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  1. I need help with my project...
  2. Adding Object to ArrayList
  3. nullpointer exception when adding Object to ArrayList
  4. Array of object
  5. HELP WANT TO CREATE SIMPLE java app plz i m begineer
  6. Array of a Class
  7. file input to two dimensional array
  8. slick2d problem getting an error
  9. Using NetBeans and I have no idea what the error message means...
  10. please help java noob here
  11. Array help
  12. Reading the text file contain binary and convert the binary into color or pixels
  13. connection of jdbc with mysql
  14. Java Shared Data Toolkit
  15. happy new year all members!
  16. [SOLVED] Returning an array
  17. Sales Generator
  18. how do i get the answer to appear in textFieldD (line 92)
  19. [SOLVED] Java constructor/object
  20. I am having trouble writing code that solves this problem involving check sums.
  21. New to JAVA need some help
  22. user input program using BufferedReader..
  23. unable to get idle time using JNA for ubuntu 11.10 onwards
  24. [SOLVED] New to JAVA, problem with first code, need to know how to fix.
  25. [SOLVED] Different approach to this code
  26. Binary Search Tree inorder tree traversal
  27. frame is not opening in chat application
  28. Need help figuring out this code
  29. problem
  30. someone please be kind enough demonstrate a code like this......
  31. Help! Variable potentially getting Overwritten!
  32. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException problem on mac
  33. change finder
  34. [SOLVED] Password Field Help.
  35. Missing return statement
  36. Why isn't this 2D array working?
  37. Running .JAR file issue.
  38. To check presence of padlock icon in the location bar /address bar
  39. Why br.readLine() method does not work properly while using it after br.read() method...I am giving the code. Plz help me..
  40. Hi,Can any one help me to understand this code.Am a beginner.
  41. Noob Question
  42. Can I make this code better?
  43. pls give create the program for the following
  44. how to write a program
  45. Need help with arrays
  46. Hey Guys, first time seeing this kind of error? -
  47. [SOLVED] [Homework] Requesting User Input
  48. how to save to a specified path
  49. Tanmay
  50. Applet viewer window is diplaying in fron of the current window every time
  51. Regarding developing a web/desktop desktop would be better I think Plz help me out
  52. That is my project but i don't know what can i do ? .. Someone who help me :'( I'm Confused
  53. So I keep getting this error code. It does not appear tho when I copy my code and paste it into an earlier version of IntelliJ.
  54. How to clear the textArea?
  55. can anyone help me to fix the error in the program???
  56. Question on bounded buffer
  57. Rolling Dice problem.. How to insert letter in JLabel and Button roll and stop into JFrame
  58. Suggestion to declare variable that is declared
  59. Absolute beginner with errors in code
  60. Primary Election program
  61. Writing an Action Event in a Jpanel to convert user text entered in a textField to uppercase
  62. method always returns 0
  63. Getting an error
  64. can anyone help me to fix the error in the program???
  65. How to scale the scrollpane's Vvalue
  66. String []arg
  67. linking frames
  68. Rush hour game
  69. Array overwriting
  70. Balloon code
  71. Removing Duplicates not working ... new to java
  72. [SOLVED] Im not sure whats wrong with my code
  73. Multiple Collision Detection in Invaders Game
  74. how to write a program for 1!+2!+3!+................+n! in java can u please help me to write in java
  75. Highschool student in need of help with array problem! Please Help!
  76. Help Pls..
  77. HELP! Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details?????
  78. Beginner: Get Local IP address from Java applet
  79. what switch?
  80. java using textpad. Atm code not having any syntax error but runs funny
  81. Counter behaving oddly, skipping large blocks of code& error message
  82. Getting primitive variable values from another class
  83. For some reason, I am getting a grey background rather than the 'CYAN' I have coded.
  84. New to Java. Need help with homework
  85. [SOLVED] Array Issue
  86. Java Array Merge Input Beginner Question
  87. [SOLVED] Using scanner and if/else statement to draw one of two graphics.
  88. [SOLVED] Can you help me?
  89. Noughts and Crosses/Tic Tac Toe code problem
  90. ERROR
  91. HELP!!!
  92. Why can I not execute the following code? When I try to run it, I get a message that there is no main method.
  93. how do i loop this simple java code?
  94. Problem with looping
  95. class, interface, or enum expected errors??
  96. repetition control structure
  97. Funny Behaviour
  98. Why POJO class implements Serializable Interface ?
  99. problem with inheritance
  100. Core Java
  101. java help needed urgently :(
  102. help needed again
  103. Roll Dice Program Button
  104. What is wrong with my code?
  105. Error message when using JOptionPane
  106. Java Speech API
  107. Help me, java quicksort!
  108. Only getting last word
  109. Fractions
  110. Please help with code for a method, much appreciated!!
  111. core java
  112. How to clone a singleton class?
  113. Redeem Coupon
  114. Why do we make variables of a class private?
  115. (Beginner's calculator) Additional calculation after first result...
