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  1. Help getting started with JAVA program that calculates occupancy rate for each floor in hotel room
  2. How to create file in Logically(RAM) using java code?
  3. Please show me where I went wrong? I have tried many numbers to check, but the bottom line in output still comes.
  4. Need help to write an interpreter in Java
  5. Program does not work
  7. Help With Flowchart (Non-Code Issue)
  8. Simple but fustrating issue with swing
  9. Chutes and Ladders Java Program
  10. Does this line of code need any exception handling?
  11. Remove at index method for singly linked list... what's wrong?
  12. how can i set an object in focus
  13. invoking method from another class ..
  14. Can you please help me figure out what's wrong with my code?
  15. ISBN-10 enter 9 digit to find the 10th digit
  16. The operator / is undefined for the argument type(s)
  17. Polynomial Bisection Help
  18. How do I make a break in this?
  19. [SOLVED] Help me out with my code
  20. Noob Question: How to add spaces between each print
  21. Customer java program( Whats wrong with my code?)
  22. Hang Man
  23. Attributes,Modifieres, and More
  24. Referencing libraries in java
  25. [SOLVED] Problem with FileWriter
  26. Problem with a binary insertion sort method
  27. Cannot create JDBC driver of class '' for connect URL 'null'
  28. Java programme design help
  29. please help
  30. Java Basics Question
  31. Please help issue with a variable in a loop.
  32. Return Min
  33. Passing an element from an array to a Method
  34. Trying to write a program that reads from StdIn and findes the highest value
  35. Need to find out if a String has consecutive letters or digits with LOOPING ('89012' or 'bazyx')
  36. SparseMatrix
  37. User input trouble
  38. Bubble Sort on double Linked List
  39. Help needed regarding JAVA Application Demo Version
  40. Java Beginner. Help needed.
  41. Grey Scale?
  42. Yet another java interface rule conflict.
  43. Searching arrays
  44. [SOLVED] Simple programming help
  45. Problem with code
  46. [SOLVED] Program not compiling correctly
  47. Why is it not ROUNDING HELP PLEASE
  48. How to access derived class field values?
  49. java program codes for fast food ordering system
  50. validate a String in java Regular Expression
  51. checkbox on a JTable
  52. Java hangman help with comparing array to String
  53. Linear Search in an array
  54. uniquly identifying a system
  55. ')' and ';' error
  56. Java Average Speed Programme
  57. Fixing my Chess Program setup
  58. if else issues
  59. Desperately need help for Uni Assignment. Willing to pay.
  60. Attempting to calculate a budget and using public static double method(...)
  61. [SOLVED] On Screen Keyboard help
  62. please help to sole my problem
  63. How to input a decimal via JOptionPane and echo it as a Integer
  64. Cannot get the program to write and display properly
  65. Law of cosines help to find angles URGENT!
  66. [SOLVED] AssertionFailedError: Expected <1> but was <0>
  67. Need help to connect Google api
  68. code with problem in layout and scrolling
  69. Need some different approch on sending emails through java
  70. i need code for follwing program
  71. cisco
  72. is Tomcat 7 is application server or webserver.....?
  73. Help with java project?
  74. Program with objects and classes trouble
  75. Hi can any have a look at my code and see how I am going wrong with my array list out put,the mark is not outputing
  76. Writing a word jumbler program.
  77. [Easy] Finding area of triangle, rectangle, and circle.
  78. Remove at index in singly linked list?
  79. Logic to find adjacency of numbers 0 & 1 in an array
  80. About the project
  81. rock paper scissors program giving wrong results
  82. [SOLVED] Using methods improperly
  83. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  84. Regarding Independent SIM Card
  85. Regarding Independent SIM Card
  86. Calculating pi
  87. Is Java EE is Advancement of Java SE.
  88. What is the logo of Java?
  89. What is wrong in My code. Going to Else part..Can you please suggest me.
  90. [SOLVED] Searching for a word in file
  91. Issue with unicode in linux
  92. JAVA NETWORK client/server architechture
  93. unsorted array list (Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException)
  94. How to change a string at indexOf
  95. string comparison java
  96. button
  97. Saving new value to file
  98. Help on this class. Almost done
  99. problems with loop
  100. [SOLVED] Put a random number from one vector to another
  101. Network Interface scan returns an InternetAddress list which has a single null entry
  102. Probably something simple but stuck
  103. Can someone tell me why I keep getting a tie, no matter what I type in?
  104. Rock paper scissors program not displaying winner
  105. Comparing a list against another list, and storing it back into a list. Java
  106. how to record speaker output using cmd
  107. How to capture/record from "Wave Out Mix" or "Stereo Mix" in Windows7/Vista ?
  108. Inner Class Use
  109. pls help me out on this (import scanner)
