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  1. Noobie Object/Class Linking help
  2. MVC & String
  3. Saving information from arrays. I think.
  4. Not sure what the Logic Error is? [help]
  5. Acess methods
  6. consume the rest service by passing the json object
  7. Idea about how to use restful service to parse the json object by passing to the Url
  8. Connection problem in Enum
  9. Java programming. Program is not getting information from a subclass
  10. problems with my toString method
  11. Java joption
  12. Extensive help with banking simulator
  13. data won't show up in jtable
  14. Trouble calculating a product and allowing a user to specify a range
  15. Actually, i just started learning java... and i am having alot of trouble understanding the concept.
  16. Very Beginner...very frustrated...
  17. Object Programming, Please help!
  18. Brick Breaker
  19. First Java class. Cannot figure out programming assignment. Please help.
  20. stdIn.nextLine(); or stdIn.next(); are pulling the incorrect variables
  21. beginner java program help
  22. Help making a method inloving a 2d array and file IO
  23. Beginning java help
  24. Help implementing an undo function
  25. Need help With program
  26. Invoke a Java program with windows program
  27. Beginners needing help
  28. Require a variable in an interface?
  29. [SOLVED] Make a polygon appear in random places using Japplet and Canvas
  30. Getting program to ask user input three times
  31. Some Beginner questions
  33. Recipe Book: Arrays and Objects/Types
  34. [SOLVED] help with java game source code..
  35. Creating Objects at specified indexes
  36. Confused with homework
  37. [SOLVED] How to get constructed
  38. Help with homework
  39. Please, help me
  40. Calculating the line length between two points using oop
  41. PlayerObject to Collide with an Array of Objects
  42. Runnable jar file wont run
  43. [SOLVED] Game static enemy question
  44. Components not appearing (need help!)
  45. [SOLVED] Learning OOP; Gettin error messages i cant explain.
  46. How to repaint() a class in a JFrame, with a JTextfield user input
  47. How to use constructors and class objects together.
  48. Confused with constructor
  49. Collections.sort
  50. [SOLVED] Can anyone explain this code to me? Calculation of mean and variance.
  51. Collections.sort
  52. [SOLVED] Problem with return value.
  53. Problem with for each cicles
  54. calling method question.
  55. Game in Java
  56. Adding Student Objects into singly linked list alphabetically [NullPointerException]
  57. How to setup
  58. Boolean method help!
  59. Question regarding superclasses & subclasses
  60. Need help With Association Class
  61. convert arraylist to 2D array
  62. An Array List of a Class that contains two other Classes
  63. Confused about invoking methods?
  64. State machine pattern in game architecture
  65. Interest Calculator Design
  66. Using methods from one java program in another
  67. Just need a little input and help please!
  68. Arrays of Class
  69. Creating Langton's Ant and I need serious help with it (it's a block that moves around on a grid changing the symbol at each index)
  70. First assignment java program
  71. Need help with college work!!
  72. [SOLVED] Lagnton Ant
  74. Question Regarding Interfaces
  75. Using Euclid's algorithm in a Fraction Class
  76. Write a driver program implementing an ArrayList of CD object
  77. Need some help with a Checkout Area Simulator
  78. Need program checked
  79. [SOLVED] Java constructors
  80. Problems With Image Loading and Extended Objects
  81. Generate random numbers between 1 and 52 by passing a seed to Random.
  82. [SOLVED] Cannot Find Symbol Compiling Error
  83. Objects and Classes
  84. [SOLVED] Read strings, calculate Hamming Distance
  85. Compare two date objects
  86. Trying to understand the "protected" keyword.
  87. Help with removing objects
  88. Calling a Class Name from a String?
  89. Error message non-static method Person.getFirstName() cannot be referenced from a static context?
  90. How to import information from a file, and use it to calculate and display serval things?
  91. [SOLVED] Trying to apply methods to sequential program. Getting error.
  92. Instance variable inside a method
  93. question about Anonymous object and Wrapper classes?
  94. Trouble with moving array through classes
  95. Removing punctuation characters from a word [Beginner Java]
  96. [Beginner Java] Returning a variable from mothod problem
  97. Find a java program that calculates
  98. A beginner needs help in oop
  99. Nodes
  100. Help with Beginner JAVA method!
  101. Need Help!
  102. Creating an exception class
  103. java programming
  104. Can a method be an abstract method without specifically declaring it is abstract?
  105. [ASK]Array required, but java.lang.Object Found
  106. Creating a Secret Numbers game, need help with random number max and min.
  107. accessing variables of constructors
  108. Min/Max of fields
  109. Making an object have a timer - needing help
  110. Help with Arrays
  111. I'm just learning Java
  112. Can someone please explain OOP to
  113. Searching a binary tree for specific char
  114. Traversing a binary tree while looking for a string
  115. Help with cloning objects
  116. Issues with my conversion program...
  117. Linked list
  118. Affecting Point objects with methods - a beginner's failed attempt
  119. Update GUI from thread
  120. Sharing the particular object
  121. Program errors because it cannot find something it shouldnt be looking for
  122. Removing A Vehicle
  123. Enum Values Each Having Their Own Enum Values
  124. help with writing a letters encoding program
  125. Java Program Help!!!!!!
  126. help please
  127. What is the "JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE" called?
  128. no explicit pointer in Java..
