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  1. Not sure what is wrong with my code.
  2. Not sure what is wrong with my code.
  3. [SOLVED] If you can, show me what i am doing wrong
  4. I've got a question on my somehow broken code
  5. Can anyone help me with java code
  6. MaxSum algorithm with negative values in Array
  7. Intro. to Java Help.... In Danger of Failing Class
  8. Java School Project Help; Project #2, In Danger of Failing.....
  9. JFrame + JTextField Question
  10. some operation in loop.
  11. Round Decimal number into 2 decimal
  12. Accessing toolkit
  13. please help me code this pattern!
  14. Using this reference variable on constructors
  15. Please help with method return statement!
  16. Enum questions
  17. [SOLVED] Simple question with scanning strings
  18. [SOLVED] Infinite Looping problem
  19. [SOLVED] Beginners snake code - I'm stuck!
  20. applets
  21. stringbuilder and string buffer
  22. java question on command line
  23. in java
  24. Boxing And UnBoxing
  25. RMI
  26. Pythagorean theorem java applet problem
  27. Problem with communicating between client and server sockets in Java
  28. [SOLVED] Error setting up Object. Issue with static vs non-static
  29. Session creation
  30. Application reading a Gmail message with Javamail?
  31. How to use Regex as a key in Hashmap to match the given string with key in java
  32. Falling Distance
  33. Java programming help - Coins in a Jar
  34. Present Value
  35. XMI parsing
  36. writing a method to add fractions?
  37. Histogram java problem
  38. Copying objects through constructors?
  39. Java Programming help please
  40. nested do while loop
  41. How do I run the if statement?
  42. An email validation in Java
  43. Java binary Tree code help
  44. Problem with lists
  45. [SOLVED] Can't read into Array List.
  46. Web Service connectivity
  47. HashMap , trying to get the size of the value and NOT the keys.
  48. nested do while loop
  49. connectivity with msaccess
  50. Detecting collisions
  51. Ignore certain characters in a string.
  52. IndexColorModel 255 Colors to BufferedImage
  53. JLabel Will Not Show Up In Frame
  54. How to get Median/Middle value in an array?
  55. Please help, confusing programing assignment.
  56. Arrays and files
  57. please tell me the code of union and intersection of two arrays without using collections
  58. [SOLVED] New to Java - Developing Applet
  59. Making a sprite jump
  60. assignement help
  61. RMI Problems with doing calculations across a server/client platform
  62. private couseName & grade
  64. Best way of implementing a queue's isEmpty() method
  65. Simplifying if else statement
  66. nullpointerexception error
  67. <No main class found>??
  68. Copying Arrays
  69. [SOLVED] Creating a poker deck
  70. Could someone check my code out for me? (I'm a total newb)
  71. Path error
  72. Write Image Metadata
  73. Arrays- assignment due in 30 mins!!
  74. Problem with CRUD connection to database, help? :S
  75. My code needs help. The frames are not showing one a second and are getting to high. It's suposed to look like
  76. Exception in thread "Thread-0" .. Please help me!
  77. java game
  78. [SOLVED] getComponentAt() return defaultIcon
  80. java.lang.Exception: folder exists, but it is not a directory.
  81. Guessing Game Code... something went wrong
  82. [SOLVED] How to get url information based on keywords in java
  83. graph in java
  84. TEXT Box
  85. [SOLVED] student grade
  86. brain bench question
  87. brain bench question
  88. brain bench question
  89. brain bench question
  90. [SOLVED] My First Thread Program
  91. Network Program
  92. need help plzz in solving this Question
  93. setText help
  94. Accessing string list?
  95. IWAB0014E Unexpected exception occurred in Web service sample program
  96. How to use session handler created in one class in another class?
  97. methods
  98. [SOLVED] Simple averaging program using two different classes
  99. Well i got some kind of problem here?
  101. SUSHI SOAP Request
  102. ObjectInputStream
  103. adding questions label
  104. Accessing String Array
  105. Problem with packages.
  106. [SOLVED] Having problems with my credit program, and it's driving me nuts.
  107. java game errors
  108. how to write java data to pdf file
  109. one question JLabel and swap the text it holds via the JLabel's setText(...) method
  110. [SOLVED] my cirular doubly linked list only adds first number
  111. [SOLVED] Tax calculation program
  112. else if statement
  113. Array Sorting - Asc, Desc
  114. NullPointerException when canceling JOptionPane.showInputDialog
  115. Elevator simulation in event time, not clock.
  116. Simple input value from user
  117. Java Program - Distance Traveled (Formatting and Decimal Place)
  118. I am not sure what else do I need to complete it
  119. Help With Filters Java Programming
  121. [SOLVED] both class javax.swing.Timer in javax.swing and class java.util.Timer in java.util match
  122. Patching Java on my system
  123. java programming
  124. Counting duplicates in a Stack
  125. Java B-Tree Insert (no libraries)
  126. HELP! It's an assignment.
  127. Bullets are not showing up across network client screen in game
  128. Hashtable loadFactor
  129. Why doesn't this change the variables that are passed in?
  130. [SOLVED] Image on a JPanel
  131. v-shape
  132. My modulus result is wrong.
  133. Simple coding question, 1 error
  134. Rectangle keeps getting faster
  135. All permutations of 2 coordinate int array
  136. problem with understanding boolean logic
  137. [SOLVED] Find the lowest number
  138. Voice Chat using java multicastSocket
  139. [SOLVED] Java questions
  140. Creating a File with eclipse:
  141. assign values to nodes read from XML using java
  142. Buttons Multicoloured gridlayout
  143. Swing TIMER
  144. Just need some help with my program ... i really dont know how to get the total to print in my for loop :(((((((((((((((((
  145. Valid ticket id
  146. [SOLVED] String Builder questions
  147. [SOLVED] Why is Java not printing my method results?