  116. help with defining a method
  117. Help with linked list problem
  118. [SOLVED] 'ELSE' missing 'IF'
  119. Two Parallel Arrays
  120. [SOLVED] Error for JCombobox Editable
  121. Java code problem?
  122. i need help
  123. [SOLVED] fixed
  124. [URGENT] Unable to display data retrieved from the database in table format in JSP page
  125. thanks
  126. please tell me what's wrong in my program
  127. File I/O
  128. Help debugging a program that runs a game of Nim
  129. [SOLVED] Eclipse - Start: Applet not initialized - Help?
  130. I/O for media ???
  131. Need help solving this Java program excerise
  132. Beginner,first java program assignment
  133. Noob Programmer Needs some help.
  134. Javadoc questions
  135. Experimenting with Graphics
  136. my encrypting simple client to server program unable to get the key from client
  137. B-Tree implementation
  138. Search array in separate class ???
  139. Signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package
  140. Need to draw something with lines and loops
  141. Rather beginner level programming; need assistance.
  142. Help me with my 1st Java Assignment! Stuck!!
  145. exam revision question help please
  146. Multithreaded Proxy Server java
  147. Help with java keylogger
  148. Java Change Maker need help with rounding up the pennies
  149. [SOLVED] How to make Math.round() round to the nearest .1?
  150. Can't get inputs to add up. Need help fast!!
  151. Please explain why I get this error...
  152. passing parameters from Applet to JSP
  153. JAR Run Perfect in My Ubuntu 12.04 but not in Windows or Another OS
  154. thread
  155. [SOLVED] Project Euler problem one
  156. Vector of array [logic error]
  157. bouton RETOUR
  158. Pong--paddle collision algorithm help
  159. Problem with code.
  160. Append a string to Vector element
  161. simple gui java quiz
  162. Intro to Java
  163. [SOLVED] Extremely Simple Problem... Im new. (illegal start of expression)
  164. thread
  165. Printing loop twice?
  166. how to execute Xquery-Functions in java????
  167. Finding the lowest number in an array.
  168. Get int value from char, char pulled from String
  169. JAVA = Replace a line in a text file
  170. Need some help please
  171. Need some help getting this code to run...
  172. How can I get my card game running?
  173. convert java program to java ME program
  174. Temperature Converter Program is not running properly
  175. static method in super class
  176. [SOLVED] Creating sounds from numerical inputs (How do I do this?)
  177. Sales Commission
  178. Web based java application
  179. how to get return values from a button to main program.
  180. Regarding equating objects in Java
  181. help with Spy program
  182. NullPointerException?
  183. My proxy Server
  184. Heron's Formula
  185. Basic Java
  186. Save array to text file
  187. Creating an EOF and Acknowledgement on client side
  188. Beginner : Using a loop to print object array
  189. Linked list help simple little problem i need help with
  190. Seperating a top down program into classes
  191. i need help writing a code for a math problem
  192. creating a list of friends name and displaying their pictures once selected using swing component
  193. Please help with unwrap, deck, shuffle cards
  194. Need help finding and printing min and max in a 2D array
  195. Need looping help for my GUI.
  196. I cant export my applet into a runnable jar file
  197. Why can't I get my cards to move?
  198. [Homework] Calculating Change
  199. Beginner Help
  200. java help with inversing matrices
  201. javafx problem
  202. how to count and print asterisk.
  203. Linear Search / Index Location of Strings
  204. Help with Battle system?
  205. Move an object
  206. How to get the sum value from a jtable column
  207. Homework for class, teacher's not helping
  208. Loop to deposit money into bank account array
  209. Referring to specific numbers in an integer?
  210. [SOLVED] Please help me first time user, and need help with a method
  211. [SOLVED] Logic error in Math.pow(a,b) using JOptionPane
  212. Double.valueof wont work for formated string
  213. Help With illegal start of expression
  214. Clarification needed for addActionListener and actionPerformed
  215. [SOLVED] Java array
  216. Java API or tool to update MS word headers/footers
  217. Comparing search bar input with database
  218. [SOLVED] FileNotFoundException on ftp connection
  219. Implementing web proxy
  220. PulseAudio Output - continued CPU use when idle.
  221. SWIFT MT103 Message
  222. Cheking birthday sheet everyday and Sending Automated MAIL to birthday boy on his birthday
  223. Help with exercise.
  224. nullPointerException with Nimbus l&f
  225. nullPointerException with Nimbus l&f
  226. Why am I getting a <No Main Classes Found> error message?? Help please!!
  227. need help solving Gaussian method for inverse
  228. counter not incrementing within for loop - please help!!!
  229. Working with loops for the first time.
  230. JLabel/ComboBox Issues
  231. for Jbutton
  232. [SOLVED] Would you use a do-while for the following....?
  233. Need some minor help.
  234. jsp
  235. oracle Reading Directly from a URL code not working properly
  236. Help With illegal start of expression
  237. Generate Barcode wih XZing
  238. Array that tests if any elements repeat themselves
  239. Brick Breaker HELP!!!!
  240. If Statements help
  241. 2D array project. Takes a matrix of numbers, checks for errors in the surrounding cells, and changes numbers to symbols.
  242. Question
  243. Application not running. "No main methods, applets, or MIDlets found in file."
  245. Memory test game program !
  246. [SOLVED] Java recursion
  247. JMF Playing an audio error
  248. help a first time java programer
  249. Slight problem with fraction calculator code
  250. help with java assignment