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  1. Problem with BufferedReader : readLine() cut the line
  2. Why won't it read file?
  3. Charset problems when altering a pdf-file
  4. 'Can't find file' error
  5. Reading from a text file into a two dimensional array
  6. Load ArrayList from file
  7. console port Cisco
  8. Writing to output text file
  9. Reading from a Text file & writing to Excel spreadsheets
  10. Open JSON file with Jfilechooser
  11. We get the exception :Cannot create a file when that file already exists
  12. regarding arraylist into file
  13. How to capture signature using Canvas and save in png format?
  14. Binary File. Extract float data from binary file and put into array
  15. Problem with saving image to a file
  16. Help for working with image
  17. Process XML from MQ
  18. Saving and loading
  19. edit .conf file in /etc linux (java SE)
  20. Convert File Object to class<?> object
  21. Url Image stream? Getting an Image url.
  22. [SOLVED] Help with reading from file
  23. ChunkedInputStream Error? Help Please
  24. Trouble with AudioInputStream not releasing a file hook?
  25. How to set resources folder?
  26. Can Somebody Help me?
  27. Reading characters from a simple output to list words.
  28. Interacting with NetHack
  29. Cannot get my head around this :S
  30. EOF Exception using InputStream/ReadObject
  31. pdf generation
  32. Text Input into seperate arrays help
  33. checking for digit while reading from a file
  34. Reading a txt file and storing them in a Java Array
  35. Write a Java program that reads file
  36. Validating UK postcodes
  37. head help with file reading
  38. Transferring Compressed Array from RS232 port to USB Flash drive
  39. ZIP file created in JAVA doesn't work as it is
  40. Java program is running .. But I am not getting my outputs in the JSP
  41. Converting Bytes into Char
  42. Boolean Input Question.
  43. Re: Image Processing
  44. Stream issue?
  45. Using barcode to input data
  46. reading unformatted data from socket
  47. Re: Problem with BufferedReader : readLine() cut the line
  48. Boolean writing and reading
  49. Newbie Question
  50. Creating an Excel file using apache poi
  51. nextInt - can not find InputMismatchException
  52. pause while playing sound
  53. [SOLVED] File not getting workspace
  54. Working when runned from netbeans not when compiled
  55. Can't read really big files
  56. Paragraph count using scanner
  57. help me to save file with io
  58. How to use MappedByteBuffer efficiently with extremely large files
  59. [SOLVED] How to read and shuffle bytes from text file in Java....?'
  60. Conversion of any image file to text file in Java...'
  61. Program that selectively outputs data from a text file.
  62. File open dialog box
  63. How to convert String array to Integer array...?'
  64. i/o from jsp to a file (via creating an object)
  65. Printing in a thermal printer?
  66. Connecting Inputs to Outputs Electronic Board
  67. Filtering help
  68. JOptionPane output assistance
  69. Checking to see if a .txt file exists and if not creating one
  70. No such file or directory exist (help!)
  71. Simple computer login problem
  72. PDF Creation Using Given XML and XSL
  73. Displaying multiple images using servlet or JSP into html table
  74. Java Program that reads .txt files?
  75. Stuck on .txt files java
  76. RandomAccessFile
  77. extracting file content into array
  78. Incompatible Types using DOMParser getDocument
  79. programs reads file and prints runs of the same numbers in the form (number of times * number)
  80. Printing with Dot Matix Printer
  81. Buffered Reader is missing some data
  82. How to limit scanner time and stop it with a condition
  83. How to remove any BOM from UTF-8 encoded text files
  84. Stuck on Writing to File
  85. Maing a directory using mkdir()
  86. Letter grade isn't printing from the function to the output file...HELP!
  87. Fastest way to read and search a string in a large file using core java
  88. Java to printer ?
  89. Input processes using array
  90. KeyListener - how to make program react to the key that was pressed twice?
  91. File not posting using MultipartRequestEntity
  92. How do I copy a simple text-file to a new text-file?
  93. [SOLVED] File input help
  94. Problem With File Writing
  95. delimiter problem
  96. How to set character encoding of FileWriter
  97. File Input
  98. Motion detection simple application
  99. Problems reading a pgm-file (pixel gray map).
  100. How to skip and read lines in txt file
  101. File input & output
  102. Read Permission Problem -Access Denied
  103. File not found in class path
  104. reading LSB of binarydata
  105. Question on RandomAccessFile searching
  106. Deserializing objects
  107. Excel data to powerpoint
  108. File input and output
  109. .dat to .txt
  110. how to send video from sockets
  111. File Input and Output and Exception Handling
  112. Excel file manipulation simplified (without using jxl directly).
  113. How do I write output from one program to several files?
  114. "%10.2f" Formatting
  115. Problem understanding read method.
  116. Dont understand objects used with FileInputStream and FileOutputStream constructor
  117. reading csv by scanner
  118. JOptionPane in Filereader
  119. hasNextInt() question
  120. Hi I am developing spring-quartz filewatcher concept.my scheduler will run every 5 minutes.when a large file is came in to our directory how would i know whethe a file will fully copied or not
  121. How to read a String .dat file into an array
  122. MR
  123. Random access IO and printing to a laser printer
  124. Writing code to save in a file... help please
  125. [SOLVED] How do I save organized data and store it locally?
