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  1. I'm confused...
  2. editing array
  3. Copying Objects
  4. instantiating a object
  5. +calculateCharge():Void
  6. Searching for string values in a circular list
  7. [SOLVED] OOP java assignment
  8. [SOLVED] Invoking a superclass constructor in my subclass
  9. Data Structure
  10. stack Palindrome , java
  11. Object-oriented mess
  12. Blender file with animation, how to import OBJ(w/ animation) into Java?
  13. methodName().methodName2()??
  14. Class hierarchy... giving me a headache, so I could use some help
  15. Inheritance
  16. [SOLVED] Making an interrupt back to a class
  17. neighbourlist
  18. Object Reference
  19. calling objects in a differnt class
  20. [SOLVED] Painted component won't show up
  21. Balanced Binary Search Tree
  22. Method Equals, Boolean...
  23. Football Betting System
  24. Creating an object...
  25. How to play Audio file?
  26. How to remove argument from abstract method.
  27. Newb question: Using the same object over two methods?
  28. [SOLVED] What kind of object instantiation is this?
  29. OOP help!
  30. Newbie: general question on trying to get a simple Pokemon game to work
  31. Using a string when creating an object.
  32. Inheriting Applet and paint() GUI Method Logic?
  33. Inheritance in BlueJ, parent class has two parameters but child class has one...
  34. Problem-specific design question
  35. How to convert from type double to type int?
  36. how to use nextInt() to generate random integers?
  37. Class Error
  38. accessing class method problem
  39. Creating and implementing class for creating a calendar object
  40. please help me .
  41. whats wrong with my code.
  42. Need Help with Arrays
  43. association help !!
  44. [SOLVED] how to extend a subclass?!
  45. What String methods should I use for this?
  46. Time an object is created
  47. Creating an Antivirus in Java.
  48. Is it possible to instantiate an interafce ?
  49. Jave help needed.
  50. HELP PLEASE! How to save and call back user data input.
  51. Help using parameters
  52. help me plz with my code
  53. How to make Java determine if a values is an integer or not.
  54. Not Able to getInstanceOf Object
  55. [SOLVED] Java Graphics: Drawing one object into another
  56. Simple package problem, package does not exist error
  57. Objects communication issue
  58. [SOLVED] metod and class
  59. Accessing fields of a subclass
  60. How to learn OOP
  61. Inner class initialization and declaration
  62. Where do I create my array?
  63. Shuffling a 2D array
  64. Why is comparison of objects of Class implementing CharSequence undefined?
  65. Help understanding this syntax -- new object returned
  66. I need to create a class that coordinates all the others and don't know what it means
  67. Need help with a interface concept
  68. passing refeerence of class
  69. Call method(s) within the same class
  70. Cipher Program
  71. Assigning a Value to a Class extending a Superclass
  72. Constructor/Accessors/methods problem!!
  73. This will be an easy one.
  74. HOW TO MAKE a TIC TAC TOE GAME in Net beans as a desktop application ?
  75. Concurrency Programming GURUS: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. java question regarding lilian calender
  77. Trying to return more than one value as object
  78. Is it possible to use same event code for several objects?
  79. Re: linking two or more java files using menus
  80. How to set cancel button ASAP please
  81. Problem with Java Classes, in an applet
  82. About abstract, interfaces, and when i should use this.
  83. [SOLVED] embedded classes issue
  84. Air Conditioner (hw)
  85. Help with my CPU Scheduler
  86. Is this correct? Tips if any please
  87. How can I refer methods ??
  88. [SOLVED] Static Method Help
  89. Help with modifying a program for evaluating arithmetic expressions
  90. Help with Project
  91. help with my bank account program
  92. Help with creating a dice rolling program in Java
  93. Binary datafile and object creation according to binary tag ?
  94. Error
  95. [METHOD] How: Count how many prime numbers there is between two numbers!
  96. Can't instantiate custom class
  97. The Rational Class Program [HOMEWORK HELP]
  98. [Method] How to calculate the sum of a Row or Column in a Multi Dimensional Array
  99. [SOLVED] How to use the same instance of an object in two methods
  100. Simplest Problem but i am unable to understand it, WHY???
  101. Defining a rational class. Simple but i cant figure it out to save my life
  102. Question about object passing to a method? My VOCAB sucks
  103. [SOLVED] Help with creating a class and driver
  104. [SOLVED] Cloneable interface
  105. adding an object to an arrayList
  106. queue question
  107. Using an array which is in a superclass
  108. Please help me with my programming.
  109. Help with java decision structure program
  110. This might be the easiest thing to solve.
  111. Instrument Class Assignment Help
  112. Constructor help
  113. portal and portlet
  114. [SOLVED] Storing instances of a Sub Class in it's Super Class (Which is an array)
  115. GridLayout and size problems...
  116. Re: Data Structure
  117. Stuck with an Event Generator
  118. Guessing Game
  119. Which class do you think I should use?
  120. Tuition project that should have 3 classes
  121. Userinfo class help
  122. Constructors and Inheritance in Java
  123. double LinkedList (insersion sort)
