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  1. sound recorder
  2. Hashmap
  3. Char error
  4. nested while loop
  5. learningByChapter
  6. case 3
  7. [SOLVED] Copying a file to an array and getting exception thrown for input
  8. [SOLVED] Java assignment creating a game program need assistance
  9. Problems with the Diamond-Square algorithm
  10. Java Enterprise Development(J2EE) or Java Android Development?
  11. Extending JFrame
  12. java hashset
  13. Java Performance Engineering and Diagnostics
  14. java.lang.NullPointerException
  15. How to perform Part of speech tagging in data mining?
  16. Painting a room
  17. Create a tree in JAVA using the data from DB
  18. Java & Keystroke Dynamics
  19. any one can give the solution for allocating the node equally in consistent circle?
  20. Tic Tac Toe
  21. Graphics issue
  22. Incomprehensible bug
  23. vertical, front to back and string into decimal
  24. Delete Account
  25. Telephone Number
  26. Delete data from inside the object
  27. Rational - GCD issue
  28. Question!
  29. Help with high school java problem
  30. Add a dollar sign to a number
  31. Program trying to calculate money, won't work
  32. Account Class OOP Java....transaction, deposit and deduction problems using an array...need assistance fast!
  33. cclipse jboss server problem
  34. can we use the Action Listener in a awt without using constructors? clarify the following error?
  37. Having Problems writing Big Letters in Java
  38. java code error
  39. do-while error
  40. question about printing arrays
  41. java class
  42. problems with jbutton/actionlistener
  43. Printing i+1
  44. Need blank line between each mail body part, How???
  45. Using Java to create a quiz...
  46. [SOLVED] Need help with loops and turning into roman numerals
  47. [SOLVED] How do I make a picture-part interact with a user?
  48. I cannot figure out what the errors mean nor how to correct them. Please help.
  49. Square prime numbers up to 50 and then round to nearest integer plz help
  50. Add online video to web application ,Receives sms
  51. How to copy one array into another and flip the values
  52. please solve my problem
  53. Deployment failed: repository element was not specified in the POM inside distributionManagement element
  54. Concern about use of });
  55. getting input from the user and give him some chances
  56. System Tray
  57. "Contextaware toolkit" for developing contextaware applications.
  58. Handling ashx http requests
  59. Please help! Passing variables between modules.
  60. Alarm Clock (How to figure out how much time left till alarm will sound)
  61. question about copying and flipping arrays
  62. Problem with my code for a Leet Translator
  63. mutable and immutable concept of java
  64. [SOLVED] Setting up table and converting kilograms to pounds
  65. Joptio pane not correctly outputting stored values. (Help please)
  66. Discrete Structures Class
  67. For loop help!
  68. Using JMF
  69. JRE 1.4 or 1.5
  70. Muliple Client Server chat application..how to send message from server..
  71. How do I do this, code supplied
  72. [SOLVED] Solution Error: Y U No Work??
  73. i want to give java certification exam
  74. Help
  75. Unable to correct my errors [code provided]
  76. Game sound delaying
  77. I need some help with an assignment.
  78. Illegal Start of Expression in IF Statement
  79. How to fetch attribute values of two different attributes example xml is pasted below Please help me out?????
  80. "Services with missing/unavailable dependencies
  81. ain" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/jna/Platform
  82. How do improve the accuracy of this averaging program
  83. Help with easy programming
  84. getting java code to cell phone
  85. Collision detection
  86. Begineer mistakes, need help (very basic)
  88. Java Work
  89. Need help with Java Assignment (code partially complete)
  90. Convert Scores into letter Grades
  91. Class & object
  92. My first week learning Java!
  93. I keep getting an error message but I don't know how to fix this!
  94. Java Perlin Noise 1D terrain generation problem
  95. How to capitalize a letter in String?
  96. Mouse Click Action Listener for JTextField?
  98. Java Program String Arrays Problem
  99. stack implementation
  100. how to authenticate user in swing application from twitter ?
  101. my program works but when i export it as runnable jar file it doesn't works..
  102. Need help debugging
  103. How to install JAVA ?
  104. Horse Racing game
  105. Help
  106. Help Calculating a tip
  107. Problem in getting time of different time zone
  108. 2D array input
  109. Make code more compact
  110. Possible misuse of timer?
  111. gui not linking with main project/ class
  112. remainder issue
  113. Connecting Android and PC for Speaking together in My own program
  114. Conditions?
  115. Create the object of that program i'll pay for him/her
  116. Help with array
  117. Help needed on basics of Methods- Written non written
  118. [SOLVED] Concatenating booleans
  119. cannot find symbol
  120. can someone give a code example of deleting data to a text file?