  126. Loading file into memory is taking up TOO much memory!
  127. Read Specific value
  128. HELP: Hiding files(any type such .doc,.txt etc) inside an Image file(preferbly jpg) aka Steganography
  129. how to read and execute the whole .txt file
  130. Question about JFileChooser
  131. Write on File on what is on TextField
  132. Looking to replace email msgs with........... something else.
  133. How to view and edit the bits of a jpg image file?
  134. tiff to doc format
  135. [SOLVED] How to i load my txt file into jtable?
  136. File locations?
  137. Writing Integers to a file
  138. i/o java programming help needed!!!
  139. How do I get my program to access and read a file, and put the contents into an array?
  140. FTP: transfer works fine in windows but not in linux machine
  141. I/O Streams practice
  142. Where did my char(s) go?! FileReader read(CharBuffer target) throwing file contents away...?
  143. write lines which start without cahracter
  144. Copying and moving files and directories
  145. How to convert .gif text into .txt or .doc file in java
  146. How do I print out the whole of my text file?
  147. output using delimiters
  148. load from text into JTable
  149. Very frustrating problem with writing to a file, cannot find file when overwriting.
  150. read double from a file
  151. Reg:java and robotics
  152. Strange Image IO
  153. Using Date() to get Start Time and Finish Time of a copyFiles method
  154. Reading the content of a file into 2 different structures
  155. Help with I/O program
  156. generating pdf throgh itextrenderer throwing index out of bound exception
  157. how to read rawitemdata from lotus notes file(dxl)
  158. Creating a new directory using new File().mkdir()
  159. NEWBE in major distress!!!!
  160. Realtime signal processing in java concerning music
  161. Object Serialization how it will work?
  162. Directly print the PDF to Printer without opening Acrobat Reader
  163. [SOLVED] EmbedPDF Applet
  164. How to execute an executable JAR from within Java program?
  165. Detecting sound from microphone using Java. Issue specific to Java Versions
  166. [SOLVED] Object Array Serialization Encryption
  167. JAVA FLAC read and write code
  168. Encrypt external file using 256bit AES
  169. 2-dimensional array to file
  170. read xml files and write to the txt file
  171. [SOLVED] I need help to figure out what went wrong with my xml-writing.
  172. set uploadFile in list
  173. Creating a pdf without 3rd library
  174. access denied IOException when trying to read mp3 file on C drive
  175. MultipartEntity content length not same as file size
  176. complex input parsing
  177. Error concerning Object Serialization for i/o
  178. I get the error Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException?
  179. reading floats from file and output minimum and maximum temperatures
  180. Help - how to read epub files?
  181. How to redirect System.out to command line window
  182. Problem with replacing substring in a file
  183. User Input (Press Enter)
  184. Need Help with StringTokenizer.
  185. Replacing text after a certain character or symbol in a text file
  186. Encode PNG
  187. Java array writing in seperate files
  188. any better way for creating xml other than documentbuilder class??
  189. Multiple System.out.println lines to Dialog box.
  190. Program hangs
  191. image converting to byte
  192. Serializable arraylist as txt?
  193. Determining the location of the file that initiates an application
  194. File not found exception
  195. Splitting large video files into small chunks and combining them
  196. UnsupportedAudioFileException opening a 3 or more channels wave file
  197. write & read/load to/from file
  198. File IO
  199. Trouble reading a Text File
  200. [SOLVED] Issues With BufferedReader
  201. Webcam api
  202. [SOLVED] Problem with Scanner
  203. Working on reading / editing file data for my program.. Need HELP!
  204. Help printing output for Contact Manager assignment
  205. Calc_Bank_Interest
  206. Rereading a Text File in Java
  207. Inventory CSV files
  208. Saving & Loading a ChessGame
  209. Problem with Scanner
  210. Error reading objects from file
  211. [SOLVED] Image not loading
  212. Cryptography application
  213. HttpClient - transferred data size
  214. [SOLVED] Writing data get from methods to txt file
  215. Cut and paste XML into new XML
  216. hi, i am finding dificulties understanding this question pls help
  217. [SOLVED] Lan networking in Java
  218. [SOLVED] Problem trying to add a new file each time, without overwriting the previous.
  219. Java relative path of a static class
  220. Extract Files from SWF (Flash) file
  221. Taking info from a text file, sorting it, save into class arrays and reprinting into new txt file
  222. Using BufferedImage to read and write to an image file
  223. getActionCommand not working with arrayLists input from file?
  224. Byte Stream to String Conversion
  225. Code to open up a txt file and use its data?
  226. how to parse structured txt
  227. how to send out multiple commands using channel(exec)
  228. Reading from one file and write certain strings to another file
  229. Reading in data from a text file and adding to ArrayList
  230. DatagramChannel - UDP receiving OK, but unable to send data :(
  231. Best Method to Extract Part of a Text File?
  232. Use an MS Access database as command line arguments
  233. Converting JSON Schema to XML Schema
  234. Reading and writing file
  235. how to specify file: URL in my class path
  236. Help me for a program for printing a file through printer
  237. [SOLVED] Prompting user to open file, then printing in System.out using toUpperCase
  238. Input stream buffers up to 4K before available to read
  239. Reading strings from a yml file
  240. Writing multiple SourceDataLine?
  241. How to read the mbr-sector ( sector zero of /dev/sda ) and print-out the partition table?
  242. How to write to a rtf file in a specified font
  243. Scanner with problem
  244. Can this possibly done?
  245. Re: Reading a file line by line using the Scanner class
  246. Stream that can be read and write (thread safe)?
  247. Interprocess communication between Java and non-java program
  248. Terminal within Java GUI
  249. Basic scanner question
  250. Problems with Formatted Output XML File