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  1. Whats wrong with my code?
  2. Can not figure out my programs error!
  3. cannot be resolved to a type
  4. Permissions?
  5. Output String Handling in Java
  6. Why the compiler can not find the symbol?
  7. Equals Method
  8. [SOLVED] Char cannot be dereferenced
  9. java.lang.numberformatexception error
  10. [SOLVED] Supressing empty lines and does not do until the end! Why ?
  11. Format some text with Java
  12. Check for palindrome numbers
  13. How to print results to screen
  14. Audioclip play makes applets slow
  15. Simple Input/Output program Acting weird
  16. how do I keep a persistent prompt in JTextArea and allow user input
  17. I need help with my ohm's law applet code. can't figure it out!
  18. Creating program Blackjack - Dr.Java
  19. An RMI-IIOP Application
  20. Cash Register Exercise
  21. Hi
  22. Funny business with JFrame, JPanel and JLabel
  23. What's wrong?!
  24. [SOLVED] Trying to call web service (and failing)
  25. Error in Program for Game of Craps
  26. program terminates itself and leave log file called hr_err_pid in desktop
  27. need help on an assignment :(
  28. the infamous null pointer applet problem
  29. Timer Class help
  30. searching a string
  31. Image location on a Runnable JAR file?
  32. Need some serious quick help. :/
  33. Triangle issues
  34. [SOLVED] utf-16 byte[] to string conversion
  35. ActionListener help
  36. keeping an drawing centered in Graphics
  37. GridWorld Code - Need Help
  38. My KeyListener is not Working!!
  39. Calling for methods
  40. Need help for my java game
  41. A little help with my Blackjack code
  42. How To Make The Program Jump To The Next Function..
  43. Playing .wav file
  44. [SOLVED] Help with code, Says number is NaN and i cant format it
  45. calling a constructor
  46. Custom Java stack class (with generics) problem
  47. treemap Duplicates
  48. [SOLVED] Array Problem
  49. returning a 2D array
  50. Exception during xml validation
  51. [SOLVED] Do i need to import anything here?
  52. begginer wondering why his guessing game won't work
  53. Producer/Consumer Help
  54. ArrayList Boolean Issue
  55. cannot find symbol Error
  56. Putting text fields in an array
  57. Object as Reference not working
  58. Totally stuck on this assignment
  59. Sentence and Letter Count Program
  60. Calculate federal taxes program! Help!
  61. [SOLVED] what is wrong for the java code
  62. Please help me with this Java programming
  63. Sorting/Lexicographic =)
  64. Unable to render printing the complete JPanel
  65. JAVA exercise
  66. [SOLVED] Writing integers to a file
  67. problems with loop in Java App
  68. [SOLVED] upper case
  69. Loading a file in a different folder
  70. Convert object to String
  71. [Swing-Progress Bar] Can't resize progress bar
  72. Bulk operations on sets/ map problem
  73. [SOLVED] Java Beginner: Help with methods and returning values (hailstone program)
  74. Inputing file (.txt) and finding the highest number in the file
  75. Noobie to Java questions!! :D
  76. Stuck :(
  77. Problem with JavaMail... HELP! :(
  78. Under Windows OS, how to call *.EXE produced in Linux OS?
  79. Enforce DTD on DomParser - Make Parser fall over if error detected
  80. Thread/timer problem
  81. Hangman
  82. [SOLVED] Problem with Scanner ?
  83. JAVA- .class to .java
  84. 3D Landscape
  85. unsafe operations note??
  86. Incrementing every letter in a string that occupies an odd position.
  87. Setting Icons and checking for matches
  88. Accessing a method of one class in another class
  89. problem in my code
  90. WSDL2Java tool
  91. Calling exe files from Java
  92. Merging of Trees..
  93. Illegal start
  94. squiggle
  95. Snake Game
  96. HELP! Input, numbers, nonsense
  97. AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  98. why does this code read an html file uncontinuously
  99. Extracting the BINDING element from WSDL file
  100. Multicast Problem
  101. Simple game in Java
  102. Help to translate from C to java
  103. Prince
  104. remote system shutdown
  105. Please help with this code.....
  106. need help figuring out what is wrong with my A* search algorithm for an 8 puzzle
  107. program execution with warnings
  108. [SOLVED] Writing " to a File
  109. [SOLVED] Problem with a tutorial program(Adding the answer of two squared numbers together)
  110. main methos problem
  111. print space
  112. New to programming
  113. org.apache.derby does not exist?
  114. HELP URGENT!!
  115. SQL in Java
  116. Completely Lost in this problem(multiple methods)
  117. ArrayList Unexpected Return
  118. what is the reason of " Server returned HTTP response code: 403" error
  119. Java Client
  120. Hex to Integer Problem
  121. Making executable JAR more "executable"
  122. Writing data to the java DefaultTableModel
  123. How to run this code?
  124. applet + swing + arraylist = exception??
