  203. Interactive video (Branching & looping)
  204. How many methods should be included in class definition
  205. What exactly is the purpose of a Scanner class?
  206. Null Pointer (a curious case)
  207. Declaring an object using an interface implemented by its class vs declaring an object using the class
  208. Guessing Game Demo, wanting to add a doAgain Loop, but I don't know how to.
  209. [SOLVED] Need a little guidance on overall Java
  210. Building a calculator
  211. [SOLVED] Building a calculator
  212. Java WebApp not woring with JRE7 update 51.
  213. [SOLVED] Query about Use of nextLine() method of Scanner class
  214. How to set the state of a radio button based on a configuration file.
  215. Need help on how to tackle this Java Project.
  216. Have I laid out my code wrong?
  217. Need some help with a tick tack toe game
  218. How much knowledge should I have to create a 2d game
  219. A Multithreading Question
  220. A Pathfinding Story
  221. Help Needed on Runtime.getRuntime()
  222. Hash Key Comparisions for two objects
  223. School work Question 1
  224. ctt-sp algorithm(cost transitive tournament shortest path algorithm)
  225. Need help with Java boolean isSymmetric () Function
  226. id3 problem
  227. Is this code an API? Beginner learning to write an API and decoupling.
  228. Viewing Website File Tree
  229. Error: invalid float literal
  230. Printing detail in a receipt
  231. Tomcat
  232. Sorting in Java:
  233. I need help with my homework
  234. packet finder
  235. in need of some exercices?
  236. Checking if an int is the lowest out of 4? (Small issue)
  237. Need some exercises to practice ?
  238. Help with code.
  239. Orbiting Planets and Moons
  240. Writing information to the database
  241. need help with writing this program
  242. What are these : Java Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, Struts - classifications?
  243. File Input- Multiple Sets of Data
  244. Database Column from Tables, PLEASE HELP JAVA MASTER!!!
  245. please help me find errors on my code,please give me reasons why i keep getting errors
  246. Help with a few short Java exam questions.
  247. Website send commands Application
  248. Double to Hex
  249. [SOLVED] Enforcing a format on a string?
  250. Umlauts