  124. Troubles with accessing data from outside the class.
  125. core java begineer
  126. How to convert local path drive to UNC path
  127. new to java need help with code asap
  128. 1 page object oriented design
  129. Help me please, im stuck!
  130. Parking Ticket Simulator Help (Almost done, few errors)
  131. Class that will simulate a book catalog system
  132. Create Object
  133. Basic Obj programming help! thanks
  134. Creating random objects
  135. BlackJack Help
  136. Reading a text file into an arraylist of fueldispensers.
  137. display methods with inheritance
  138. How to display counts of how many objects have been created using toString method?
  139. Java and Math, yikes!
  140. Help ! merge this code into 1 main method . ASAP :( tnx
  141. [Question] regarding creat() function
  142. Calling a print method from another class (printing array)
  143. Fruit machine, hold buttons.
  144. Exception handling
  145. What is the best way to avoid duplicating code?
  146. Slot machine, animating the reels to spin
  147. [Problem] What's wrong with my code
  148. How Do I: Convert to Java
  149. Need help finishing code. List Building...
  150. How would you write this code?
  151. Building an array from .txt file.
  152. Setting constraints on a field
  153. Help me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  154. How can I change the values in an object instantiated from an abstract class?
  155. [Help] Problem with Class arrays, adding/editing and deleting
  156. how to write data to a pdf file which is stored on a sql database
  157. code for 3 card brag game
  158. enums..
  159. Is Java 100% OOP
  160. Constructor
  161. Problems with my HW
  162. Accessing Variables Between Classes
  163. security solutions used in web services
  164. Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble working with multiple classes.
  165. Adding my own object to a Container...not working.
  166. Please help! Java ARRAYS
  167. Help with NetBeans plz
  168. some help with a archive
  169. Compute the average image value
  170. Extremely basic -- help with multiple arguments
  171. why java does not support multiple inheritance?
  172. Help me exe to conver .JAR PROGRAMİNG
  173. How come the mean is 7?
  174. Help with plotting x-y coordinates.
  175. A 2d array problem
  176. referential integrity in deleting problem!!
  177. Exporting Runnable JAR File
  178. New student needing help!
  179. Class Waypoints
  180. [SOLVED] Display longest string on screen
  181. [SOLVED] Help needed writing a program using JOptionPane
  182. Counting Matches in Parallel Arrays
  183. [SOLVED] Referencing to Method. Incompatible Types Error.
  184. Using a method to add two classes and produce a third
  185. Sum of even and odd integers
  186. update static field and call method within the class?
  187. undo delete method
  188. Help with 2 Dimensional Arrays
  189. Prime Palindrome Assignment
  190. Using charAt and other string methods in a created class
  191. New Programming Student, Having Trouble With Abstract Classes/Interfaces
  192. equals() method.
  193. Dog Class
  194. Dog Tester Class
  195. [SOLVED] GregorianClaendar Class
  196. Shouldn't "list" be a parameter of the method Create()?
  197. Singletons - I'm having a hard time understand how to implement them.
  198. [SOLVED] ArrayLists - Getting index of parameters of objects of ArrayLists.
  199. Creating an array in constructor ... defaults all values?
  200. Multiple User's Data
  201. testing weather one object is greater than another object
  202. any good Java System Suggestions?
  203. Assigning Colors in a 2D array in a random order
  204. [SOLVED] FREE HELP WANTED: Setting up Class structure for Gui(JFrame) project.
  205. Linking class's
  206. A deadly combination
  207. GridLayout/JButton question
  208. Hi, your may be seeing alot of me soon ;)
  209. NEED HELP TO FIX Object oriented Program Facebook
  210. Help with adding multiple images to an application
  211. Help for write Bank application in Java
  212. Basic Question Regarding Object/Method
  213. please help me for this 2 program
  214. Assignment Help - Need to Figure Out How to Integrate the Classes
  215. nations relevant information
  216. [SOLVED] Filling a 2D array with other arrays.
  217. Creating a new object from an ArrayList of objects
  218. Calling methods in other files
  219. constructor with an arraylist parameter?
  220. [SOLVED] Problem with Arrays
  221. Perpendicular Lines
  222. canny algorithm
  223. Need help in image processing
  224. I'm supposed to see text in this window
  225. Comments or Suggestions on Some Code
  226. class hierarchy
  227. Creating an open-ended class that can be extended:
  228. How would you design the relationship between these two classes?
  229. Please help me on this delimeter check program please...
  230. Tic-Tac-Toe Help
  231. Guessing game help
  232. Cannot find methods in a subclass
  233. Return Value Cannot Be Found
  234. Is it OK to have a superclass just to hold variables common to their subclasses?
  235. Simple question about a ticketmachine assignment
  236. Custom GUI Background help
  237. Serializing an Abstract Class
  238. help for Object Oriented Programming RMI
  239. Picking Random Element from Array
  240. Adding a mouse listener to my Draughts game
  241. Simple Question (I Think...?)
  242. [SOLVED] Reading in an int from a JTextField?
  243. Parsing information from a Custom Dialogue Box
  244. Q about the String class
  245. Help with inheriting classes
  246. Question about creating and using classes.
  247. Please Help Please
  248. multiplication of polynomials method functionality
  249. please help me
  250. Another printing topic