  148. Read CSV files and organising the data in Java
  149. [SOLVED] Begginer ~ why is my divider not working?
  150. resetting label text alongside gui
  151. REGEX For Uppercase Alphanumeric
  152. How to call a EAR file from standalone java code
  153. New software
  154. [SOLVED] JFrame - ImageIcon not displaying
  155. Exchanging between classes and methods
  156. [SOLVED] Vowels
  157. Text size help. please help. probably really easy
  158. [SOLVED] Odd and Even numbers with boolean?
  159. Java Convert String of XML to Document object is null all the time
  160. java usb
  161. Files and arrays
  162. Example for joining 2 tables using Spring JDBC Template.
  163. How to store zip or rar file into Oracle database in java
  164. Some problem with "Main"?
  165. Formating integers into money
  166. reading files
  167. Help with logic to find the day number of the year
  168. RMI Java project
  169. a simple question for suggestions
  170. First Java Program -- Single Die
  171. Alternative method solutions
  172. 234 tree search and insert
  173. Creating a scanner and putting input into arrays.
  174. Amending whole words to a/an char[][]
  175. [Java AWT (No Swing)] - Problem with hiding user-drawn graphics
  176. ACM and another class
  177. simple basic calculator
  178. [SOLVED] Need help with Pong game
  179. Need a solution related to Java PrintService API
  180. How to export jasper report in a excel or word without saving the file in java struts?
  181. how to decode the html tags in java?
  182. Copy Selected Value from JComboBox to jTextField
  183. i need help
  184. Java string tockenizer
  185. Binary Heap Help
  186. Java String Regular Expression Help
  187. Find Highest rated movie
  188. why wony my label show on gui
  189. How to add all even numbers between 2 and a user input number which is included in the Addition
  190. [SOLVED] Application Gui Issue
  191. Searching for a word in a text file
  192. Uncomplete code to test another program
  193. [SOLVED] Arrays nightmare
  194. 2D Survival Platformer Help
  195. how to use sessions
  196. debutan, besoin d'aide java
  197. Managing Audio Files In Java
  198. UDP Client Server JAVA classes not workng!
  199. Difference between BufferedReader and InputStreamReader output for the code below.
  200. close original frame
  201. About java language
  202. Pong Game won't update
  203. Java SnakeGame
  204. dispose(); not working
  205. How to save a word in a text file
  206. Rushhour - X and Y Positions
  207. counting number of paragraphs in a text
  208. [SOLVED] Skipping user input lines, messing up object generation, and repetition of system.out.println.... I'm just stumped
  209. Java Home Utility Auditing Program Netbeans calculations !
  210. Help writing this code
  211. [SOLVED] String reverse
  212. Delimiter function and number of words in string
  213. Behaviour of shortcut assignment and normal assignment for float
  214. Using a String[] in a Void or INT???
  215. comparing string but the '/0' keeps being counted
  216. Java mastermind problem.
  217. [SOLVED] String Comparisons, HashSet, Duplicates
  218. adding images to word list
  219. Error: class name are only accepted if annotation processing is explicitly requested.
  220. stuff from the whole year that I need to review for the AP Exam
  221. Simple Calculator HELP
  222. change to swing format
  223. Using BigDecimal for Mathematical Formulas
  224. please help i need this :(
  225. [SOLVED] Club Membership Registration client-server database problem
  226. I am having drouble with my java program for calculating the area and circumference of a circle
  227. Help with 2d Array Code
  228. word game (problem how to check that the word is in the dictionary)
  229. Java RIA Application and Java Plug-In Problems
  230. Will not average for high temp
  231. Binary Trees:
  232. Can someone help me with this project - willing to pay (and has to be done in the next hour)
  233. LapTop PC and JVM and SDK1.7.0_51 kits
  234. How do I get an average using an Array?
  235. Java Traffic Applet and Graphics
  236. [SOLVED] Help with Multi-dimensional Arrays. Help needed urgently!
  237. Emulator using java swing
  238. Program Error - Please help
  239. Is this syntax possible?
  240. Syntax error!!!
  241. Writing Java programme
  242. Testing testcase in Junit3 using treemap
  243. Why is if statement false?
  244. [SOLVED] Needs one-on-one arrays help
  245. [SOLVED] Debugging homework assignment/ questions surrounding partially filled arrays
  246. Maximum size of Collections
  247. [SOLVED] Need a little help,easy task
  248. [SOLVED] Need some help in a timer
  249. Help add something to my code please.
  250. My java homework (very simple stuff)