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  1. Trying to make a Risk game, but I got stuck on the Hand class.
  2. How to extract and Parse email header in OBPM using java
  3. I'm stuck on this question in Java and we have to make a telephone directory?
  4. get values from database and set them in text fields
  5. Java error
  6. JList - Learning Java
  7. Help with hashmap and heap
  8. I need help with my Business Application
  9. Getting the client system default printer details
  10. need java code for Wavelet-based Color Histogram,please help
  11. SQL stored procedure to a grid view
  12. Beginner Java Help !
  14. Cant end input of data on my program...please help
  15. JavaPos Applet
  16. HiLo game in java
  17. linked lists
  18. Whats wrong with my code
  19. Beginner Java Method
  20. I can't get Relative paths to work with the code I'm using.
  21. Help with Inheritance in Java.
  22. Help With Sudoku GUI
  23. how to use executeupdate() when I connect to my jdbc?
  24. Java Socket:How i can set value jtext Field when Client Send Message
  25. Please I need help! About my project!
  26. how do I fix a "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException:6" problem?
  27. keep getting main method error need some help =]
  29. Problem with NULL.Exception [...]
  31. I get this error when compiling my program
  32. Help with ExitButtonHandler
  33. Simple java program help please.
  34. How to display .swf files in java code JEditorPane using eclips platform
  35. Distinguish between different Threads
  36. To call java method in jsp
  37. File handling in a GUI!
  39. Beginner Question length method
  40. The grafic interfaces
  41. Interest Program
  42. FILE Input without delimiter.
  43. Java Question
  44. [SOLVED] Looping doesn't change value
  45. Can't find the solution to errors in code
  46. how to return an alert true if the server is functioning normally
  47. Need help with my Assignment!
  48. Need help with the Tracing Answer!
  49. Assignment Help.
  50. Need to know if the Answer is correct?
  51. recursion on initialization
  52. Solving.
  53. JVM failed to initialize
  54. Java Program: Falling Distance Problem
  55. Fibonacci Sequence Code in Java
  56. Double Hashing for inserting integer into hashtable
  57. I gotta write a simple client server chat program for me college assignment. I need to use a key to encrypt and decrypt the message. However I am not able to send and receive the encrypted string. Help! Thanks!
  58. How to save a file in directory...???PLz find below code anything wrong in mycode
  59. [SOLVED] java_learn_simple
  60. Remove_duplicate elements
  61. [SOLVED] old object take variabile from the new issue
  62. Not seeing the result in the databse
  63. GOing from VB to Java
  64. how to import/ access classes created in one package in another package
  65. how i can do that??
  66. ParameterMystery problem
  67. Looking for Assistance with Graphing using Drawing Panel
  68. Simple Code not working properly
  69. Building a linked list whose nodes data is the sum of nodes of other list
  70. linked list data for java programming....need help please !!
  71. RainFall Programming
  72. [SOLVED] I need an advice
  73. Problem executing a jar file
  74. Java project on medical diagnosis
  75. Writing a program to search blutooth devices.
  76. [SOLVED] Help me on this code whats wrong with it?
  77. servlets
  78. how to set printer paper size to same as jframe?
  79. Testing double null
  80. How to clear Java output console
  81. stand alone
  82. Book Store Assignment.No errors but it doesn't print the name of the author.
  83. In degree and out degree of a graph
  84. Simple help in Java !!
  85. [SOLVED] Please help me to coding it (beginner)
  86. Getter from other class and border problem.
  87. Help with code- horizontal to vertical bouncing balls
  88. [SOLVED] Elasticsearch - Java
  89. How can I modify a text so that it doesn't contain two equal numbers?
  90. How can I loop this?
  91. How can I make an array for my products and quanitites
  92. [SOLVED] ArrayList<node> list
  93. Statistics Lab - Loop/ File IO NEED HELP!
  94. [SOLVED] Class issues not allowing me to compile
  95. Slick2D Runnable Jar Not Running (java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError)
  97. help with inorder traversal
  98. Adjacency list graph
  99. Priority Queue in Java which keeps track of each node's position
  100. pls help
  101. [SOLVED] why is the program not entering the if statement?
  102. Can i get some help with an array code
  103. Help me to round off double, PLEASE JAVA MASTERS!!!
  104. i dont know where the problem is...help me here
  105. why logarithms jslider vertical knob/thumb not moving?
  106. [SOLVED] Test
  107. [SOLVED] URGENT Array List Question
  118. [SOLVED] If Statement not working
  119. having a hard time getting code to coint coins in a piggybank
  120. Donno why its not being checked against the array seem to skipp to the follow on if statement 's" of just spinning
  121. [SOLVED] Java class Person: with friend_data.txt issue:
  122. //google replaced with http:\/\/google when getting the output in json format
  123. [SOLVED] Image loads in IDE but not when exported || creating reffered libary problem
  124. [SOLVED] NullPointerException Error
  125. It gives an error but i dont knw its cause...Please solve my problem
  126. Why does this code now work?
  127. Problem related to file handling example
  128. Arrays
  129. What is wrong?
  130. [SOLVED] Urgent! - How To Increment Value
  131. Dijstra's Algorithm Problems
  132. why my code does not work ?? ://
  133. [SOLVED] Does anyone know where I can find some info on where to start on this program?
