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  1. Is there a wrapper for non-static field to be able accesed by static method?
  2. how to wrap a pre-generics library
  3. convert excel to xml and read the input from xml file
  4. Only Constructing an Object Once (Details Inside)
  5. bluej some questions about a simple car details class
  6. [SOLVED] Question about using the toString method.
  7. Need to write a public instance method for a simple dice program
  8. please help me .. im so sad :( do this
  9. Please Help stuck on Inheritances and abstract classes.
  10. Chat security. pursuing aid.
  11. I need help Plz
  12. Need Help Please and Thank You
  13. Need some help with my Roulette game please.
  14. need help in this application
  15. Help?!
  16. rrd4j
  17. How to think about LOOPS in the first place
  18. please help me with my assignment, i got stuced on the way.
  19. The Battle Ships Game
  20. Split a program into smaller objects
  21. Initializing an Array of Objects
  22. Help With Putting This Math Problem Into Code
  23. Help
  24. Java HELLPP!!
  25. ArrayList Sorting Problem
  26. How would you implement this?
  27. [Question] Objects instantiated within objects.
  28. Printing different text each second (Timers etc)
  29. Can someone please help me get a start on this project?
  30. Nested classes.
  31. JButtons behavior in ActionListener
  32. task manager
  33. Graph class, ToString help.
  34. [SOLVED] Adding the "final" keyword makes difference, I'm confused with the sequence flow.
  35. java wcf nodelist types
  36. [SOLVED] Method works, value not returned.
  37. Please, help with OOP program with graphical interface
  38. Retrieving the color property of a JButton
  39. linking of classes
  40. Flow algorithms Library
  41. need someone to help
  42. Getting votes
  43. How To Ask the User to Enter Another Number Using the Number 1
  44. How to Create a Word Rectangle
  45. To Make class immutable which has ref to other mutable objects
  46. Print Student average, high, and low grades through array?
  47. Using variable in different class
  48. Using user input of characters rather than integers to assign values to variables
  49. Database link tables to model
  50. My while (true) loop method only seems to run once!
  51. iCritter Project
  52. Sorter Project
  53. NumberWords
  54. calling method of webapplication1 from webapplication2
  55. why are using volatile in java
  56. [SOLVED] Having trouble making calls.
  57. [SOLVED] Null Pointer Exception
  58. Don't know how to structurate a class.
  59. creating constructor
  60. Need Help to Solve The 2 Question...
  61. Need help to solve this problem
  62. A level format problem
  63. Guessing Game
  64. JAVA program help : 1+1!+1/2!+1/3!+ .... 1/N!?
  65. Is this possible?
  66. Java Constructor
  67. Looking for A Java Teacher
  68. Need help please, cannot get GUI to work right.
  69. class function
  70. Need some help, learning java!
  71. Reverse Engineering An EXE made with Java
  72. Java Object Oriented Problem
  73. Need help with pie charts locations
  74. declaring field variables
  75. NEED HELP! converting change given to money denominatons
  76. problem with including contructor in method
  77. Simple chess program (no AI) - Need help with structuring my code
  78. Can anyone help with this?
  79. GrandCentral
  80. not sure if my code is right, if it is not sure how to code Test box.
  81. Biojava
  82. a superclass variable can reference a subclass but here why cant cv access ???
  83. enum class creation to hold time on android
  84. Understanding Java3d library
  85. Trouble using aggregate classes
  86. which programming language can help me more
  88. Building Cron Expression
  89. Help needed for writing a code
  90. Please i need help in a simple coding
  91. Please! Help me to this error "ERROR CANNOT FIND SYMBOL"
  92. Requesting help.
  93. Please help with passing an array to a new class
  94. Switching between classes
  95. Fixed Point Numbers - Mathematics
  96. Why and where abstract methods & classes and static methods are used?
  97. Java Version
  98. Trouble getting zip file code to work??
  99. how operator( && or || works).....
  100. Nice way to override method in superclass, so that it's used in multiple subclasses?
  101. Multi-queue simulation theory
  102. copying subclass object
  103. ::: Write a Simple Java Program :::
  104. Array of objects
  105. Odious number
  106. [SOLVED] The 'new' Keyword
  107. protected Access Specifier
  108. how to loop a method?
  109. Buej programming issue
  110. [SOLVED] Why re-name these method parameters?
  111. How to remove a brick (Java)
  112. can you suggest me a PROJECT?
  113. Abstract classes, and 'instanceOf'
  114. What's the difference between "import.javax.swing*" and JFrame inheritance
  115. [SOLVED] Bluej problem with adding an object from one class to another.
  116. [SOLVED] Persisting multiple objects of the same type to a file.
  117. null pointer exception
  118. Bluej issue
  119. Triple Inheritance
  120. One Decimal Place
  121. need help with a new way of source code
  122. Reflection
  123. How to convert char to string by using method invocation?
  124. Drawing Objects on Screen
  125. Handlers and Classes/Interfaces
  126. CLASS BOOK HELP. Please. Please.
  127. boolean for increment method
  128. check for boolean method.
