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  1. Alpha Testers Wanted: Static Void Games
  2. Ludum Dare Jam
  3. Ludum Dare 23: April 20-23
  4. Feedback on new Open Source Framework
  5. Spreadsheet Software
  6. Let's Bounce! (game I made for LD warmup weekend)
  7. Java (Easy)
  8. Which book out of these two shall I get?
  9. Recruiting Team Members
  10. Technical feasibility and economical feasibility problem(explained well below)?
  11. career advice
  12. jTorchat is looking for Java developers
  13. I'm looking for a website where I could upload an applet for free.
  14. so is it just me?
  15. I want assignments
  16. Why don't more companies make their games in Java
  17. Legalities and ethics of using third party URL's imbedded in Page Source Code.
  18. Java Confession
  19. If I'm new to programming should I learn JAVA first or Objective C?
  20. tips for beginner programmer
  21. Sleep learn Java?
  22. On line step by step Java Tutorial
  23. Top Java frameworks as rated by developers
  24. Digital Life Assistance system using JAVA
  25. call by value and call by reference
  26. I need a little bit of JAVA related help!
  27. Syntax of main
  28. About Java online course
  29. Let me intoduce the new product for website development
  30. Seeking BETA testers for new bug/issue tracking software BushidoTickets.com
  31. Hi all!! check my new 3D RTS space game.
  32. Finally...
  33. Caesar Encryption
  34. Good Java book for beginner?
  35. Java ME book or tutorial?
  36. i feel like a retard! Java noob
  37. Which of these courses are the hardest and why? What should I watch out for?
  38. Where can I find programming assignment for college-level course online for free?
  39. Where can I find advanced video tutorial on java programming?
  40. What do employers look for on a cv?
  41. Play the alpha version of Yildiz-Online
  42. Manual Events @ Robotix 2013,IIT Kharagpur
  43. name for project business
  44. This website very helpful if you are a programmer! Check it out!
  45. audio not working HELP
  46. Help Me!
  47. Java programming and remote jobs for a new programmer
  48. Ebooks For Beginners In Java
  49. pls some suggestion about my website
  50. Grid 2FA Authentication
  51. Java Text Tutorials
  52. Java beginner..!! I want to know how exactly work is being done by java programming in the comany..
  53. OLA
  54. I want a much programming degree.
  55. Issue Tracking And Repositories for College Students
  56. How to properly write Class Diagrams, Function descriptions and flowcharts?
  57. Computer Science student, but really confused about my degree.
  58. XMPP project for college. Need Help.
  59. Homeland Security and Java
  60. Java Programming Language Online Course
  61. Lan chat applet
  62. Administrato
  63. About Fee regarding SCJP exam and full details
  64. Turning java files into .zip format
  65. Which Is Easier To Learn...Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, JSP
  66. Java Query
  67. GNU NNTP API usage
  68. scjp 6
  69. Patnership
  70. Java game creating help and ideas
  71. Way, way off topic, but I like this forum, and wonder if any of you know of any good math forums on the internet (?).
  72. HOw to get right plugins and how to use them??
  73. TheCoders a group for programers
  74. Dissertation Help!!!!
  75. Gamedan Team Looking For New Members
  76. Where have all of the Java Developers gone?
  77. compiler
  78. Java Leasons
  79. Separating Strings
  80. Gaming code
  81. Speech to text
  82. 4 Java Rock Stars are attending this years JAXConf...*New Article*
  83. urgent
  84. Need help to write a code to enable Activex in browser
  85. What should I snip off of this code?
  86. Want to Outsource programming projects through Programmersbyhour - any experiences?
  87. How to make a java browser, that supports Java games etc?
  88. help with creating a possibly awesomely educational game
  89. text pad 4 download
  90. Check out/critique my text-based combat simulator (new coder, work in progress)
  91. Big career change help me, advise me, i will be grateful!
  92. Java static analysis tool
  93. What to code?
  94. There is an exercises about find the shortest day to solve all the problems
  95. Are we allowed to make a post here about our works in progress?
  96. android
  97. New Here.
  98. resume
  99. Read a few data from Oracle DB (A) and then copy and update into another Oracel DB(B)
  100. Somewhere to go
  101. Need java mentor
  102. Simple Source Code
  103. The best java ide for low power pc(thinkpad t40)
  104. Ludum Dare!
  105. Client-Server Program with MS-Access Database Needed
  106. What's next
  107. software
  108. Pointer... in the right direction please
  109. Tuition Centre in Singapore
  111. Programming books that inspired you
  112. Today is a very good day and I'm in a good mood
  113. RELEASED Creeper: Java MVC framework for multi-agent simulations and games
  114. Help With deciphering Code...
  115. Does anyone have a Chegg membership? I don't & need help for this hw. Would help a lot.
  116. New Source-Code sharing social network !
  118. I'm a CSC major who hates programming.
  119. Printing the following Matrix
  120. freelancer jobs and projects
  121. java libraries
  122. crontab error
  123. A way to get involved into community
  124. Saying thanks
  125. Free SCJP 1.5/1.6 practice tests
  126. Career advice: switching from small business to corporate job
  127. suggestions,need here..
