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  1. MuliThreading Unable to get outputs but many NPES.....
  2. Completely New to Java/Netbeans
  3. [SOLVED] String Reverser Program
  4. [SOLVED] Regex replacing entire text rather then match
  5. 3 classes - Simple school assignment - ArrayLists
  6. Audio Stegnography
  8. How to restart the math in the program without geting out of the program ?
  9. Can someone help me with this error?
  10. [SOLVED] Convert Formatted String to Integer
  12. Converting Boolean into String
  13. Moving Selection
  14. Reversing a String
  15. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  16. pattern program
  17. pattern
  18. What is wrong with my code
  19. Need help
  20. Having difficulty with ArrayList method ".contains", any feedback greatly appreciated!
  21. [JTable] Button in table to delete row
  22. Urgent - Please help to form code
  23. Simple Code: nouns, singular into plural
  24. [SOLVED] easy question for a pro
  25. Rock Paper Sissor
  26. [SOLVED] Running a class outside the directory
  27. Populating a LinkedList in java
  28. How to hyphanate phrase which is present in database
  29. How to hyphanate phrase which is present in database
  30. Sequential Pattern Mining implementation in paralle?
  31. AWT EVent Queue Null Pointer Exception while using JRE 1.7.51 as IE browser JRE.
  32. notepad and browser
  33. [SOLVED] switch problem
  34. [SOLVED] I want us to help me to resolve my duty in JavaScript
  35. The column in JTable is not showing the proper values
  36. 3D shapes with java
  37. can you help me ?
  38. complete NOOB so confused..i need help with a program please!!!!
  39. calculator
  40. Regular Expression in Java for HTML pages
  41. Need help for collection program
  42. Send text file over socket
  43. Java word length frequency applet help!
  44. The output file is empty
  45. Updating a specific value in a linked list
  46. Programming Exercise Help
  47. Need help with this algorithm
  48. [SOLVED] Average and counting problem (sorta)
  49. rock paper scissors
  50. Search Form Doesn't work!
  51. How do I get rid of the "this."
  52. Help with last part of code!
  53. Java Student Record System Problem
  54. [SOLVED] exercise 140
  55. Scanning and displaying every word from a website source code Java
  56. Interface task
  57. [SOLVED] Program won't go to result after input. Help ASAP please..
  58. read integers not text
  59. [SOLVED] Decimals going too far
  60. interface
  61. [SOLVED] Java Compiler
  62. season tree
  63. Embedding an executable .JAR file in a webpage
  64. Random Color Ball and Move Bottom Bar Vector Java Help
  65. sortstringarray
  66. New Method array to String or just print as Array?
  67. JUntil Test case failure
  68. [SOLVED] My fleet of squares doesnt work (simple high school work)
  69. SMTP SERVER in Java
  70. How would I compare the square of the square root of any number.
  71. another easy one, variable not initialized
  72. Block division in cryptography
  73. Java Arrays Apple
  74. battleship gui needed
  75. java applet
  76. [SOLVED] Stacks and Priority Queues Project
  77. [SOLVED] Need guidance on adding characters
  78. [SOLVED] payroll code problem
  79. udp chat program in java
  80. I have a problem with slider in java swing
  81. Factorial Test Program
  82. Help with Java program: Software Sales
  83. Few errors on my code.
  84. [SOLVED] JButton Image does not show. on background image.
  85. Non local means filter
  86. HELP,java problem *java.lang.NullPointerException*
  87. I have tried this many times and I don't get the correct code.
  88. [SOLVED] Average Rainfall Main Class Using nested for loops,input validation - Average is off
  89. [SOLVED] Exercise 147
  90. AP Be Prepared: concepts
  91. Please solve my problem
  92. [SOLVED] Need help, Object Oriented / Class & Object.
  93. What do I do?
  94. ISP Billing code issues for a beginner
  95. Exercise 149
  96. Sorting from lowest to highest issue
  97. [SOLVED] Help with my simple Scanner program?
  98. Change The Mouse Cursor In Java
  99. Problem with ItemListener.... help pleas
  100. Help with my java applet - displaying output with text
  101. [SOLVED] Issue Determing Average Number of Comparisons for Quicksort
  102. Java Media Player
  103. what's wrong in this program - Rest api!
  104. Writing a while loop to read positive integers from the user until the user enters the EOF character.
  105. [SOLVED] Need help with printf
  106. Programme Missing Out Lines
  107. Help with programming homework
  108. Converting from decimal to hexadecimal. Can't figure out how to output correctly
  109. how to sort names using compareto
  110. [SOLVED] Insertion points in Array using Binary Search using Comparable
  111. Java: I don't know how to reject binary values longer than 32 bits [USER INPUT]
  112. Infix and Postfix Conversion
  113. Manipulating Strings in a File Scanner
  114. unbuffered I/O request
  115. help
  116. How to output information entered in JOptionPane Dialogue Boxes?
  117. database connectivity
  118. login form in 3 tire arch using swing with pojo
  119. New - Need Advice about Java Based site to collect data for dissertation
  120. [SOLVED] Adding Roman Numericals using Java programming
  121. Ping Pong Game Problem with ball Drop and Catch
  122. two for one
  123. [SOLVED] Exercise 165
  124. New to Java
  125. If Statement - Check for two thinks
  126. (Java)Scanner troubles(Eclipse)
  127. [SOLVED] Java Coding: Assistance with a loop that calculates maximum, minimum, and average of 10 inputted numbers.