  129. Checking if an object contains a point
  130. Nested For Loop!
  131. Counting Days problem with object
  132. interaction between serial rxtx and swing
  133. Simple question regarding objects.
  134. Need help with understanding a homework assignment, not asking for answers
  135. Going crazy
  136. Living Without cin... or Pointers (A Thread About Java Text Adventures!)
  137. Need help fast!!! 2 hours left!!! simple stack ADT
  138. Oracle's answer to exercise 1 in Interfaces - Java Tutorials
  139. List methods add(int k, Data data), set(int k, Data data), remove(int k)
  140. need to make basic class and implementation class (base class without void main)
  141. Inheritance & Hierarchy Exercises?
  142. Cash Register Simulation Help
  143. Homework help
  144. [Snake]Help
  145. Checking Account class, need help
  146. Code compiles, Is it logically correct?
  147. Re: Pls Help me run bank java application
  148. Trigonometry and Java
  149. Need Help with this UML
  150. What does this question mean?
  151. I need some help with inheritance methods.
  152. Need some simple Java Help
  153. [SOLVED] An array from abstract parent?
  154. Please help me with my Case Study
  155. Having problems understanding what is going on in this linked stack.
  156. Converting Two dimensional array into an Array list
  157. Nested class vars dont initialize
  158. Efficient Object Detecting?
  159. Some help with an assignment based on crc cards
  160. Scoring machine help.
  161. [SOLVED] [Arkanoid]Help
  162. Help with beginner assignment
  163. [SOLVED] generating Dewey ID using Java
  164. [SOLVED] Need Help Manipulating 2D Array
  165. [SOLVED] Having trouble with setting an array object
  166. Beginner Programming Help
  168. I NEED HELP
  169. Will inheritance affect performance?
  170. UML Feedback?
  171. Good online tutorials?
  172. NEED HELP with singeton pattern
  173. Datatable equivalence in Java 6?
  174. How to write Entropy class in java?
  175. Java String Buffer
  176. Help With Sequence Array, Current Index, 3 Errors, 6 Failures
  177. Video Game Character ArrayList Help?
  178. Working with log math function
  179. Can help me slove my question please . Seriously need help
  180. Homework help?
  181. Exam study review question
  182. How to implement YAHTZEE game in java using switch statements?
  183. [SOLVED] How to create a Java generic method, similar to a C++ template method?
  184. How to draw a houses using Java Applets and Awt?
  185. How to scrape the url for data and how to get data into objects from network?
  186. How to convert an array of integer to generic type?
  187. How to implement GregoraianCalendar which is subclass of Calender?
  188. What is the difference between ordered and unordered linked list and how to implement unordered linked list to get ordered set?
  189. Taking multiple inputs in single line separated by space in java?
  190. What if a class extends another class and they each have a method with the same prototype? When to call the subclass and when to call superclass?
  191. How to print output in 2 decimal points in java?
  192. Class Driver help
  193. Moving Images in a Jar File?
  194. Structure
  195. Java calculator implementation
  196. Can someone help me with my prog?
  197. [SOLVED] Define an array of refernces from a class
  198. Please friends help me out with this assignment question
  199. Sequence with linked list and Generics *2 Errors*
  200. "Simple" Shape drawing!
  201. Flipping a picture 180 degrees
  202. Replacing red with a picture
  203. How to Compute Interest
  204. Trying to get this method to add an array and sort the array without using Arrays.sort
  205. How can I have the user input the name of an object?
  206. JButton, adding a Listener to stop and start?
  207. Mirroring pixels
  208. Drawing many Tiles on screen
  209. Can't call "paint" method from other method
  210. Can't call "paint" method from other method
  211. Netflix based java project
  212. Making the pieces fit together in Java (Document vs File)
  213. strings problem
  214. [SOLVED] comparing objects using compareTo
  215. Display() and readInput () function Problem
  216. JTextArea display button
  217. Call class method from another class
  218. Method calculate 2 object using constructor with parameter
  219. [SOLVED] How to "enforce" pushing i.e. ctrl + c?
  220. Trouble with Object Collision
  221. Help in icosahedron file please help very urgent
  222. Clueless on classes
  223. How do I inherit values in JavaFX?
  224. Inheritance program help
  225. raising an exception in java eclipse, help
  226. How do i user a Scanner that was imported in another Class? (student, beginner)
  227. Exposing lists as class properties / attributes
  228. Create A Service Program
  229. Having trouble understanding how to simulate a coffee shop service...
  230. Having a trouble Making a program
  231. Re: How to write Entropy class in java?
  232. Use HashMap to Call Methods
  233. Help understanding the result of a type int variable
  234. Assign a value in a void method
  235. How java programs store in Heap and Stack.
  236. Help with registry HTML.
  237. Please help to understand whats the wrong with my guess. - Simple program
  238. Problem with calling objects from same-class methods in main
  239. Identifying OO elements in this scenario
  240. bidirectional association example, please help
  241. How to open and manipulate another program?
  242. OOP and java
  243. Java basics
  244. beginner
  245. [SOLVED]Problem with Manifest file
  246. There are something wrong with my code...
  247. How to create an Int or double of what the user types int a JTextField?
  248. where to put list of objects method OOP
  249. Static variable
  250. Help me please!!