  129. Java 'tag' variables for synching with a server.
  130. Type mismatch assigning factory class result to subclass
  131. HELP! Can you teach me how to do the constructor method in OOP(JAVA)
  132. Constructor or Method
  133. Need help with simple code
  134. [SOLVED] Cannot declare an array var within a class
  135. [SOLVED] Creating a series of objects with incrementing names
  137. What are the rules in using Static Method and Static Variable? HELP!
  138. I want to learn C# but!!
  139. [SOLVED] Return an array of Pairs that have the same length as the input array of Strings.
  140. [SOLVED] Object!
  141. scope of variable understanding problem?
  142. [SOLVED] What good are interfaces?
  143. Eclipse runs not the opened class! Why? :S
  144. Methods, Booleans, and Initializing, OH MY!!
  145. What Exactly Object Oriented Programming is ??
  146. Arrays and MD Arrays
  147. Compiling issues in the terminal?
  148. Methods and Arrays
  149. Body Systems Class
  150. [SOLVED] String Import
  151. help me to create Block Breaker (using OOP method)
  152. ; expected error
  153. java balloon project
  154. .toString method question!
  155. Inheritance question!
  156. Cannot find symbol errors
  157. Question about Randoms and trying to use it
  158. Is it possible to inherit only specific methods of a class?
  159. Arrays, JButton, and Action Listener
  160. Help with Inheritance and Polymorphism
  161. Need help with printing out info
  162. Simple OOP question- Creating objects
  163. want to learn java from basic with oop
  164. java program codes for fast food ordering system
  165. How to draw a class diagram
  166. Objects - Moving Shapes in JAVA HELP PLEASE!
  167. good book for JAVA : [EYROLLES] Programmer en Java 5 & 6 (5ème Ed)
  168. 2D array shallow and deep cloning
  169. Basic program help
  170. Initialization in class
  171. Objects, classes, lists true and false HELP!
  172. help with trace tables for loops
  173. [SOLVED] Help with objects, methods, and class inheritance.
  174. Need a java program with GUI. Please Help me out
  175. Inheritance variables
  176. Java tuterial..!
  177. [SOLVED] Java Inheritance Question...
  178. [SOLVED] "Actual and formal argument lists differ in length" HELP!!
  179. Line2D implementation
  180. Small webapp that determine whether a year is a leap year.
  181. Disable items in JComboBox or ?
  182. Trouble understanding what this is asking.
  183. [SOLVED] Java array
  184. [SOLVED] Need help with fixing an error dealing with interface implementation
  185. Survey about Code Smell
  186. NEED HELP ALL the way with this..
  187. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Programming in Java
  188. Hi , need clarification on how to get the object from one class to another class
  189. Coding on Object oriented Programming
  190. help me my test just now! urgent!
  191. Basic GUI (eclipse swing)
  192. Caller passing itself to child object?
  193. Need some help testing created class.
  194. Getting "cannot find symbol" errors when trying to pass variables between methods!
  195. Object Oriented Programming
  196. Java RMI eclipse BANK, help!
  197. Strategy Pattern and code duplication
  198. constructor and class
  199. Passing a boolean value through a method?
  200. Passing An Object To The Constructor Of Another Object
  201. Searching for words in a file
  202. [SOLVED] I need help figuring out the logic errors in this final project.
  203. Problems with objects and enum
  204. Someone help me understand construstors?
  205. Refactoring if statement
  206. Satellite programming
  207. Why use a constructor in intialize and not Setter
  208. Class heirarchy
  209. Can anyone give me help/advice on this java library program?
  210. ChessMind for a ChessWorld
  211. A question of accessibility in OOP
  212. Java Programming (Object Oriented Programming) Assignment
  213. Can someone please help with code evaluation and improvement
  214. clinic registration system
  215. Classes of classes? [Very beginner asking a question] [w/ Codes]
  216. Void Methods Question
  217. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  218. How to call a non static method from a static method
  219. can i return two values from a return method?
  220. How to import Hex class correctly?
  221. Programming, Algorithm and Data Structures Assignment
  222. Help
  223. Re: Illegal Argument Exception: input == null
  224. Lost project in Eclipse ( sorry im new to this) any help welcome
  225. How to display ArrayList in jTextArea?
  226. Classes/Object Beginner Help
  227. i get a error Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute
  228. help in how to add code to work with income tax calculation program
  229. Netbeans Java Help
  230. Java Homework Question Help
  231. Object Oriented Design for a small scale Banking application
  232. [SOLVED] Program not working - help?
  233. Interface
  234. Inserting a video into graphics?
  235. Intermediate Question
  236. Continuing to create an object with the press of a button.
  237. [SOLVED] This is the first post to me and I hope that you will help me
  238. calculater
  239. game Snake in the applet, how to execute methods from different classes?
  240. Homework Assignment help..
  241. Beginner Java question with Methods
  242. [SOLVED] Immutable String
  243. Java ArrayList Homework Help
  244. help me with the Assignment :(
  245. Polymorphism
  246. [SOLVED] Sorting and returning a method.. Help.
  247. How to convert INT to String.
  248. [SOLVED] Why raiseSalary equation can't work? empolyee.java
  249. Time class - previousSecond()
  250. OOP composition - MyPoint and MyTriangle. need hint for building MyTriangle class