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  1. How to develop java skills?
  2. What are freelencer programming?
  3. Java/J2EE with Linus/Unix
  4. Opportunities for SNR and JNR Developers
  5. Java program to write game
  6. Interactive Touchscreen using Java or Java Fx
  7. Calculator application using java
  8. Required good java programmer
  9. Job offers to program Hobo Wars
  10. Get paid for developing older yahoo games jar file
  11. Need Java experienced developer for 4 Hrs of work
  12. Long term project work from home developer
  13. Java jobs and projects
  14. J2EE and J2ME projects
  15. Meet and Interact with Top Recruiters and Recruiting companies of USA.
  16. J2SE, JSP, Servlets, JavaScprit Guru - London, £60-70K
  17. Senior Development Manager - Core Java/J2SE - £80-90K + £10K Bonus
  18. Need Java Programmer in London or South East
  19. Short java project
  20. JAVA jobs eProject.com
  21. Hiring a JAVA coder for a online game
  22. JAVA jobs
  23. Simple Program for Cash
  24. Can anyone whip up a code for this?
  25. Can anyone help me on my project?
  26. Help With conecting my GUI to my server using netbeans
  27. Help, please
  28. calendar javascript required
  29. need programmer for my online call center
  30. Minesweeper java problem
  31. Need assignment done in C or C++ or Java...will pay for the assignment
  32. Small Project
  33. Java Developer Required in Essex
  34. Senior Technical Support Engineer - J2EE Application Support - Austin, TX - $130K
  35. Looking for java tutor! over IM
  36. Java programmer wanted for new start up
  37. Java Web Developer Required, South East London / Kent
  38. simple program
  39. Looking For Facebook App Developer
  40. JOBS
  41. Lead Programmer(s) needed for desktop Application
  42. Need simple JAVA program fixing ASAP
  43. Java Coders Look Here!
  44. JAVA Coder required urgently-paid
  45. Client/Server
  46. Need a calandar app done asap
  47. Java Architect - Contract SPAIN
  48. JAVA POLAND Silesia\ Opole's Province
  49. Sr. Java Developer needed for F/T Position in Toronto, Canada
  50. Project using JavaBeans, JSP & ODBC.
  51. Java Programmers needed ASAP Tucson, AZ Swing, Maven, HTML, XML, SQL
  52. Looking to employ a Java programmer? Try - JavaProgrammingCareers.com
  53. Looking for a Java programmer to edit existing Java code (small project):
  54. Java Openings at S1 Services Pune
  55. A couple of basic java assignments, need help!
  56. Need a Java Developer will pay immediatley.
  57. Programmer needed in Arizona
  58. Java/J2EE Developer - International Public Health/NGO
  59. need java programmer to program a dealer locator page on website.
  60. Sr. Back End Java Developer with Inquira experience
  61. Java programmer for coursework help
  62. Bank Application Project please help
  64. Senior Software Engineer
  65. Hiring Senior Java Developer – Trading Environment
  66. Research In Motion Limited® (RIM)® looking Java Developer - RIM/BlackBerry
  67. Senior Java Software Developer - Omaha, NE
  68. Java Project
  69. Paying for simple questions.
  70. Java + RFID
  71. Need help on an Assignment but its due tomorrow!
  72. Carving data from text file based on expressions
  73. online system on java
  74. A big hello! I need to know where you Java Experts look for your next job!
  75. Senior Lead Java Developer
  76. I need someone can denvelop an app for me.
  77. Java Technical Lead / Architect Required at Nagarro Software, Gurgaon
  78. create some fake users on server
  79. Project with animation.
  80. all i need is algorithm
  81. 40$ Java Project needed on (Friday April 8, before 1:30 PM Central Time US)
  82. Software Project Final Year - Help required
  83. Game
  84. !!will pay for help!!
