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  1. 2 dime array with following methods
  2. Jar signing error.
  3. Need help understanding why my return value is not returning back.
  4. No idea why I'm getting NullPointerException error
  5. Book class help
  6. Switch from integer to a float
  7. Need help determining if number is a palindrome using an array!
  8. Craps is a popular dice game played in casinos. Write a program to play a variation of the game.
  9. Need help with RSA Encryption with ECB Mode
  10. please any body help me
  11. jar file
  12. Help Please! :(
  13. Implementing the switch statement
  14. Client Protocol Server
  15. Insertion Sort with String Array error in the While loop at the bottom of the code
  16. Manipulating array of arrays...
  17. Problem with my simple pw verifier
  18. Using FOR and WHILE loops to find average (DUE TONIGHT)
  19. Mastermind game
  20. I need some help (I'm a beginner)
  21. Static void is not being reached
  22. counter in loop not incramenting when its suppose to
  23. Recipe Book Help again
  24. How to split nextline in textfile using Buffered Reader?
  25. [SOLVED] How to round to 2 decimal places in a dialog box
  26. To get graph of System performance in java
  27. BufferedWriter help
  28. File input using Scanner help.
  29. problem returning array
  30. Launcher Downloads, but wont extract.
  31. [SOLVED] How to convert this pseudo code into JAVA
  32. How to Change Colour of Java Form??
  33. LWJGL Game: Odd behavior in game. Need help.
  34. Matching Game Help
  35. Boolean value prints out the wrong one.
  36. Really need help..
  37. Recursion
  38. Applying Methods to Program
  39. variable double problem?
  40. Stop applet from running
  41. Radio Button Help Please!
  42. New line in TextArea(clicking on radiobutton)
  43. Stop applet from running
  44. [SOLVED] Procedural programming veteran, Java OO newbie question, first time poster
  45. [SOLVED] java concepts
  46. Something Error!
  47. Java int comparison
  48. Help with NetBeans App using JPanel/JFrame with JButton (if statements)
  49. Rather Basic Question
  50. Reading a files header, hex
  51. [SOLVED] Problem getting a Variable Intialized.
  52. Arrays sorting
  53. create an equals() method that overrides the object equals() method
  54. Help with traversing a maze recursively.
  55. [SOLVED] If and else if statements???
  56. Convert List<Set<String>> to string array
  57. How do I use a variable from main class in another class?
  58. [SOLVED] Error when trying to use ArrayComparator
  59. Pig Latin translator
  60. connecting jframe
  61. for-each loop and a switch statement
  62. Help with making a small game
  63. issue with return values stuck at 0
  64. Range Calculator
  65. How do I request user value for array object's instance variables with this tester class?
  66. How do I process an Arrays.toString in reverse order????
  67. Arrays
  68. [SOLVED] Simple if-else not working for me.
  69. Swing buttons
  70. Multiple Class Calculator
  71. How to convert a digit to words
  72. Beginner JAVA help 600x400 pixel three by two primary color square chart.
  73. binary search tree to store club members and display membership ID and names
  74. drawLine loop
  75. Paddle Ball Game
  76. Post Fixed Math Expressions using Stack
  77. [SOLVED] please answer this question,tq
  78. Java Course Issues (Mod 5)
  79. java pop-up actions
  80. Method problem
  81. I need to retreive data from my constructor that does not have its own variable
  82. very noob question
  83. Locate a font in Mac osx environment
  84. want to resolve issue about discarding zeros of numeric values in csv
  85. how to replace a line in a text file
  86. Please help :S
  87. to get graph of system performance using java pls help me
  88. How i can create a Panel in the same
  89. Can't compile program!
  90. Help with a program (beginner)
  91. Java TDD Help! Need to create a Library Class to pass 3 TDD tests. I'm clueless.
  92. problem
  93. java struts
  94. Array List help
  95. Compute federal personal income tax of U.s of 2009
  96. i'm stack, have no idea how to continue this. Help
  97. Trying to figure out how to use char in this problem.
  98. Watermelon projectile
  99. Finding the lowest integer using sentinellvalue. :( I am stuck!
  100. Help with this please!
  101. how to fetch data from MySQL into textarea...
  102. How to make a good looking game grid in swing?
  103. matching game random number problem
  104. Cannot pass variables?
  105. I need a simple loop code
  106. [SOLVED] help with statements to keep track of names and scores.
  107. Hangman Game
  108. snakes and ladders game's code,i need help ,m a beginner!!!
  109. Linked list is not displaying the nodes correctly
  110. Need a win aspect in connect four game
  111. Conditional Statement Issue *Newbie Help*
  112. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException:
  113. Print to txt file
  114. Boolean problem
  115. [SOLVED] declaring in my mutator
  116. ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Help
  117. java help
  118. how to convert this my PHP code 'send post request' to java
  119. problem with coordinates (GUI)
  120. java games.