  134. Using Accessor methods to access data from another class
  135. Nothing will print into the console
  136. Code won't let me remove integer.
  137. Please help with output from Data File!
  138. μηπως ξερει καποιος να μου την λυση;;
  139. Code not working
  140. Help with array nots being updated
  141. What is the overiding in java?
  142. Creating method to print array of integers
  143. [SOLVED] I need help on this one :(
  144. [SOLVED] Why is my code storing input data in all three of my product objects?
  145. Output in JTextFiled with refreshing every row
  146. Having Trouble With My Key Listener
  147. Need help with DecimalFormat class
  148. without using split method want to get data from config file having multiple values for single key, and want to store them in array
  149. i have created the following code for classes, Account and SavingAcc, However, the preceding code results in compilation error. Identify the error please help me with the error? and please be more specific?
  150. Formatting Issue
  151. [SOLVED] how to specify location of opened window
  152. help me please this is a calculator by the way
  153. javaws issue - importing two jnlp files into system cache
  154. JOptionPane Question.
  155. Am I close to having this right? If statements
  156. [SOLVED] What is wrong with my code? pls help!
  157. help
  158. very basic program
  159. HELP ME!!- Starting to use java and problems with that damned jdk-
  160. help needed
  161. What is wrong?
  162. Question
  163. alarm clock gui
  164. How to create a text file?
  165. Why i m not receiving correctly the SMS over length of more the a page Using AT Commands???
  166. LWJGL Keyboard-Inputs aren't recognized
  167. My calculator doesn't work right....
  168. [SOLVED] Scanner Issues - I think
  169. Importing problems
  170. [SOLVED] Modifying the method to clear collection HELPPP!
  171. Java home utility calculator
  172. Developing UNO game in java
  173. Confusion with the question about this coding
  174. For Loop with condition
  175. How to give URL connecton to this.
  176. Problem with code, pls help!
  177. [SOLVED] When I add a 2nd panel the result is all white
  178. String counter doesn't count the appropriate strings properly
  179. Why doesn't my if condition work when I compare two strings?
  180. Common characteristic in programming language
  181. I building a Chat Program with NetBeans, need to know some few ideas
  182. tax return
  183. Java String regex - Extract String Tag for its Value
  184. AudioSystem doesn't find any Mixers though they exist
  185. [SOLVED] Problems With Throwing Exceptions in Program-Help Appreciated
  186. calculation in GUI interface
  187. java basic based on Gaddis text
  188. Synchronized is blocking
  189. Splitting a String which is Double Hours Method
  190. Average of an array! help and explanation much appreciated! :)
  191. How to read an integer attribute using dom.element
  192. solve my issue
  193. Logic Exercise
  194. why is terminal not returning results to ide
  195. [SOLVED] Array Problem
  196. javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException after few days
  197. Help Please
  198. How can I rotate an image using arrow keys?
  199. Comission Calculator not performing
  200. Not getting the right outputs.
  201. Please help me!!! I'm need your help
  202. This is bally chohan, i am here to know about session used in beans.
  203. Unsolved Core Java Program
  204. How can i fix my null pointer exception error?
  205. Math/Programming HELP!
  206. array stack
  207. Java Swing:
  208. Issue regarding php-java Bridge
  209. [SOLVED] Can someone take a look at my code? last few lines not doing anything.
  210. Java JOptionPane text unreadable
  211. Tip Calculator for newbie...
  212. small problem to do with 'this.'! help and explanation much appreciated!
  213. Why is the value of the selected row stays the same in textfield?
  214. how to Read excel sheet and validate then save into database through java
  215. multi array of buttons
  216. Problem with JPanel [...]
  217. [SOLVED] Scanner cannot be used as variable in "if" Statements???
  218. Hospetal Management System
  219. Need help with Gridworld
  220. [SOLVED] How to make a program run multiple times.
  221. [SOLVED] Random math operators and asking ten questions with a loop?
  222. Implementing an example into my code
  223. Declaring paramters in java class
  224. [SOLVED] Custom class loader returns NoSuchMethodException in listFilesAndDirs() method call
  225. TicTactoe program on BlueJ
  226. Collision Detection Problem Using Rectangles - Player sometimes passes through the tiles.
  227. Need help with Currency Symbol format
  228. Convert Numbers from -999 to 999 in words!
  229. Incredibly new at java... trying to make area calculator
  230. Using variables in switch statement case clauses
  231. Sudoku Solution Generator
  232. Code Required in the form of Key Values
  233. [SOLVED] using a seperate class(newb)
  234. Switch statements to initialize variable due to multiple outcomes?
  235. Read a text and extract data and display it in JTables
  236. Performance of Threads
  237. Error using printf function across classes
  238. JButton Positioning:
  239. Dekete Mutiple lines from file
  240. batch printing of files in java
  241. How to end reading from console?
  242. Could not create the Java virtual machine - RAD in Windows 7
  243. Building DOM object from multiple threads
  244. quine mccluskey
  245. DocumentBuilder.parse raises the error "The prefix "c" for element "c:de" is not bound."
  246. Help!
  247. problem with understanding this recursion
  248. Java simple program error?
  249. [SOLVED] Basic help with my code (using Processing)
  250. Running jar with libraries from a jar file in linux