  85. Will pay for help
  86. Looking for java developer for 2 month long engagement
  87. will pay 20$ for a web app
  88. Java Openings @ Sopra (Noida, India)
  89. Make money today as a Java freelancer
  90. Java Programmer (France)
  91. Practicum job search
  92. Hiring all levels of Java professionals
  93. Hybrix impex script developer
  94. Direct F2F interview on june 9th in Mountain View, California,USA
  95. A drawing tool! (Programmer or coder) (Java script)
  96. Gaming Programmer or other needed for company success
  97. Java Programmer Wanted To Create A Revolutionary Web Based
  98. Looking for freelance project
  99. A talent competition by professors from Carnegie Mellon University and ISE
  100. Freelancer JAVA developer
  101. Invite recruiters for cooperation
  102. Looking for freelance Java Programmers
  103. Hire Our Senior Java Developer @ 2200 USD / month
  104. Undead Liberty (Java Game Development)
  105. Outsourcing Project, Looking For Programmer
  106. In search of a Mobile Phone/ Mobile network carrier Programmer
  107. Java experts for interesting company in Germany/Austria/Switzerland wanted
  108. Need individual programmers for PerSer™. Spec written already.
  109. Need A Javaprogrammer
  110. Bomberman [Private - Payed Request]
  111. Immediate need for Java/J2EE developers in Chicago
  112. Scraping region (based on screen coords) and outputting rgbSumvalue to screen
  113. SHowing output on screen or txt file from this screenscrape piece of code
  114. help on java app
  115. Java Task, need help with creating a Java application!(can pay)
  116. Looking for Server side Java Developer for Games Studio (London, UK)
  117. Looking for programmer for a simple time-clock project. *paid*
  118. Shopping Program Willing to pay
  119. Win 1000$ now [Java WebApp]
  120. WWARN are advertising two posts
  121. looking for java coders to code maplestory(big money)
  122. Willing to volunteer 10 hours per week of programming time
  123. Senior Programmer needed! The Bleachers- Liverpool, NY
  124. Get Paid Spring project
  125. PartTime job for 2+ Years Exp Software Engineer Working on Java, J2EE
  126. Address Book program in Java
  127. PHP Developer - OOP / MVC / XML / JSON - £40,000 (NEG)
  128. Junior Grails Developer - Java/Hibernate/SQL/HTML/CSS - KENT, UK BASED ROLE, 3 MONTHS
  129. Grails Developer - Grails/Groovy/Spring/Java/ temp role - 3 months possible extension
  130. DAGCO Games - JAVA Programmer fo ar somewhat simple online game
  131. Not a big deal - Make me a GUI!
  132. Help wanted, 20$ a week - you only work a few minutes.
  133. [Recruitment] MapleSEA/GMS P.server coder
  134. A grid game
  135. Buying Some Java Programmign, Expert Programmers Only $120+ For Job
  136. Google Summer of Code 2012
  137. Need someone to write Hashtable code...
  138. XMPP Expert needed. High Payout!
  139. Programming Services Available
  140. Java Software Engineer Position, University of Arizona (Tucson), 70K
  141. Opening for Core Java Developers,San Jose,CA
  142. Looking to hire someone to create an android application for me
  144. Java jobs
  145. Java Developers
  146. [URGENT]Need some Java help...
  147. PAID: java application.
  148. pay task: java application.
  149. Java Enthusiasts - Exceptionally Prestigious Team within High Frequency Trading
  150. 3D Miner game (Need staff) (paid)
  151. Program photo editing
  152. Making Game, Need 1-3 People That Know JAVA
  153. Double Negative VFX, London (UK) requires a Java Programmer ASAP!
  154. Award-winning film company in Soho require a Java Programmer for short-term contract!
  155. Junior Java Developer - Malta (EU)
  156. [$50] Parse Webpage and dump data [RSPS-RELATED]
  157. JavaME job offfered
  158. Java Android job offered
  159. Twitch.tv API/Youtube integration
  160. Opportunities for Java extraordinaire in the South West
  161. Small project for my own experience...
  162. One to one computer programming lessons in the West Midlands (UK) area.
  163. hiring java programmer to make website widget
  164. free tutoring for beginners
  165. Nearshore Java developers are available for immediate hire!
  166. Looking for Java Developers
  167. Java Developers wanted in Malaysia
  168. hire a java android game wheel of fortune
  169. Programmer needed for a small project
  170. Radio BGM: Hospital Radio Service
  171. Java Developer required!
  172. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Academic Dishonesty Policy