  125. unable to run log code
  126. 2D Collision Detection
  127. retrieve the video stream from an Axis camera
  128. String Vector
  129. MouseDraged
  130. component
  131. problem with data access when a class call another class
  132. HTTP Status 500 -
  133. Missing Substance file
  134. Apple
  135. writting to jeditorpane
  136. [SOLVED] The infamous Hello World
  137. regular expressions
  138. Piglatin Converter
  139. setText() NULL pointer excception problem
  140. declaring a "final" variable?
  141. Help with background and objects
  142. Log Management
  143. Interface problem please help!!
  144. Need help with array code
  145. I'm having trouble with date and calendar class
  146. Palindrome Stacks
  147. How do i access methods from an arraylist?
  148. Newbie questions about lesson on class implementation
  149. Java Newton's Method HELP PLEASE
  150. String array combined with if-then-else to output different text for different values
  151. Parsing CDATA
  152. [SOLVED] allow a new input, dicarding the last mismatch input without terminating the program
  153. Run 2 systems command in applet, how?
  154. Help with Java MenuItem and Boolean
  155. writing to JEditorPane
  156. Basic Java Encryption
  157. Action Listeners and Key Listeners Help
  158. Need help with java applet game.
  159. XML DOM Parser problem
  160. Java error
  161. Basic Beginner Help
  162. Creating Polygon (not visual)
  163. Formatting output of a Double
  164. [SOLVED] Printing Array without printing empty elements
  165. [SOLVED] Reading from a text file and storing in arrayList
  166. Beginner - Help with my code.
  167. Very beginner - What's wrong in my applet declaration?
  168. pictures wont load
  169. Trying to somehow Compare Generics
  170. [SOLVED] help in java i cant compile this
  171. Help with my code please!
  172. UML Diagram Help
  173. [SOLVED] Judging
  174. Need help with Assignment. [Car race]
  175. Keep it simple for the retard- Outputting audio on a trigger.
  176. Methods in java class files are not recognized.
  177. Doubt Regarding Printing an Array List
  178. Problem:getAppletContext().showDocument
  179. Help Executing C Program From Java! (Ubuntu)
  180. problems with connection to mysql database
  181. Screwed up system variables
  182. Applet cannot find client.class?
  183. Help with java audio samples please!
  184. Looking for help with Walter Zorn's Drag & Drop script
  185. Help with Menu/BinSearch
  186. java integers
  187. NullPointerException when trying to read Strings into an array of myObject
  188. Boolean Value Not Changing
  189. passing string into method
  190. Need help outputting sub-list of an ArrayList
  191. The value of x
  192. Sort in Cyrilic order
  193. Persistence causing problems with JButton 2D Array
  194. Null pointer exception
  195. Keyboard.class error
  196. Getting input
  197. Program???
  198. Code Need help
  199. Help with networked game
  200. Print out object that is in a tree
  201. [SOLVED] Char type Comparisson
  202. Action from Radio Button
  203. Help With Java Game Code
  204. not sure what im doing wrong with these if else statements
  205. [SOLVED] Little help with "extends" please
  206. BufferedReader error?
  207. Something is wrong? Please help.
  208. Need this to end when a negative number is entered
  209. PLEASE Help with developing a class with an overloaded method
  210. Showing database results
  211. Comparable Interface
  212. not spelling errors
  213. Need help with an Array!
  214. Magic Squares, input confusion
  216. Java mailer programming code problem
  217. [SOLVED] selection end and start
  218. How to take a char value in scanner
  219. Help PLZ .. =(
  220. Please help - Bank account application
  221. What am I msising?
  222. Making a little Lua script 'generator', JFrame showing up blank.
  223. Reading file
  224. need this program written
  225. Trying to write a Java OS for a course, myrad problems...
  226. Java Chat Problem
  227. Boggle not working?
  228. What is wrong with this code, please desperate
  229. RockPaperScissors
  230. lost
  231. i can run my program but the math doesnt come otu
  232. Help me
  233. Do I need to close an audio clip?
  234. [SOLVED] Simple Grahpic porgram wont work.
  235. search problem
  236. whats wrong with my program??
  237. El Gamal signature -Handle big integer
  238. [SOLVED] My head Hurts... such a simple problem but I'm stuck!
  239. Compliing fine but wont run--please help!
  240. Move button with mouse pressed
  241. newbie GUI/ event handling problem
  242. [SOLVED] While Loop Problem :(
  243. Not able to receive SOAP response
  244. Create a tree from list of strings
  245. Image problems
  246. [SOLVED] Null Pointer Exception
  247. repainting a jframe containing two jpanels
  248. add a 3rd tab to my JPane and now i get an exception error when i run my code??
  249. Struts Application, Complies perfectly but error at run time
  250. Plotting w/JFreeCharts