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  1. locked <0x28f8d398> (a oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection)
  2. Issue with log4j.properties file
  3. Public static void (String[] args)
  4. I need help with LinkList: Removing and adding
  5. I need help with fixing the exceptions in my Program.
  6. When you have a multi-threaded Server and Client program....
  7. arraylist keeps reseting initial value?
  8. Getting extra lines when saving and loading into a JTextArea
  9. Eliminating Unicode Characters and Escape Characters from String
  10. highlighted text in JTextArea
  11. Program overall structure
  12. org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (The Network Adapter could not establish the connection)
  13. Newbie looking for a nudge in the right direction
  14. Translation Game
  15. the codes.. needed the errors the points and i want to play again.. how should i do..?
  16. Can anyone help me
  17. Convert int to a bool
  18. How do I read data from a Random Access File?
  19. Help with a broken for loop?
  20. Programming exercises
  21. How Do I print this shape with for loop
  22. Why am i getting this error?
  23. Multithread Network Client woes
  24. Racko maddness
  25. Exercise 95 (I KNOW, I'm at an earlier exercise)
  26. java rounded sum
  27. Why isn't my synchronized function acting synchronized?
  28. How to save user input in a file.
  29. [SOLVED] Does not create a Transaction inside the array. Gui, objects, and arraylist
  30. Making a page to play music and reload after 4 minutes
  31. taking sonar/frequency readings with a microphone to be able to display readout
  32. Java email error
  33. Closing dialog box
  35. String being 'cut off in for loop
  36. read a text file containing multiple lines
  37. Writing to a txt file from the top.
  38. [SOLVED] Regarding static variables as global variable in Java....
  39. Jlayer, playing mp3!
  40. Morse Problem
  41. Problem with converting Numbers to Words! Kindly ask for help:(
  42. Package x does not exist????
  43. [SOLVED] can anyone help me what is wrong with my code?
  44. A quick fix and some help reading from excel / text file
  45. PLEASE HELP ME OUT Parent-Child hierarchy construction
  46. Couldn't find an appropriate home for this question. [Beginner] [Basic Mathematic formula and if-statements]
  47. Editing a Text File in Java, a specific part.
  48. Terminating JFrame after a certain event.
  49. Java erp framework
  50. erp
  51. Approximate/Fuzzy matching when we have a huge list
  52. How to specify offset and max in j-Interop?
  53. Data Source
  54. Maintain integrity of the checkum file
  55. [SOLVED] Try-Catch Statement
  56. Hi everyone i stuck at something and i need a little help please
  57. Java Binary Search Help Please!
  58. Questions in creating GUI
  59. How to create DBCP Connection Pooling for memcache server?
  60. java multi threading
  61. Creating weblogic server in Eclipse IDE
  62. Help in recoding more efficiently
  63. tomcat eclipse error 404 servlets
  64. How to draw a rectangle on a JPanel, from a different class?
  65. Again i need some advice please
  66. How can I repaint() an entire JPanel, except for a specific area?
  67. Exercise 98: how to write a main method with what I'm given
  68. Having problem to read the data inside txt
  69. [SOLVED] JTable and database
  70. JPanel-type class doesn't apear on the JFrame?
  71. Start Date should be exactly 1 week before to End Date
  72. How to start and stop GlassFish Application server using java code
  73. JAVA loops
  74. Read/Write class file
  75. HELP! Luhn Algorithm Credit Card Validation
  77. import HTML file in java application
  78. keyword super in java
  79. Question: Programs to create games using Java?
  80. Hi guys, can any one tell what's wrong with my code?This is about stack as arrays and this is based on bluej environment
  81. [SOLVED] g.drawImage(); Not working?
  82. How to manipulate a thread?
  83. I can not create an Executable .Jar File
  84. Jappix Open Fire Configuration
  85. jquery jqgrid
  86. on unary operators
  87. Inheritance
  88. n.w
  89. accessor and modifier method exercise; exercise 100
  90. GUI Java
  91. Lab 14
  92. copy values from arraylist to another
  93. i have writtena simple java program with one method but method is not executing ....
  94. Creating a new variable from two others
  95. help to create a class
  96. none of my friends can run my simple game launcher
  97. how to solve
  98. I am a Java newbie!! Please Help me!!
  99. My program always gives me an output of 0.0, what's wrong with it?
  100. Getting data from another jframe
  101. Magic Square
  102. How do I get the compile code in Eclipse?
  103. Runnable JAR won't run when double-clicked.
  104. what's wrong with my code
  105. Need Help With First Time Program
  106. having problem with data structure
  107. java game programming problem 1
  108. Java 2D Game: Implementing Simultaneous Keystrokes
  109. what does this Java programming error mean?
  110. If you had a chess-like boardgame....
  111. Code will not count number of links
  112. [SOLVED] If Statement Help
  114. code explenation
  115. Changing A Order?
  116. I'm new to java and need help with creating a catalogue class for my java program
  117. need help with creating a catalogue class for my java program
  118. Key Bindings work with delay.
  119. basic java questions
  120. to develop a response page in jsp for online amount transaction
  121. Theatre Tickets
  122. How to display an image to a click of a button
  123. [SOLVED] Try-Catch Statement & Exceptions
  124. [SOLVED] While Statements/Boolean Based Program Help
  125. Processing ( Quest )
  126. Help using this Jar File (newbie)
  127. Java user input
  128. [SOLVED] how to achieve thin driver Connection to oracle XE database?
