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  1. Return type of converting integer to string for linked list
  2. Storing/Retrieving Data with Shared Preferences
  3. Does Networking(TCP/IP, Sockets, etc.) on Java require libraries or extensions?
  4. Writing a class - class not found
  5. Could someone explain this to me?
  6. Few Beginner Questions
  7. JavaSQLException - ORA-00933: command not properly ended
  8. Problem with arrays
  9. Something wrong with my code.please help!
  10. One fast question
  11. Why isn't this grade averaging working?
  12. public expect statement error
  13. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException.
  14. Calculator in eclipse
  15. Help with Printf statement
  16. Analyzing Input Files, Code Runs Forever
  17. class and check method
  18. [SOLVED] Won't display its Location for Linear Searching.
  19. Performing operations without using ARithmetic Operators
  20. WHy is it going straight to my exception?
  21. iban validation
  22. Hello to all!!!
  23. Randomwalk - average value help
  24. Simple Question about modular division
  25. Arraylist get problem
  27. Getting the width and height of a frame without borders
  28. Please solve my problem (how to make graph in java?)
  29. Collision Testing Code isnt working.
  30. Movement Error
  31. What is wrong with my codes. it s not running. Pls help cos i have to present on the 2nd of December
  32. Upload files using scheduler
  33. JTextField
  34. Mergesort with linkedlist using recursion
  35. Start.java:22: error: cannot find symbol
  36. Swing EventHandler Problem...
  37. NetBeans IDE GlassFish Environment Relative Paths. Or is it?
  38. How many iterations for each loop where max = 10 and incr = 3?
  39. Help!?
  40. Please help me with this Cashier program
  41. help me!!! opoly project
  42. How to set https headers in webservice client generated by axis2
  43. Help with coding
  44. Any chance someone could give me a help in hand?
  45. 2d tile map
  46. [SOLVED] My MouseInputListener methods aren't being called.
  47. Blackjack
  48. Problem with arrays
  49. How do you sort an array? [using bubble sort]
  50. How to use CAS to create login log?
  51. Can any body guide me please
  52. Web Browser listening
  53. Integer to String, can't get it to work
  54. cant rotate image to mouse position
  55. Exercise 86
  56. Unknown problem with output
  57. Instance Variable vs. Local Variable
  58. [SOLVED] I cannot get it to scroll to a tab just added.
  59. How to find the array index of the lowest value in the array?
  60. [SOLVED] Collecting Data from File
  61. Embed tag is not working with Mozilla Firefox 23, 24 and 25
  62. If statement?
  63. Help....Java
  64. Binding A JComboBox To A JTable
  65. Problem with Comparator
  66. String permutation
  67. Client and Class - Error
  68. GUI Problem
  69. My recursion is "leaking"...
  70. [SOLVED] Using JComboBox in JFileChooser and having problems
  71. Regarding to run a package program in java
  72. ClassNotFoundException Mysql
  73. Project topic on object oriented programming in java.
  74. Arrays , command line arguments
  75. Too long of a number for GUI
  76. Class won't compile throwing 25 error messages totally confused(included error messages and demoprogram created object)
  77. [SOLVED] What's wrong with this program?
  78. Random String
  79. double doesn't show decimal places
  80. Please Help?
  81. Having trouble implementing a hash table
  82. File Handling, Search, Add, Delete
  84. Reading a text file + Nested Loop
  85. Need Help Solving a Graphics Passing Issue.
  86. Need help with making code more efficent! - PLEASE HELP:(
  87. Using java program to calculate...I'm stuck !
  88. Parlay Wagering Java Program
  89. Problem for exception
  90. Need help with understanding recursion.
  91. Creating URL in java
  92. XML and AbstractTableModel
  93. Java game with window builder
  94. Need help with ActionListener Error
  95. Loop through Components of a Component
  96. [SOLVED] null pointer exception error for a method calling a graphics obj help please
  97. selection sorting help?
  98. Re: Resetting Accumulator after first itterneration
  99. **Struggling severly can any expert help**
  100. loop through linked list of objects and their fields
  101. xml file in JAR archive vs xml in classes folder
  102. ArrayList Help
  103. [SOLVED] Seeking for better algo
  104. Java heap space
  105. Searching a word in a compressed file
  106. question
  107. Java general question
  108. CSC Basics - Final Program Problems
  109. drawing a several lines from d bottom right corner of a JFrame
  110. Why am I getting so many errors in my code?
  111. Cant get the correct print out just once.
  112. [SOLVED] Re: Java program which can list all files in a given directory
  113. [SOLVED] FileNotFoundException-Unable to read the contents of all the files
  114. Re: Simple inventory System. Sometimes it doesn't update my added book.
  115. School Lab Work
  116. [SOLVED] NullPointerException with JSlider
  117. [SOLVED] How to get the arrow keys to move rectangle automatically
  118. Problem with arrays2
  119. Please help!!!!
  120. Java Program with text file - Help!
  121. how can i create or change a widget of any web page into a gadget of windows useing java basicly applet
