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  1. making a global hotkey
  2. problem with invokeLater and repaint
  3. problem with applet in jre6u45 asking permission
  4. problem with BorderLayout
  5. Eclipse Kepler + Parabola Gnu/linux errors at runtime(font-related?)
  6. Link JButton to Array so MouseListener can extract information
  7. Java Error JInternalFrame on the next showing
  8. problem with BoxLayout and JTextField
  9. Rainbow colored text in Swing
  11. GridBagLayout Help
  12. java graphical interface game
  13. Please help resolve warning re parameterized types / Jlist ListCellRenderer
  14. [SOLVED] Graphics2D Exception
  15. [SOLVED] JPanels appearing when they shouldn't
  16. ListDataListener get removed element
  17. JSplitPane divider location always resets to its initial value
  18. Java ComboBox not updating
  19. How to use a component in a JFrame inside another JFrame?
  20. [SOLVED] Getting a calculate button to work, and clear button to reset everything.
  21. How can I add an Item to a Combobox by using a JTextfield?
  22. Open response to PM from GalaxySV
  23. Issues With Layout And Time Being Display
  24. Refresh the size of the slider of a scroll bar
  25. What is the best way to achieve this layout?
  26. Action Listeners within and Action Listener on Panels
  27. Upadating Jtable while entering the data
  28. drawing just a line, please
  29. Toolbar max width
  30. School Assignment help
  31. Need help with very specific panel layout
  32. Detect any Popup, Combobox, Tooltip, etc opening
  33. Help With GUI, TroubleShooting Retail Price Calculator.
  34. [SOLVED] Adjust screen size and button arrangement for any computer screen
  35. Using jdb how do I stop in the actionPerformed method?
  36. GUI Exercise
  37. Maintaining Separate classes for all the tabs in a Java application.
  38. KeyListener not working for JLIST Component.
  39. incorrect spelling of kannada letters in java jar file
  40. Help with JButtons in a GridLayout?
  41. Need Some GUI Help With My Application
  42. [SOLVED] Apply a renderer on a cell of a JTable
  43. How to insert text without formatting it in jtextpane
  44. Image manipulations
  45. Handler to Exit Java Applet
  46. Java Swing
  47. [SOLVED] About swing Timer in my Math game
  48. Event handling
  49. How to make a custom swing component
  50. is the importData(...) method of a transferHandler run on the EDT?
  51. component and container class
  52. JComboBox size?
  53. Is there a way to bring a JLabel to the next line without using a grid layout?
  54. Actionlistener issue
  55. GUI design decision
  56. [SOLVED] extending JDialog not working in exact size
  57. GUI Frame Help
  58. Median filter
  59. BorderLayout displays only Center area
  60. [SOLVED] Listener trouble
  61. Simple animation. Strange behavior
  62. Jtable Sort
  63. Two new Swing Layouts: TrainLayout and TotemLayout make together TOnionLayout
  64. JFormDesign or Hard code Swing?
  65. JTree - file system viewer tree only with fixed file extensions
  66. Swing: allow / prohibit focus change
  67. Java swings application to display google maps in Flat and Global mode
  68. how to play audio in a stand alone application
  69. Third order derivative
  70. Jtable sorting of integer values
  71. Record sound of speaker of the computer
  72. JLabel as part of JTabbedPane tab component overwrites background color
  73. Problem with custom TransferHandler
  74. JTable setValueAt function got the whole row in same value
  75. Updating the interface
  76. How to set a button event trigger?
  77. Can't seem to control the checkbox
  78. [SOLVED] Help creating this layout
  79. Create Window registry entry and get file path
  80. Custom Component in JTable with Customer Renderer and Cell Editor Help.
  81. Searching using a jtextfield
  82. header into header and table into table
  83. How to find whether changes made in the checkbox or not which is inside a combobox?
  84. Controlling separate JList selections
  85. Dooes the "removeNodeFromParent" method from DefaultTreeModel remove grandchildren?
  86. Is Java Swing a good choice for these three things?
  87. swing or javafx or ?
  88. [SOLVED] Graphics, Canvas Unreachable statement
  89. Learning Graphical user interface in java
  90. [SOLVED] A very peculiar error I just cant fix
  91. What layout to use for a desktop application?
  92. java top level container and EventLstenerList
  93. Problems with Event Dispatching - Thread
  94. [SOLVED] JTable won't redraw unti i resize the window
  95. Using comboBox to add players
  96. Change Font size for all Components in Swing Application
  97. [SOLVED] Problem with swing GUI components in JPanel
  98. JInternalFrame not being Displayed
  99. How to Print JFrame content using NetBeans Java Swing
  100. [SOLVED] folder/object browsing menu in Java
  101. help for applet
  102. [SOLVED] How to fill available space with FlowLayout
  103. 2D JButton Array
  104. JButtons Disappearing
  105. How do I enter data into a GUI application?
  106. [SOLVED] Adding Panels to JFrame
  107. JFileChoose is huge:
  108. How to use api facebook in java game on desktop
  109. How to generate a PDF File of the contents in AWT Frame ?
  110. [SOLVED] JTextArea addActionListener
  111. How To Add Communication From My GUI To My Game Engine
  112. [SOLVED] Frozen application buttons will not work
  113. about countdown timer and jcombobox need help please
  115. [help] how to put the output in TextArea
  116. Java GUI Problem, I am having trouble getting my TextArea to resemble console output.
  117. Run code to scan file system after rendering Swing GUI window
  118. How to set (minimum) panel size for panel with a Graphics2D object only?
  119. Pull Out JPanel
  120. How does repaint work in combination with paintComponent (Graphics class)?
  121. Why should Swing GUI code be placed on the EDT?
  122. JPanel Ontop for JButton
  123. SwingWorker implemented - how to do additional GUI processing?
  124. How to take my java application and run it with a GUI instead of the IDE
  125. Problem with JTextPane indentation
  126. Is there a way to specify where on screen a JFrame or a JDialog should appear?
  127. Grabbing exchange Data, and creating live graphs from it
  128. [SOLVED] JTree selection not being registered properly
  129. [SOLVED] Is there a method that allows the user to enter a single character only?