  110. Some of my methods don't run properly
  111. Errors in Selenium
  112. can't create checksum algorithm/ can't understand concept of checksum
  113. Recursion: Fibonacci Number Question
  114. Small question! Looking for help!
  115. BLUEJ Program Help
  116. [SOLVED] Shuffling a deck of cards
  117. [SOLVED] Jsoup cant Login on Page
  118. Cannot obtain ' and " in my program
  119. Method local Inner class
  120. Help with boolean logic please!
  121. JOption Dialog box showing duplicates for each choice
  122. How to read an empty token and display it in the output??
  123. Java Applet Shooter click timings/limit
  124. how to rotate one by one jbuttton
  125. Not getting an output file
  126. Switches
  127. Java assignment- Need help please
  128. I need help developing an algorithm.
  129. (Homework) Assign
  130. Program Works on NetBeans, but Jar file doesn't work correctly.
  131. Need code to get count from huge json file
  132. Need to get a target element from json file
  133. My reverse method wont work
  134. Beginner struggling with homework question
  135. How to generate random numbers in Java?
  136. String Manipulations Help
  137. Method returns empty stack when called
  138. Re: How to read a text from an Image file?
  139. Difference in time with alternative methods
  140. Help with if statement or counter (not sure which)
  141. simple calculation code
  142. jsf page refresh
  143. how to change DB design for a change in java
  144. I need help with these basic Java ?s
  145. How to generate multiple random numbers?
  146. trouble with an sdk
  147. Trouble with detecting digits
  148. Pls me out on this arrays number print
  149. Help changing my programm to take in more data
  150. UDP single vs multiple socket performance
  151. java udp request response mismatch
  152. Have a problem with i2c and java. Help needed!
  153. Connect 4 Help
  154. How to validate user input in a loop
  155. Java Homework
  156. problem with deleting from an array
  157. Total noob needing help - Arrays and scanning.
  158. Class structure for solving a thread situation
  159. Java user input troubles using the scanner class
  160. Java Program ferinheight to celsius Table
  161. how to send sms to mobile through excel sheet
  162. how to send sms to mobile through excel sheet
  163. THREADS:What is the difference between acquiring lock on a CLASS and OBJECT (instance) of that class
  164. ocr in image processing
  165. code for finding the maximum in a tree
  166. If Then Statement Question!
  167. int cannot be dereferenced
  168. ocr in image processing
  169. Help with Math.sqrt()
  170. creating a rainfall class
  171. Variables not initialized?
  172. Error with String range print -1.
  173. Problem in my 2-Dimensional Array Board Game
  174. [SOLVED] Popup JInternalFrame not doing what it's supposed to when minimzed.
  175. URGENT! Due in one hour. Please help!
  176. Problem In Accessing User Machine Command Prompt From Java Program Which Runs On Server
  177. java - inheritance
  178. difference between import and extends in java
  179. [SOLVED] Try... catch loop?!
  180. How to move jbutton left to righ using java threads
  181. o2bin
  182. Help With Nesting Simple If-Else Loops
  183. Help with infix to postfix problem.
  184. I need help coding a string
  185. Party Bits problem
  186. Need help with while loop
  187. Home work help?
  188. why wouldn't it print my code?
  189. Help with five function calculator
  190. extract senteces from a text document
  191. How do you code to compare result?
  192. basic binary search tree implementation
  193. xml file parsing using xsd file in Java
  194. Specifying the order & starting point of a queue<String>
  195. using case switch statement. display salary and bonus.. help me
  196. Java Colors
  197. help with an accumulator
  198. method overloading problems
  199. programming
  201. Java heap memory error
  202. simple java calculation
  203. Help with Abstract Extended Classes
  204. Method Invokation
  205. I Require some guidance :)
  206. [SOLVED] keyListener keyPressed not working
  207. Math Game
  208. Request:Generating Subsets
  209. Looking for some help! (BEGINNER)
  210. Removing duplicates from an array
  212. I get error when putting in more then 10 digits in my vector
  213. Java JTextfield
  214. Java won't install !
  215. How to convert java games
  216. Error when running java GUI
  217. Passing by reference in Java?
  218. why is my while loop terminating?
  219. [SOLVED] need to run
  220. Assignment
  221. Only one of a client
  222. error: error while writing HeloWorldApp: HelloWorldApp.class <Access is denied> class HelloWorldApp {
  223. Loan repayment calculator
  224. Can't get 2 different randoms
  225. image prosseccing
  227. Beginner Java code problems
  228. What Did I Do Wrong With My Code?
  229. [Solved] Palindrome
  230. System.exit(0)
  231. Help with school assignment/arrays
  232. Program crashes when user input's decimals
  233. Trying to delete this forum....
  234. Exponential function giving different results
  235. Why the value of ' i' is 0;
  236. Find first null in an array of objects
  237. Calling a JPanel into another Jpanel in a JFrame
  238. RequestDispatcher include()
  239. Can't convert string to int
  240. Guessing game
  241. logical errors
  242. redundant code
  243. Why are my flowers stacked on top of each other?
  244. Methods with parameters and return values help
  245. homework help
  246. Help with hypotenuse code that uses JOptionPane PLEASE help
  247. Stopping while loop if there are insufficient funds.
  248. program coding
  249. String O string where are you?
  250. [SOLVED] Monthly payment Calculation Error's Please Help