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  1. "cannot find symbol" error when trying to use the getInt() method.
  2. DoublyLinkedList
  3. New help using Vector class
  4. Proper way to cast generics?
  5. Why is answer A correct and not answer B?? I always thought a class has to implement an interface!! Is it different with generics?
  6. Permutations using Arraylist
  7. Permutations using Arraylist
  8. NullPointerException help with array
  9. help Student ID searching [array list]
  10. Trying to format an Array using specifiers to appear in TextArea
  11. Trying to trim and get length then parse from string into Double
  12. Ask objects with parameters in Arraylist
  13. What is the rationale behind `immutableCollection` family of methods, and the advantages of the particular pattern?
  14. Need help with understanding arrays
  15. [SOLVED] Creating an array with many of the same element?
  16. Create two dimensional array from a one dimensional array
  17. Array and counter in for loop
  18. calling up and printing an arrayHistogram
  19. Polymorphorism with array objects of different classes?
  20. Calling up array methods from main
  21. Array, fractions, etc
  22. parsecard method
  23. [SOLVED] [Asking] Store method in HashMap
  24. [SOLVED] Array question - confused by answer
  25. Why use "new" operator with an instance variable of array type in accessor methods?
  26. add and increment array elements by arraycopy
  27. How To Use Linear Search
  28. How to fix this class/program
  29. Binding object
  30. Java 1.4 Array issues - controlling array size for dynamic usage
  31. game development- collision detection question
  32. TreeSet contains(obj) doe not behave as expected
  33. Java API - JTA
  34. Do not understand this API
  35. Searching for object variables inside a 1-D array?
  36. Need Assistance with a Simple Queue
  37. Creating methods in a singly linked list?
  38. adding elements on two mutual ArrayList's
  39. How display the first elements and last elements of collection of objects?
  40. Removing duplicates from an array
  41. boolean arraylists?
  42. Which one the best method use for Search..?
  43. Multivaluemap with keyset iterator returning in order
  44. Want to Add Duplicate Key in HashMap
  45. Arrange the elements of 2 arrays and store in a third array without using sorting techniques
  46. MP3 catalogue with favorites (ArrayList)
  47. Array Sorting
  48. Priority Queue Linked List Help
  49. Array question.
  50. How to Simplify my code ?
  51. hi guys, i needed to help to understanding this code in data structure ( node )
  52. How to use an array that has int values "keyed" to a String name.
  53. [SOLVED] creating an iterator without creating a class for it
  54. My program compiles and runs, but doesn't display anything!
  55. [SOLVED] Chinese Zodiac array
  56. Java Encrypt/Decrpt program
  57. FASTEST List
  58. How to rearrange ArrayList from text file in Java
  59. [SOLVED] Cannot infer type arguments for ArrayList<>
  60. [SOLVED] Collections.binarySearch returns wrong index
  61. Confused on how to add data from a list into a HashMap
  62. Managing different types of input
  63. [SOLVED] 2D array, at a loss.
  64. Boolean Array and sorting elements within it
  65. [SOLVED] ArrayList.remove() problem. (solved)
  66. ArrayList problem.
  67. Homework: Point me in the right direction?
  68. no return from getClientDependencies()
  69. Re-ordering list which has duplicate values
  70. Assignment help (splitting queue)
  71. [SOLVED] Displaying number of occurances of each word in the array
  72. Best way to solve this ConcurrentModificationException
  73. Printing random values from array list.
  74. [SOLVED] Singly Linked List - Sort Method
  75. [SOLVED] Problems getting value of index in 2D array operation
  76. Is this ObserverList a correct use of WeakReferences?
  77. Iterating over collections in Java 8
  78. Ranom Strings
  79. Need help with integer ds list
  80. Make JComboBox fill with id's from xml file
  81. Problem with wildcard observers
  82. List that generates new item variables?
  83. Array Question ..
  84. Duplicate index returned. Why?
  85. array with ++ operator question
  86. Three-dimensional HashMap? HashTable? Looking for guidence.
  87. Making my class generic
  88. How to add element in circular Linked Lists In Ascending Order
  89. hashmap returning null value
  90. How is hash map implemented IN java?
  91. Need to find unique values from List
  92. How do i reverse my array?
  93. use of Generics in map reduce program
  94. How to read in two columns of a .dat to a BST
  95. How do I keep track of the balance on a bank account?
  96. Printing results as array (binary tree)
  97. Simple array question
  98. Arrays in unfinished Noughts and Crosses game
  99. Help matching values with arrays
  100. storing values in a two dimensional array
  101. Confused and lost with arrays.. please help
  102. sorting
  103. help please :'(
  104. GenericParameterType is different in jdk1.6 and jdk1.7
  105. Array and Function Help!
  106. How to represent a chain of moves?
  107. numbers as generic class
  108. Casting to custom ADT error
  109. Alphabetically sort an array list of objects besed on object property.
  110. What is the Java equivalent to a C# tangible?
  111. Arraylist of arraylists in kruskal algorithm?
  112. ArrayOutOfBounds Exception
  113. Collection Interface
  114. Program using Arrays Help & Confusion
  115. Circular Linked List Elimination Game Help
  116. Does Arrays.binarySearch on objects search all data fields in each record?
  117. HashMap issue
  118. Linked List - need to dispaly only 2 integers instead of max element
  119. remove occurances within a range - LinkedList - using an iterator
  120. Convert ArrayList<Hashmap<String, String>> to ArrayList<Hashtable<String, String>>
  121. print list of duplicate keys in a map..
  122. Using linked list methods on a stack without implementing in class header
  123. 2D Multi-dimensional Array in Java?
  124. Array maximum size limit?
  125. ArrayList Sorting and comparing
  126. A new java open source framework: BabyFish
  127. Needing Help Understanding Linear Search
  128. static array to dynamic array?
  129. Passing a Variable Number of Elements to the Initialization of the Second Dimension in a Jagged (Two-Dimension) Array
  130. Stable sorting arrayList by two criteria
  131. Need some direction
  132. Splitting a HashSet
  133. How to analyze values in an array list trouble.
  134. Am I crazy or is it netbeans? Not recognizing array identifier.
  135. adding object to arraylist
  136. How do I determine which edges belong in a MST?
  137. Finding the shortest path using Floyd Warshall's algorithm?
  138. implementing generics
  139. deleting from an array not working correctly
  140. HashMap searching
  141. latin square in a 2D array
  142. Comparing strings to an arraylist of object variables
  143. How to perform Computations in Array list?