  122. Help me find the error here.
  123. Java heap space problems
  124. Help about option select in jsp page
  125. implementing generic compareTo()
  126. Help with checking to see which menuItem has been selected
  127. real time questions
  128. launch error
  129. I have one error on a 2 simple codes.
  130. Cannot get the correct output
  131. java pharse searcher
  132. regarding threads
  133. input.next and taking ints and doubles
  134. How to save this model with jpa into a ration database
  135. Hi everyone i need some help
  136. Translate code
  137. guide
  138. can't find symbol - variable error
  139. Please solve my problem
  140. How to create discussion forum in jsp servlet
  141. Checking memory allocation
  142. How to get java object array elements by Assembly (Microsoft VS2010)
  143. Push Notification server side code.
  144. print A-Z without O I J
  145. Palindromes?
  146. method array list
  147. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 11
  148. Well Ordered Sort function
  149. Need help with java shop project
  150. Help please i keep getting a runtime error with code that seems correct.
  151. how can i create batch file using java ...
  152. java applet
  153. need a help to do this Question
  154. Not sure where I've messed up?
  155. Array & file
  156. Whats wrong with my code?
  157. Need help doing an exercise[constructors]
  158. [SOLVED] User Login System Program.
  159. scanner issues
  160. Thread Queueing
  161. working with decimal point numbers
  162. [SOLVED] Java Help
  163. Creating a file logger using Singleton, factory, and abstract class
  164. Program to find the number of occurrences of words in the text file
  165. 2D array problem
  166. [SOLVED] Back again with problems in my Snake Game
  167. Run() method of runnable function has no access to data members?
  168. I can't get useDelimiter to cooperate
  169. Conway's game of Life please help D:
  170. java.lang.NullPointerException
  171. Create 100 integers?
  172. How to fix annoying white splash in this simple java code?
  173. banking system program of a person having two accounts namely saving account and checking acccount.
  174. Objects
  175. Problems with Inheritance
  176. Log() method in need of fixing please
  177. Problem with accessing resources in JAR
  178. Dealing 13 cards to 4 players.
  179. Data Not Storing into HashMap Properly
  180. Equation
  181. Need help on making a mastermind game program work properly
  182. Mysql with a java server
  183. Whats wrong with my program?
  184. Java Certifications
  185. how to do dynamic casting for all datatypes
  186. Need help with simple Scheduling program
  187. strugling to write a method, need some suggestions
  188. Text Formatting/left, right justify
  189. question
  190. Scanner reading from console via System.in causing NoSuchElementException?
  191. Java Programming Interview Test HELP
  192. Having issues with understanding this Project
  193. Size of stroke is updating for all shapes in array.Why?
  194. Setters and getters
  195. Creating a GUI for a rock, paper, scissors game
  196. Write a Java program to simulate an online shopping cart.
  197. [SOLVED] Having trouble with a JComboBox in a JFileChooser. Issue with removing elements and items.
  198. importing other classes
  199. Creating a background service in java
  200. Problem in chat program, Server sending Arraylist<String> but clients receiving old values
  201. [SOLVED] Scrollbars on JTextArea
  202. Please give me your experience ... Work on a program and I want to understand a part - important -
  203. Beginner Java Books & College
  204. conversion of pdf file to text using itext in java
  205. Java Inner Class Access
  206. Need help with Hotel booking math.
  207. Is there a way to clear a java text field in a GUI?
  208. Write me a program that....
  209. Problem with String Array for Deck of Cards
  210. How do you add two actionListeners (in a GUI)?
  211. problem in reading the content from pdf and write in word document in java ?
  212. I need help! Airline reservation thing. how does the button function? Help!
  213. Dice Game! PLEASE HELP!
  214. Private access modifier
  215. How to print to textarea? really no idea.
  216. New to programming world!
  217. Build a method that prints only a specific section of a file based array in java
  218. Getting moving rectangles to attach to each other
  219. [SOLVED] I have a NullPointerException error that I dont understand
  220. No code, assign same value to group of command buttons
  221. Default Write a Java program to simulate an online shopping cart.
  222. It doesn't detect my file
  223. need some hep with this program, i am stumped, would appreciate any help or input thanks so much
  224. Write a Java program to simulate an online shopping cart.
  225. Comparing HashMaps
  226. (Java) Help with alternating negative and positive numbers.
  227. Change it to array
  228. Issue while set formula for Excel cell
  229. Adding operands and operators to Arrays.
  230. Change the pitch in a jButton
  231. [SOLVED] .
  232. [SOLVED] If statement issue
  233. Hangman multiple letters
  234. Free SMS service implementation
  235. Can i learn advanced java without having knowledge in java
  236. How do I write a passing array program that determines if the value...
  237. Write an application in Java
  238. GUI Lotto Program Not Compiling
  239. Get change in Database Notification in Java Class
  240. BlueJ program !
  241. Java Language
  242. game dev
  243. java
  244. I can not display Image
  245. combine tcp and udp
  246. [SOLVED] Basic String to Double Convertion Problem
  247. How to solve user defined from apache commons math
  248. java help?
  249. Please tell me basic Java
  250. having problems with Java classes. help me guys T_T