  130. Problem with JFrame
  131. how can i enhance my simple codes with GUI?
  132. Problem with background
  133. Change Hue / Saturation / Brightness of BufferedImage
  134. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException Java Hangman game
  135. Issue with Drag and Drop
  136. Dialog boxes - multiple language support
  137. Can Jtable column preferences be preserved
  138. Save JTable rows as favorites - Design Suggestion
  139. Customized JTable
  140. ProgressBar as an excuse for a wider question
  141. Application Icon on the JFrame
  142. Best JAVA IDE w/GUI for Windows App?
  143. Having problems implementing a JTextArea into my current project
  144. Get key of combo box using value
  145. Creating a resizable game
  146. BufferStrategy with Triple Buffering flickering, after taking advise from people
  147. GUI Grid/Border Layout Issue
  148. Crop an image on an anchor point
  149. Assignment Help
  150. Strange behaviour of transparent JPanel
  151. getting input from user
  152. [SOLVED] Help needed with grid and panel layouts
  153. Restaurant Menu Program
  154. JFrame where only three of the borders and no content appear
  156. Mouse Listner help
  157. gui for cli
  158. Greatest Common Divisor program
  159. Using Key Listener to open a new window
  160. Swing library
  162. Make TextField by Clicking Button
  163. Keyboard buttons not working on my program
  164. accessing a jdialog box
  165. JTextPane vs StyledDocument
  166. dynamic labels :
  167. [SOLVED] Not getting a respone from my KeyListener
  168. Error with my tutorial code
  169. insert from multiline jtextarea to jtable in java
  171. how do i get mouse x and y position without an event listener?
  172. invisible jtextfield? :o
  173. Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
  174. Dividing an int and a JLabel
  175. do the addition methods in GUI using if stetment
  176. [SOLVED] JPanel paintComponent() within a Game Loop
  177. Text-display Problem with button in Table
  178. Swing component Name
  179. Animations on JFrame
  180. How to Add value for an Item in JCombo Box ?
  181. JPanel + Scrolling
  182. New to Swing and GUI in general, error when trying to use listener on JButton
  183. NullPointerException but Object seems to be initialized
  184. Can't see anything, not sure why?
  185. Button isn't working as it should?
  186. Not sure how I would do this...
  187. Background Music Error
  188. Buisness Application Problem
  189. Invoice management system
  190. Java JPanel Error
  191. I want to input a double in JTextField,and use that double to calculate the new balance and then as an output to have the new balanca written in the label.. (i am a beginner)
  192. java code to deal with pdf
  193. java code to deal with sound
  194. Want to use first the button "LOGIN" and then the button "DEPOZITO" helppp!!!!
  195. Reading File to a TextField
  196. Please help with these programs I have stated but am stuck on
  197. speech class in java
  198. Error in code
  199. Turn taking?
  200. How to change the color of the column header when a cell is clicked in JTable?
  201. Need help with Jtable and updating variables in swing (Eclipse)
  202. [SOLVED] JPanel and PaintSurface not agreeing.
  203. JList Population
  204. Java Swing Code Problem
  205. i want to find what problem is about drawOval func
  206. Need Help with text fields
  207. JFrame windowClosed event not being fired
  208. [SOLVED] beginner's radio button question
  209. why is there no scrollpane?
  210. Having problems with placing JButtons precisely.
  211. [SOLVED] a jframe without a frame?? :o
  212. Tic Tac Toe GUI (Need help to play against computer)
  213. JPanel with mouse clicked with a dot in the clicked position.
  214. [SOLVED] Painting other things on surface
  215. Hi everybody,i have an issue regarding to inner classes
  216. Problem with PropertyChangeListener
  217. MouseMotionListener
  218. custom jframe -> moving the window?
  219. Java Issue with prgramming for UNi
  220. Way to achieve it
  221. problem while maximizing the jFrame
  222. Problem to the codes
  223. how to properly setup a server?
  224. Way to run jar file
  225. Why are my images not drawing on the jpanel?
  226. How to edit TableItem fields in Table(SWT)
  227. PROJECT.
  228. [SOLVED] Pausing a Jframe until button is pressed
  229. how to include a link in a button in a jframe object in netbeans thank you
  230. [SOLVED] Closing a JFrame via a JOptionPane
  231. [SOLVED] Controller for JPanels in a Tabbed pane:
  232. [SOLVED] undefined error in swing:
  233. How can I convert my program to an applet, so that I can embed it into HTML.
  234. [SOLVED] How do I make some options inactive before registration?
  235. How to add Action Event to JOptionPane.YES_OPTION?
  236. Set up to play against computer
  237. [SOLVED] awt: why TextArea is not dynamically updating?
  238. [SOLVED] What is a clever way of adding certain checks modularly?
  239. JTable not showing anything
  240. [SOLVED] Theory/Arch question: different colors indicate different users in chat history TextArea object
  241. help with my code
  242. X and Y coordinates for drawing lines on applet
  243. Problem with the game 2048!
  244. [SOLVED] Drawing Graphics on top of a JTable
  245. Re: Bank account GUI using swing II
  246. How can you make a multi-variable GUI?
  247. Date format using JOptionPane
  248. Enable JTabbedPane tab from another window
  249. Trying to get GridBayLayout to work
  250. How to access the other JButton elements