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  1. Binary Search Loop
  2. StringTokenizer problem
  3. Help with running class file
  4. using Eclipse and every program gives the errorr with floating numbers
  5. Non-Static variables
  6. [SOLVED] 2DArry from Textbox input (pls hlp)
  7. Help with output
  8. problem to get Fibonacci series- please help.
  9. [SOLVED] New line and StringBuilder
  10. Missing return statement
  11. :mad:[help!]what happened to the '\n'!!
  12. locating the path to a jar file within a program
  13. [SOLVED] Weird calendar.
  14. Game of Life GUI Error
  15. Error in jsp, need help!
  16. Array Lists help!!
  17. Family Tree App Help
  18. please tell me why i'm getting this error
  19. what's wrong in this code
  20. Data from file into ArrayList
  21. Reading from a file
  22. Making a clock
  23. Using getElementById() to get values from drop down list
  24. Help me plss! :(
  25. Program with transfer value from one class to another
  26. how to give inputs to my simple java program
  27. help! Atm bank machine problem
  28. looping and arrays
  29. I can''t understand this error
  30. problem in 2D array of TextField
  31. UnsatisfiedLinkError
  32. ArrayList for 2DPoints
  33. Needed help in actionPerformed statements
  34. Store Values in 2D array and output to textarea
  35. [SOLVED] Using Arrays to make a scoring program
  36. Square root not working
  37. Writing to a specific line in a text file
  38. Java student, super newb, totally stumped. Compile, no errors. Run shows nothing.
  39. newLine isn't working
  40. This program works but Want to improve
  41. TXT files
  42. [SOLVED] Minefield Program :: 'else' before 'if error?
  43. renaming/deleting file
  44. [SOLVED] Help with simple Applet code
  45. [SOLVED] Can't Import AWT Image into custom JPanel
  46. Changing how a Window is drawn.
  47. Strange error message
  48. help with dataoutputstream
  49. Thread handling
  50. Trying to achieve Movie Style Rolling Credits
  51. PLEASE HELP ME with double buffer
  52. Serial comm reading freeze
  53. [SOLVED] replacing elements in a string
  54. Hi Iam getting while iam deployin the war file in the tomcat server
  55. Why does this code reset at every paragraph?
  56. "?" replacement
  57. Java Assignment Help
  58. Thread Question
  59. Array problems (printing strings)
  60. Problem with java swing JButton in Netbeans IDE
  61. [SOLVED] Replacing letters in a string NOT WORKING.
  62. having problems with my pig latin translator (the translating portion)
  63. error: This method must return a result of type int
  64. 500 exception while deploying a war file in tomcat
  65. Apache server restsrting problem
  66. illegal start of expression error!!!!
  67. i think something wrong with array...plz help!!
  68. Getting a red Oval to displayed on screen
  69. [SOLVED] Boolean Flag Not Working to Move Between While Loops?
  70. Need some help with OSX Java (Terminal)
  71. program wont renew total
  72. [SOLVED] 2D Collections. How to make them and is it a good idea to do so?
  73. Auto Select
  74. [SOLVED] Encoder output error heed help
  75. Error with contains and CharSequence.
  76. [SOLVED] Array listing problem
  77. class wont compile
  78. Number Array
  79. variable not recognised
  80. [SOLVED] Found String Requires Double Problem.
  81. Quick question (intergers and accuracy)
  82. A better way to do things?
  83. I cannot get boolean to work properly
  84. Hangman help. Comparing arrays and conditions.
  85. No Output in Program:
  86. MouseListener
  87. Issues with Static environment
  88. hello,my problem is
  89. Many questions
  90. Particle System Questions
  91. Dynamic Web Project + Tomcat 7.0
  93. StopWatch resume problem??
  94. Stop a while loop with an awt button, problem
  95. int / double validation
  96. My Jar File Crashing Windows 7
  97. [SOLVED] Getting NullPointerException in program
  98. Access and set variable in parent class through child
  99. Missing a line or two of code,b ut dont know what it is.
  100. user name and password validation
  101. separate strings
  102. How would you get a JTextArea to know how many lines it had?
  103. Where I'm I wrong? I need to do a count of the number of each element in an array
  104. [SOLVED] Java beginner is confused....
