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  3. Can an application server(not on local computer) call itself with http://localhost?
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  10. Substring help
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  13. I'm new at this and can't figure it out
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  16. Help please!
  17. Please help me.
  18. Converting Cases Help
  19. Inserting Image Help
  20. Help with If Else Satement
  21. Use variable in array declaration statement
  22. Help?
  23. [SOLVED] Loop Breaking Not Working
  24. Odd/Even
  25. [SOLVED] Help with Code
  26. BAd Padding exception
  27. i/o classes question
  28. String index out of bounds error 5???
  29. need help fast!!
  30. The Problem With My Code Is That It Doesn't Exist Yet. (Help w/ Retarded Teacher)
  31. Help with Quadratic forumla equation in java please.
  32. Looping help needed for math calculation
  33. Java Programming Help - thanks ahead of time
  34. SQL query not working
  35. I dunno What I'm Doing :(
  36. [SOLVED] NullPointerException
  37. im dying here..on a simple code
  38. need help looping with a string
  39. Code bugs
  40. to print pattern
  41. Wierd problem
  42. [SOLVED] Fixed Null Pointer Exception but still have another problem
  43. Simple error can't figure out.
  44. Code Validation help??
  45. Change to JOptionPane
  46. Interaction with external application
  47. adding up odd and even numbers
  48. Basic Math Expression Java Problem
  49. New to vectors passing parameters
  50. New to Java: Need help!
  51. Need help with what I believe is Boolean & add branching
  52. Why wont the Button wrap?
  53. main calls Math.cos and myCos twice.....
  54. unable to view the result generated by stored procedure
  55. Loops only on the first statement
  56. Help with toString and accesing user input
  57. Observer
  58. Dice Program Help
  59. SDES algorithm
  60. converter program, problem with action listener
  61. Seraching for String highlight all matches
  62. Need Help with Operators/ logic
  63. textAnalyser help
  64. New to Java I need help with a simple mistake
  65. I need help! Re: strings, nextLine, while and more..
  66. [SOLVED] Iterator next import class?
  67. Downloading files and verifying MD5 checksums
  68. help with a for loop
  69. [SOLVED] Experiencing a run time error, don't know what the problem is
  70. need help w/ entry level homework...
  71. Comparing two files and printing out matching words
  72. need help with homework program...thanks
  73. help needed ,,, please
  74. Point constructor
  75. Stuck help please!
  76. do while loop with nested while question
  77. Need help.. Counting Prime #'s up to 50 w/while loop
  78. Nested If Else Statement
  79. Need help... how to get the line moving?
  80. Subroutine Help
  81. JTables with JButtons, I'm overlooking something
  82. Null pointers
  83. Java Web Browser Term Project- I am facing multiple problem...pls help
  84. sending objects from client to server
  85. Re: Accessing Package from a Different Directory
  86. [SOLVED] Loss of Precision (Double/Int)
  87. JAVA help on file: Internet Service Provider
  88. Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command) - I get nothing
  89. calling SingleFrameApplication
  90. Getting a string value from within a method in another class
  91. where is the error in this method !
  92. [SOLVED] Calendar Issue
  93. Generic Doubly Linked List
  94. Public class help/error
  95. Multiple instances of linked list
  96. [SOLVED] Update on Doubly Linked List
  97. Need If-Else if-Else help on my code
  98. [SOLVED] DoublyLinkedList out of control!
  99. help with switch statement
  100. Cant get spaces
  101. [SOLVED] A Final method for DoublyLinkedList and a new class that calls DoublyLinkedList.
  102. g.drawLine doesn't draw line in for loop
  103. [SOLVED] Final problem. printAlternate() method
  104. Error using public static double Method
  105. Compare method
  106. asterisk forming diamond
  107. The simpler the program - seemingly the more scope for error :p
  108. im in a hurry!!Help with a programm..java game of guessing a word
  109. LinkedList Objects
  110. log4j RollingFileAppender missing files
  111. [SOLVED] ActionListener help
  112. drawing a BufferedImage onto a JPanel
  113. [SOLVED] array trouble
  114. Sorted Doubly linked List
  115. can u guys help me fix my program
  116. College Course-Array
  117. [SOLVED] Nullpointerexception
  118. Credit card validator
  119. Anyone help me about JAVA ?
  120. Something wrong with computing the average
  121. How to format?
  122. Programming beginner
  123. While loop stops.
  124. While loop stopping?
  125. Comparing Strings only using the .length() method - possible?
  126. video game problem - delay in response to arrow key presses
  127. Moving an image around the screen using the arrow keys.
  128. Need java code help
  129. Loopy Lotto....
  130. Returning reversed string? Help please.
  131. Help, please. I'm lost
  132. java program help
  133. Display in JOptionPane
  134. recursion problem, please help
  135. creating an array of strings?