  130. File Writer not writing no error in code
  131. Why can I not make the numbers display on the text filed at a click of a button without writing a number first?
  132. Sum from a file
  133. hey everyone
  134. please can you help me this programm
  135. Videio Chat
  136. FileChooser (mp3/wav) and drop it to textArea
  137. InputStreamReader blocking threads
  138. I Need help with java.util.list, cant figure out how to use add(E e)
  139. Please Help (StringBuffer, Instantiable Class)
  140. how to run a command in ubuntu terminal
  142. Auto Clicker Problems!
  143. I get no error, my window opens, but the graphics don't show
  144. Straight Line programming
  145. How to check if a session object exists (or is not null)?
  146. Word Guess
  147. Problem with a binary search
  148. Overcoming the max-keys-at-a-time limitation of a keyboard.
  149. How to set JFrame and JDialog to appear centered on the screen
  150. error - FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread 87
  151. Help
  152. [SOLVED] File Not Saving
  153. Exception in thread "main"?
  154. code to post JMS Request on Queue
  155. help
  156. Who can help me to write a java code
  157. error - No source code is available for type
  158. Rewrite multiplications code
  159. Want to test own JSP and Servlet application in free hosting site
  160. RANDOM int
  161. Kindly assist me with the following java program:
  162. Help
  163. [SOLVED] Please Help me
  164. Confusion in Multiple inheritance in Java
  165. whats wrong
  166. Whats wrong with my code?
  167. Netbeans IDE 7.4 does not recognize Swing apps, it is looking for main method instead...
  168. what is the best way to prepare for scjp certifiaction?
  169. Weird Characters printed
  170. somebody help me please
  171. help me please :(
  172. somebody help me please :(
  173. [SOLVED] a quick question . args argv.
  174. How to categorise a daemon thread to specific thread in java?
  175. Only outputting to the Output file once
  176. Eclipse project creation
  177. window builder
  178. Case Study JSMileFace and JSmileFace2
  179. PixelRotation
  180. simple code help required
  181. Very easy question about output.
  182. [SOLVED] Temperature Calculation Code Java
  183. Interview Question asked to me can somebody help me ! Thanks in advance
  184. hello everybody.help with convert a matrix to vector code
  185. Anyone can teach me whats wrong with my program ... (Linked List)
  186. I don't know how to create this method, it eludes me, please help ASAP !!
  187. write a program to copy file from c: drive to another drive and avoid duplication??????????
  188. Display box of sorts.
  189. Errors I don't know how to fix java beginner I need help ASAP
  190. Fixing a program that reads a .txt file java beginner I need help ASAP
  191. [Beginner] Need Help for my Homework
  192. [SOLVED] GUI button not linking back to code
  193. JDK 1.7 migration issue: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
  194. [SOLVED] displaying icon and title in multiple java frames
  195. Socket Programming
  196. Beginning java
  198. java.math help?
  199. why cannot I change the size of the TextField in Java for the calculator application?
  200. olzz
  201. Problems with Carrental program
  202. Why won't my program compile?
  203. Exercise 105 in Java textbook
  205. [SOLVED] what s wrong with my code
  206. How write this on Equality and Relational Operators
  207. AUDIO problem
  208. Blue Pelican Java- Array of Hope; char array for loops?
  209. please help me with this I don't know where is my problem.
  210. scanner questions
  211. javadoc creation
  212. if statement help
  213. What is best loop sequence?
  214. why does the clear sign not work on my calculator?
  215. Convert html to an image (png) for Email delivery
  216. an exam question
  217. Java Error messages
  218. regarding driver identification
  219. Why isn't my program showing the image :(?
  220. [SOLVED] Please Any Fast Help For Small Problem ,, i tired :( Maybe easy for you :)
  221. solver for system of linear equation in java for large matrices (finite element program)
  222. Need Hint for Triangle???
  223. Read lines with specific characteristics from a file, exclude all others line.
  224. Can a null value be concatenated with an existing String? Exemple:
  225. Deal or No Deal game help!
  226. KeyListener Problem
  227. How do I change the color of my cursor?
  228. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/activation/registries/LogSupport
  229. CounterTester.java Not Decreasing in the counter????
  230. [SOLVED] Error while moving the tiles in frame
  231. [SOLVED] Scanning user input text
  232. [SOLVED] math problem in java...
  233. Java IRC Bot
  234. Hangman Game
  235. Program solution
  236. 2d sidescroller moving background in java
  237. My 2D Tile Game Lag (Caused by loop) Looking for an alternate method of rendering
  238. [SOLVED] Simple GUI Error
  239. Reading CSV File
  241. Configuring multiple EMS urls for Fault Tolerance
  242. Syntax error
  243. Problems with Assignment in Java II
  244. [SOLVED] When do I need debugger?
  245. java code
  246. How to create Choices in Java?
  247. TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(x) stops simulation
  248. card layout
  249. Exercise 115
  250. Newbie is stuck and please be patient and let me tell my story. No one else will help me