  121. Celsius to fahrenheit vice versa
  122. null pointer in a linked list
  123. a java program
  124. [SOLVED] Counting primes
  125. How can I create an option menu with while and switch statements?
  126. Please help with code. Null Pointer Exception
  127. How to take User Inputted String for color, and use it in the drawShape(x,y,x,y, Color. )
  128. Help with simple math in java
  129. Break/Continue example doesn't work with ConsoleReader
  130. Cannot figure out error
  131. [SOLVED] Casting int and doubles variables
  132. Disablng jBottons
  133. How can I continuously read a text file in java
  134. java program hangs when executed
  135. Help
  136. Loops and arrays
  137. Webservice call failing with error message: Got handshake alert: unrecognized_name while opening stream from
  138. Very new to java taking 101 at school and could use some help with my code
  139. Is a modal JDialog possible in this scenario?
  140. hello world script. probably really basic help
  141. Whats wrong with this code?????
  142. Problem with timer
  143. Dought regarding SCJP Certification
  144. Re: Java program which can list all files in a given directory
  145. JAVA: Run .exe in jpanel (NetBeans)
  146. java programing two arrays
  147. How can I search for words in a String?
  148. Missing Class?
  149. Simple maths equations
  150. 1-100 counter
  151. Trying to figure out next step
  152. [SOLVED] Very simple file I/O question
  153. File checker not working
  154. Error in Java program
  155. Program due tomorrow. need some advice.
  156. I don't know how to start this..
  157. Need help in highlighting tree nodes
  158. Hi Fellow
  159. Need help to fix my code
  160. [SOLVED] Trying to call a method in class Fraction
  161. How to get the fractional part of this number without so much precision?
  162. How to check (reliable) if caps-lock is on?
  163. I can't get my last method to work! What am I doing wrong?
  164. whats wrong with this code....it says, 'the operator / is undefined for z=1.0-"A" / 2.0
  165. Program not working
  166. Lucene search api
  167. how to assign different task to different threads
  168. Variable Loosing Data?
  169. problem finding symbol
  170. Need help with a Summing Series please? :)
  171. Memory and time optimization
  172. stop word removal
  173. NEED HELP GETTING MY ANNUITY PRORAM TO WORK!!! Quartley payment is $500 profit is... 6,255.12
  174. how to solve this question ? please help me
  175. android image processing ( cropping)
  176. Help for Terminal Exams................
  177. Game rendering
  178. [SOLVED] Boolean trouble, no idea whats wrong.
  179. [SOLVED] Distance
  180. Need a bit of help with Linked List program
  181. String to Double Conversion
  182. [SOLVED] Continue and break statements
  183. What's wrong with my code? (Music store)
  184. Printf syntax woes
  185. Grid algorithm not working properly
  186. Can't find javaclass
  187. School project
  188. Extarct Substring using regex.
  189. Weird Compiling Error.
  190. a null pointer exception
  191. integer number too large - don't understand
  192. JAVA
  193. New guy having problems with for loops, methods and charAt
  194. BlueJ question: "Error: illegal initializer for java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String>"
  195. whats wrong with code, please help me understand thanks
  196. who can help me write this program?
  197. Need a seond set of eyes I can find where the errors are
  198. Help with simple calculator
  199. Where is my .class?
  200. [SOLVED] Find the the longest decreasing row of numbers in a vector
  201. Writing a program for system of linear equations.
  202. Beginner's Looping Issue
  203. Creating a number char by char
  204. Define method output?
  205. Snake Game
  206. help me please
  207. Help with beginners code?
  208. What's wrong with my code?
  209. Object Orientation Program Help.
  210. [SOLVED] Intro
  211. Need help finishing class methods
  212. Exception handling woes
  213. Big Rookie Question - New to Java, small problem Help appreciated!
  214. Could someone please better explain this to me?
  215. Creating methods with Arrays
  216. Rounding with printf
  217. Creating pseudo code
  218. My code is skipping my for loop altogether and ignoring my array input.
  219. Trying to sort a collection after removing an item in GUI
  220. Using the ? operator inside of a for loop
  221. Mail Merge
  222. Different ways to download file using servlet
  223. Connection pool and Datasource Implementation Is Not Functioning
  224. Print a given sentence forwards, backwards and every other word.
  225. [SOLVED] PigLatinTranslator produces no output
  226. Simulating a truck problem.
  227. calcAverage() not calculating properly
  228. Error in data types
  229. I could not post in my another thread so created a new thread: need help with data types
  230. Don't know why this isn't working
  231. how to search for upper/lower case using string using JAVA!!!?
  232. help
  233. Rounding with printf
  234. [SOLVED] Problem with my code (Fairly New to Java)
  235. height code not working
  236. Tic Tac Toe GUI jar file
  237. Different ways to download file using Servlet.
  238. wont get right output
  239. [SOLVED] How can I make this code concise?
  240. ArrayList Report
  241. how to make autocommit false in stored procedure execute() method
  242. jdbc instrumentation using 'asm' byte code manipulation framework
  243. Txt file to array
  244. Generating a random number from a range of inputted numbers
  245. Java puzzle Help needed
  246. How do I update information in a file?
  247. Sequences (convert char[] to String) [Replacing String with Character]
  248. Interfaces Executor and ExecutorService
  249. Math.round...I need help understanding what I am doing wrong and why it's not working
  250. [SOLVED] Filter-Standart Input