  105. Problem with arrays
  106. Junit3 error: Implicit super constructor TestCase() is not visible
  107. Why isn't this working?
  108. Does garbage collection occurs in PERM Area of Java Heap ?
  109. [SOLVED] Help with code
  110. Multiple Identical Scripts - Variables and Load Handlers
  111. stack
  112. need help inputting values into an array
  113. Problem with code
  114. Can anyone please help me with this java code for minesweeper game!
  115. Collision detection - whats wrong with my code?
  116. Problem with throwing an exception...
  117. NullPointerException error
  118. Display prime numbers from 100 to 200 in Java
  119. Parking Lot Program help!
  120. Updating timer
  121. [SOLVED] Using values set in one class in another
  122. Please Help Me
  123. Help with Polynomial Graph Plotter and its scaling
  124. loading things from a text file into an array list
  125. Event Handling
  126. Pls help me to debug this code
  127. Basic array list
  128. java grid and colors/graphics
  129. [SOLVED] TreeSet to TreeMap Problem
  130. [SOLVED] Tabbing columns
  131. I cannot get to print out all my information.
  132. Sending SMS in java
  133. Bigger triangle made up of multiple ones?
  134. incompatible types
  135. Quick easy Java question.
  136. Help with this please :)
  137. Get Pixel
  138. Dice Counter
  139. Super Bowl Tickets
  140. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  141. Newbie problem
  142. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  143. can someone tell me if this looks right??
  144. Read Mail From A Folder
  145. Trying to Give Coins For Change
  146. Using 1.5 jre/webstart on a computer with 1.6 installed
  147. Quick, beginner-level Java question.
  148. Matrix Program
  149. justify output
  150. How To Retain Entity Reference Character While Reading XML
  151. Multiplier
  152. caught or declare might be thrown error
  153. [SOLVED] Selection Sorting a text array
  154. Shape Calculation Program
  155. [SOLVED] Using a class
  156. Why rs...still connected
  157. Program not returning expected value.
  158. Help with Layouts and Panels
  159. [SOLVED] Disappearing applet, where's it going?
  160. Guessing Number Game Help
  161. Problem on displaying Celcius
  162. My code is having error, may be a lost of precision
  163. Re: Can't run the method, Please help!!
  164. Need help implenting arrays and method call into existing code
  165. Sorting ArrayList
  166. [SOLVED] Help making an error message.
  167. [SOLVED] SSH
  168. [SOLVED] Couldn't search for a string in an array.. Help please..
  169. Audio In My Program
  170. Timer digit
  171. [SOLVED] My smallest and largest integers will not change.
  172. Problem with Loop
  173. [SOLVED] Class Creating Help
  174. Help with sorting Calendar objects!
  175. jdbc
  176. Input method
  177. Very basic program but its making me crazy
  178. need help creating a maze program
  179. Output Largest and Smallest Integers using only If statements
  180. Output of 0 or 100?
  181. Math Drill
  182. Particle collisions...
  183. What is wrong with my code?
  184. [SOLVED] multtithreaded chat server
  185. Java Calculator Square Root Function
  186. javax.print setting attributes
  187. Help with my Range Finder programme
  188. Object and text file stream code problmes
  189. ImageIcon Erratically Loading URL Image
  190. What is wrong with my code???
  191. Easy array question
  192. Game requesting user input
  193. Help me with my code
  194. Comparing Strings?
  195. Digital Watch program and Sorting arrays
  196. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  197. Help with java logic
  198. [SOLVED] Trouble accessing variables from other classes
  199. user input strings to vectors
  200. [SOLVED] Linked List Help
  201. Simple problem...
  202. [SOLVED] Splitting String by Multiple Delimiters
  203. Can someone help me ?
  204. help me up plz
  205. Mortgage Calculator Issue
  206. Copying Array Problems.. Not what you think
  207. [SOLVED] Code is correct, but incorrect output?
  208. Need help will inflation calculator
  209. [SOLVED] newb help..
  210. [SOLVED] Linked Lists
  211. exception in thread main java.lang.Nullpointerexception
  212. Help with java retrieving from Ms Access
  213. [SOLVED] Need help with while loop
  214. Problem with Output # of lines
  215. Not entering while loop
  216. [SOLVED] New to Programming
  217. Game !
  218. [SOLVED] Need help with input/output error
  219. Using a Generic Insertion Sort method
  220. Finding min in linked list
  221. Need help with loop
  222. Filter JTable using andFilter and orFilter
  223. Java Encryption
  224. Issue with abstract classes
  225. [SOLVED] String Reversal.... Not working
  226. [SOLVED] Run time error
  227. Assingment help
  228. [SOLVED] Please help
  229. trouble with GUI
  230. Help: OrderedLinkedList
  231. MergeSort won't work
  232. Calendar Program Help
  233. ArrayList of ArrayList?
  234. Getting length of individual token?
  235. erroneous whirtespace characters in http response
  236. How to remove all Headers from a MimeMessage
  237. help with bookfinder programme
  238. [SOLVED] bound mismatcherror?
  239. Convert Decimals to Octals using only If/Else
  240. Read A File and Store Values into a 2-Dimensional Integer Array?
  241. [SOLVED] setPrefferedsize not working?
  242. Interaction between components.
  243. Basic Java maze game
  244. Java XML Parsing
  245. JMF
  246. error when comparing 2 string objects
  247. Chess Problem
  248. java maze move charcter?
  249. Change the random draw line here for a mouseListener draw
  250. Runtime Error