  136. [SOLVED] Have a few odd problems.
  137. Using File Data
  138. Anyone help me this code ?
  139. Password Program
  140. Guessing Game begginner question
  141. Populating a 2D array with textfield values
  142. Easy help but can't figure it out.
  143. Black Jack Statistics game? lost.
  144. Decryption problem
  145. rotating a rectangular image
  146. [SOLVED] Sorting a vector using insertion
  147. JEvilProgram and what the heck is this error?
  148. Can't run the method, Please help!!
  149. perm gen space
  150. problem using the "extend"
  151. Help with Cannot Find Symbol Variable errors
  152. help using loop
  153. While JOptionPane equal Yes????
  154. Problem sending POST request with Java..
  155. can someone help me with this while loop assignment
  156. token-based processing
  157. Issue Building Graph in Adjacency Matrix
  158. Panel Problems?
  159. Help with Nested Loops
  160. making a .bat file that compiles your java files
  161. Input/Output file help
  162. I need to fix the remove method on DoublyLinkedList.
  163. Error when loop used
  164. if else statements
  165. Identifying calling object
  166. State Variables interaction with outside classes?
  167. Drop-Down Menu onmouseover
  168. java scanner programming help
  169. Something wrong with array
  170. wrong graphics
  171. Program to compute powers
  172. Using Random class
  173. [SOLVED] if else skipping
  174. Input/Output file help
  175. Problem with Return Function
  176. Problem with array
  177. Hey Guys Can Somebody Help me With This PROGRAMMING Tutorial Sheet
  178. If Statement
  179. Trouble with law of Cosine program
  180. DATE.java!
  181. Problem with ArrayList
  182. showMessageDialog is not showing!
  183. Can't pass to the other method
  184. JFileChoose and FileOutputStream, nothing is being saved
  185. Problem with For Loop
  186. ProcessBuilder and I/O
  187. [SOLVED] Why do i need to take 48? char to int.
  188. Im so confused! Counting and Summing
  189. Format Problems
  190. Another pair of eyes.
  191. Pyramid of Doubling Numbers
  192. Recursion Maze
  193. [NEED HELP] to clear result on my tic-tac-toe game
  194. Vector Addition with small numbers giving NaN
  195. Advancing day w/ if/else & switch statement
  196. Problems with PrintWriter
  197. Counting cells
  198. Restarting at the beginning of an array
  199. Printing the Max and Min in an Array
  200. Initialization of a class
  201. Die Rolling - Continuing the statement?
  202. help using for while loop
  203. [SOLVED] Very complex project. It's hard to explain.
  204. Finding frequency and probability of characters in a string
  205. Swin/Awt Code Question
  206. [ask] about sorting number.
  207. can' stop working a part of code.plzz help
  208. Loop not creating objects
  209. My program doesnt want to do its math point my errors out please
  210. Coding error
  211. non-static variable, addActionListener()
  212. calling a java a class connected to derby from a batch file
  213. Shuffling elements in a linked list.
  214. print unicode charecter
  215. checking for empty strings?
  216. how to sort objects with collections???
  217. Starting a Slideshow Program... Lost
  218. Override class method
  219. error with a java game..(beginner)
  220. [SOLVED] New at Java... my if, else if, else program doesn't seem to work, skips to else.Help!
  221. [SOLVED] Calculator help
  222. cannot find symbol in reference variable
  223. [SOLVED] ArrayList Troubles.
  224. text.length method problem?
  225. *why won't this compile?*
  226. [SOLVED] Can't get boolean to change!!
  227. reading a certain amount of lines from a file?
  228. wanting to convert printout to UPPER case
  229. [SOLVED] method calling
  230. difficult program
  231. Valid toString method?
  232. help on this...
  233. Help please.
  234. What's wrong with my code ?
  235. help factor
  236. Constructor doesn't fill in array properly
  237. could you tell me whats wrong....
  238. Problem with NullPointerException?
  239. Method Mixup
  240. Is this allowed?
  241. CompareToIngnore case problem
  242. Removing the middle cell
  243. help w/ conversion of degrees(CtoF, FtoC)
  244. working with multiple threads
  245. cable company billing..need help with methods
  246. Stack
  247. help im stumped :(
  248. Not Displaying what I need
  249. help... is this right? need some1 to clarify...
  250. Multiple Multishuffles