  173. Looking for a Java tutor
  174. Need a 3 hour Java consulation from an expert or knowledagable Java Pro via Instant messaging
  175. looking for freelance
  176. Who can help
  177. Ariba - An SAP company openings!!!
  178. Programmer needed for twitter
  179. Help with small java project
  180. Java Programmers Needed in Karachi, Pakistan
  181. JAVA DEVELOPER needed Central Florida (LEARN Hybris)
  182. Looking for Java Architect(J2EE) - (10-14)Years Experienced
  183. Opening for Java Developers in India
  184. We are looking for a Java/J2EE Engineer to join our team in London!
  185. Need advanced java programmer to do a project
  186. Need a java programmer
  187. Very Simple Java Project
  188. Java programmer(s) wanted for commercial game project
  190. Grails Developer Needed - URGENTLY NEEDED *WORK FROM HOME*
  191. Looking for an experienced programmer (Will pay very well)
  192. Applet help
  193. Aviva is offering a great career opportunity for eSecurity Software Engineer in Norwich
  194. Opportunity for JUNIOR JAVA Developer - URGENTLY REQUIRED
  195. looking for java applet 2d game programer
  196. Aviva UK offers great career opportunities for eSecurity Software Engineer in Norwich!
  198. Mobile Applications Developer £40k + profit share - North Lancashire
  199. Java Developer for Payment Provider in Munich Germany wanted. Permanent position. Visa sponsorship!
  200. Opening as Sr. Java Developer (4-8 Yrs) in Mumbai
  201. Looking for Freelance Java Programming Project
  202. New Project
  203. Java assignment school
  204. Banned
  205. Jobs in France for a Java and C++ Programmer?
  206. Java Spring/Hibernate developer - Lancashire - £25k-£35k
  207. Java Developer For Hire
  208. Looking for a project or long term contract
  209. freelancers required with strong website application development skills in java.
  210. Java Developer for Payment Provider in Munich Germany wanted. Permanent position. Visa sponsorship!
  211. Willing to pay now!
  212. Paid programming now
  213. Android Developer for Sport Broadcasting Company in Berlin. Visa sponsorship!
  214. Java Comments Quality - Academic Survey - $10
  215. Help People Code
  216. Constantly hiring Java Professionals
  217. I am Hiring !! Mastech is hiring Java Dev/Android Dev for direct clients on W2 across USA. Please send your resume to soni.singh@mastech.com, call on 877-88408834 extn 4011, 412-200-1197 extn 4011.
  218. VP Level ~ Java Sr. Programmer / Team Lead ~ Major Bank at New York
  219. Looking for a teacher for beginner Java programming
  220. Looking for someone good at 3D GFX
  221. Senior Java People needed for jobs in Oxfordshire - I need people HELP
  222. openings in MNC in PUNE
  223. Need java developers for MMORPG
  224. Java Developer for Payment Provider in Munich Germany wanted. Permanent position. Visa sponsorship!
  225. Android Developer for Sport Broadcasting Company in Berlin. Visa sponsorship!
  226. Hedge Fund Job
  227. Join Nokia team in Berlin as a Front-End Software Engineer! Apply now!
  228. Great Company Needs Java Skills in San Francisco area
  229. Looking for Senior Java Developer ( Good salary)
  230. Looking for a java dev(Easy task)
  231. Looking for projects
  232. Java Developer, UK Based
  233. Seeking Quote for 2D Indie type programming
  234. Java Programmer Available for Hire
  235. Java Developer top company similar to Groupon in Berlin wanted. Permanent position with visa sponsorship!
  236. Hiring Senior Javascript Developer in Gibraltar.
  237. Java volunteering project
  238. Looking for Java Freelancer
  239. (Hiring) Java Freelancer for Big Job
  240. Java Developer - Bristol, United Kingdom
  241. [Contract work]Need Java/PHP dev for drag & drop e-commerce extension
  242. mining opinion necessary
  243. Online Football Management Project
  244. Looking For A Motivated Programmer Who's Got Time To Produce A Simple But Bug-Free Program
  245. On-line Java Tutor Wanted !!! (Will pay depending on outcome of assistances)
  246. Seeking Java SDET in the Seattle, WA area for open role!
  247. Experienced Java Developer required to work on sophisticated Chat Bot
  248. Experienced Java Developer required to work on sophisticated Chat Bot
  249. Senior Frontend Developer – Frankfurt or Munich - Visasponsoring
  250. Clocktower Games looking for Java Programmers (profit share project only)