  121. i need help please
  122. Problem with returning 2d array
  123. Programm does not start. Help Please!
  124. Fibonacci sequence
  125. [Linked List] Problems deleting items from a linked list
  126. How can I make a loop repeat?
  127. How can I make a loop repeat?
  128. help with defining a changing variable within a loop
  129. Need a java code to click similar buttons on a web page
  130. MERGE SORT pls help
  131. Program Shutting Down Randomly?
  132. Lost in code problem- minor errors causing major problems
  133. Game crashes after start!
  134. This may sound stupid but pls help
  135. Hangman Program for CP1
  136. [SOLVED] Help a noob, PLZ? How can I convert my switch statement to if else?
  137. write a java program
  138. Help with java code that I can't figure out
  139. Code is not printing how I want it to
  140. JComboBox conditions?
  141. Help make addition table from stopping once it reaches 12
  142. how to read URL
  143. Need line breaks in output display
  144. Java Programming project
  145. [SOLVED] Java inheritance
  146. Try and catch
  147. Set and get issues in java.
  148. Set and get method problem in java
  149. Reversing a String with no Buffer
  150. Reversing a String with no Buffer
  151. How i can make chat desktop application in java??
  152. Card shuffle program
  153. [SOLVED] Java boolean
  154. Write a program that reads the timetable from a file and prints out to the screen?
  155. Accessing non-static methods from action listener in another class?
  156. Updater Project: Download and Execute Update
  157. Timer.scheduleAtFixedRate() is scheduling itself to run on the wrong day
  158. Word Guess program with a Null Pointer Exception
  159. CodingArena Games Teaching/Learn Coding
  160. CodingArena Games Teaching/Learn Coding
  161. How to fix the places
  162. Nedd Java help.Randomising Scene time - Animation
  163. I think something wrong with my Bubble sort
  164. mouse event code help
  165. variable fact might not have been initialized
  167. House/Room Classes
  168. Sets/Maps help needed
  169. Printing arrays from user inputs (2 dimensional)
  170. JButton by pressing the enter key.
  171. Error: Main method not found! Please help!
  172. Java WAMP Server
  173. declared with the wrong access modifiers ?????????????????????????????
  174. Cellbots code in eclipse
  175. array problem
  176. ConnectFour
  177. [SOLVED] Calculator Using JOptionPane
  178. A quick help to complete my program :D
  179. Problem in Class, Displaying only one last change in value!
  180. Presumably simple fix sets/maps
  181. Using Stacks Homework Help
  182. [SOLVED] Another question abt mutators and accessors...
  183. how to find second instance of char in string?
  184. BruceForce Method and Modulus HELP!
  185. Hey fellas whats wrong with my code? Im having problems here
  186. i need help writing this assignment
  187. Having troubles with Method Headers [Java Programming]! HELP!?
  188. Java main method
  189. How to display the list of inputed name and time in java?
  190. Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid cursor state
  191. Attempting to create a password prompt program
  192. Java program which scann file as per user input and return contents of file as output
  193. getting data from arraylist into a drop down list
  194. how to connect to site through proxy
  195. top 10 high score table
  196. assignment1- change pseudocode into java code
  197. Rate this code on a scale from 1 - 10 and please suggest some improvements.
  198. While Loop Question?
  199. Cube array help
  200. Java Program - Letter Frequencies - HELP!
  201. Jva Game error: Exection in thread "main" java.lang.nullpointerexception
  202. how do I get this output?
  203. Java Programming
  204. Java Method Help
  205. fast food java problem
  206. java gui menu , saveing
  207. Throw exception in repository, catch in UI
  208. function to get the number of a .(period)
  209. square root
  210. [SOLVED] Help with school project
  211. Help with Assignment
  212. Cannot print boolean value from class!
  213. Could anyone please advise me on this unfinished code? THANK YOU! (I know there are errors)
  214. Java Programming Help
  215. Drawing Image in Java
  216. Fibonacci Series
  217. Linked List question
  218. Hi, I need help outputting a 2d array
  219. Simple problem help!
  220. Code problems! HELP :)
  221. Double array averages
  222. Reding a file and storing the string as well as numeric value in array in specific format
  223. [SOLVED] Why is system.println printing a reference number
  224. Reg:extending a jpanel
  225. Object Creation Help
  226. Getting an error! String.charAt(Unknown Source) ???
  227. Program working perfectly in Netbeans, but not once compiled (probably a charset problem)
  228. Password With Java(Error)
  229. inventory System
  230. overloading an equals method
  231. hi all very new to all this and stuck already....
  232. Program not printing anything
  233. Casting error using String with generics
  234. java coding
  235. Printing highest number of array. Can't find my error.
  236. Java Coding
  237. Question about data types
  238. pattern matching
  239. Static methods in java
  240. JavaFX Coding problems
  241. Adding polynomials in an ArrayList?
  242. action listener not working help
  243. Error in excuting java .class file on a web page
  244. Internet Service Provider
  245. Boulder Dash
  246. Mathematical problem with Money amounts
  247. Recording data , so you know whats next
  248. Java IndexOutOfBound
  249. Java assignment
  250. Please Help. Urgent. For loops and printing to output statement.