  128. [SOLVED] Payroll assignment
  129. open dialog
  130. Why is HttpServlet serialized
  131. Java Unicode
  132. Cannot read files while running program from JAR-file
  133. CRUD problem
  134. Java example with MySQL
  135. Trouble with Arrays
  136. exercise 168 and apologies for my last post
  137. Help with java Triangle code
  138. Casting Confusion
  139. Payroll code runs fine, but if I input hours > 40, the cost to employer calculation goes wrong...
  140. "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException" help?
  141. occurrence of int in array..
  142. java questions
  144. [SOLVED] Printing a Decimal Equivalent of a Binary Number
  145. How do I read something specific of a web page?
  146. Bluej fish project
  147. help noob with no clue what this error is (can't compile)
  148. [SOLVED] Error in absurdly simple code
  149. TimerFun
  150. how to extract specific part of a string in java
  151. I don't get the concept of how to insert an item into an array; exercise 170
  152. Chess Game
  153. Trying to use CTRL-D to terminate the program (sentinel value)
  154. Starting Out With Java Programming Challenge Chapter 10 #11
  155. JAVA and communication with RS232
  156. Make A Text Blinking Effect
  157. [SOLVED] Factorial program
  158. how do I use my previous string compare to current string?
  159. Cannot call method "open"
  160. What's wrong with my 3 digit lottery?
  161. [SOLVED] Deque and Queues: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException Error
  162. [SOLVED] Help Newbie in trouble
  163. ATM Project Help
  164. String to unicode converter program in java
  165. Do while loop to generate 6 random numbers
  166. Insert BR in text
  167. why does that error occur?
  168. [SOLVED] super() function how to make my program work without it
  169. Need help with a specific regular expression
  170. Filling an array with user input and a method
  171. finishing java assignment drop
  172. Homework help please
  173. having issues with if else statement
  174. help with error
  175. return type of iterator() method
  176. I don't know what's wrong...
  177. can someone help my assignment?
  178. what is string and StringBuffer and StringBuilder?
  179. not able to call java method from setonchange() event
  180. Trying to get values from arrays rather than hashcode
  181. [SOLVED] Decimal to hex problem
  182. hex to binary - how do i flush off the leading 0
  183. word counter program
  184. help me out
  185. Scan text and add each word alphabetical listing
  186. how does a buffer reader work
  187. BeginnerJOptionPane( input/output) homework problem. PLEASE HELP!
  188. [SOLVED] How would i fix this Java Code?
  189. [SOLVED] Creating a jar File
  190. Java
  191. Whats wrong with my code
  192. TxT file - write in the next line
  193. Loops
  194. Please see multiple questions I got wrong on an exam, what I did wrong?
  195. Help with a homework problem
  196. [SOLVED] oop rational number help
  197. Help me to understand how does this recursive function (max) work int i = max(Arrays.copyOf(a,n-1));
  198. [SOLVED] Strict Polymorphism
  199. Noob needs constructive feedback with small program
  200. unable to execute the mail code
  201. Java count up timer
  202. i get an error when i run it
  203. Help! Not getting correct output in fahrenheit to centigrade conversion!
  204. Generics and Inheritence.
  205. Need help understanding the error
  206. NumberFormat to Java String Format
  207. Switch statement
  208. How do i add a method to calculate the mean of the length of each word output
  209. help me please, I'm stuck.
  210. need help alligning a table with \t
  211. [SOLVED] JOptionPane and StringBuilder
  212. Java Client Code Help?
  213. Abstract Method
  214. How to add commas to bigger numbers?
  215. Java platforms
  216. Languages
  217. java
  218. Replacing characters in a an array
  219. Please help me.
  220. what is this error in hasnext in webgraph
  221. help with a last bit of my code!!
  222. how do I add Action Listener to my code to make the calculator work
  223. Connecting With Datasource on Mac
  224. help with char
  225. [SOLVED] Counting and Math.random
  226. can someone fix my code to get the following output?
  227. Banking System Problem HELP!
  228. Ryder Cup 2014 Application
  229. Help with serial read-in
  230. help with actionlistener for my calculator; button are created within a for loop for number 1 to9
  231. My frame wont show anything
  232. [SOLVED] Random number guessing game with three tries (loops)
  233. java replace correct number into letter
  234. [SOLVED] [HELP] Encryption - Decryption alphabet
  235. Project help
  236. [SOLVED] Adding fractions
  237. Creating a pie chart
  238. What's wrong with my code?
  239. loop
  241. I'm trying to output my results in a table. Can you help?
  242. Multithreading
  243. Convert string to matrix?
  244. Array Problem
  245. Method Help
  246. Mistake in formula?
  247. code >> i need the solotin
  248. Looping questions
  249. text file array help
  250. [SOLVED] Not sure how to copy and paste(Highlight) my code onto the forums...