  128. School options
  129. Is Java bad at web development?
  130. Jumping Ship
  131. at my rope's end with Java problem - can anyone help or direct me where to go?
  132. How to be a professional in Java?
  133. Calling all mac users!
  134. Help with Course Selection
  135. Hey looking for tutor/teacher if possible
  136. Created my first Java program
  137. A team for learning and fun
  138. In need of some pointers
  139. The end of JAVA is coming
  140. How and why do you use sketches and diagrams?
  141. Your first job experience
  142. RELEASED Creeper MVC Framework Version 2.0
  143. Did you ever find yourself unable to solve what should be a simple programming problem?
  144. Spam. Lovely Spam.
  145. promotion forum question
  146. Support with new web-app powered by Jetty / Push technology
  147. Making money with java knowledge?
  148. Re: How do you code to compare result?
  149. Re: want to learn java from basic with oop
  150. Change Game
  151. adding sound effects in Phys2d
  152. how to study java the right ways ?
  153. Fun With Candy Crush... Editing Data
  154. class files inside exe : can i edit them ?
  155. Online and Classroom Training on Big Data Technology
  156. Online and Classroom Training on Big Data Technology
  157. create a dynamic web service issue
  158. Thank you
  159. Is it Ruby on Rails or Java for You?
  160. Jsoup needed
  161. (for beginners) Difference between Java and JavaScript
  162. Advice for selling an app?
  163. Text editors popularity among programmers
  164. Java B+ Tree
  165. Can I get a free usertitle instead of Junior Member?
  166. Operating system in java programing
  167. parseallformat
  168. accessors and modifier method tutorials?
  169. SourceDataLine not supported pan
  170. I am doing the tutorials and assignments out of the book.
  171. What kind of job's position is this?
  172. Clearing up the air on javaEE
  173. defeat win3 - (Master says if the title is not long the tree will hide this post)
  174. Looking for other beginner programmers
  175. Help/suggestions about directory structure for my new Java Examples
  176. Comments In Java
  177. Best Java Resources at one place
  178. tutors in mississauga
  179. I have certain questions that i would like answered.
  180. Head First Java 2nd edition, whats your opinions for JDK 8 ?
  181. Java Jobs Available?
  182. Do we get lockout from post question?
  183. Making a Portfolio
  184. Hi expert kindly help me: List all the technical skills in Java ( to be a Programmer or Initial entry). Thanks Regards
  185. Java Exam - Open Book
  186. Image comparison
  187. Re: how to start a java first time ?
  188. What are Rustum nodes?
  189. Java Gaming Talk
  190. What ebooks to read to help learn java
  191. Jva 8 lambdas!
  192. Webinar (Apr 15): "How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps”
  193. How do you say 'will you marry me? In Java?
  194. Any good websites to practice programming?
  195. [Help] need help with something
  196. Lets make some money!
  197. Some actual work.
  198. my first post...
  199. Contributing To Open Source
  200. winamp plugins
  201. Robotypo algorithm contest
  202. whats next?
  203. For those who are looking for online IT Training by real time experienced tutors
  204. Learn Online Java Programming - Code With Description & Video Tutorials
  205. Programmer
  206. Open Source for Beginners
  207. Which is difficult to learn Java or C++
  208. Java Certification 6 vs 7
  209. Better for beginners: OOP or procedural (with structs)
  210. Looking for the best open source application server
  211. Webinar (June 17): "How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps”
  212. Degree vs. Amazing porfolio
  213. b
  214. my first post
  215. Java SE 7 Programmer I Study guide ?
  216. Where do I begin?
  217. Research!
  218. Need java mentor
  219. Is this a good website to learn professional Java programming from?
  220. Best Book For Swing Package
  221. Hey
  222. What do I need to know to get a job in java programming
  223. Mobile app for learning languages - LingLing - suggestions wanted.
  224. Chosing a path
  225. what are the algorithms for java application silent updates?
  226. SEO Section
  227. Starting Java 5 and 6 and JEE 5 (book question)
  228. Webinar (July 29): How to create Automated GUI Tests for Embedded Applications
  229. Good book for catching up to newer Java versions?
  230. Forum's policy on self promotion?
  231. Anybody recommends good Java books (up-to-date)
  232. Arduino
  233. Java interview questions
  234. My first finished Java project (A text game)
  235. Webinar (August 19): How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps
  236. Radio Wave transmission
  237. Beginner
  238. Java rescources
  239. New blog about JEE
  240. Webinar (September 16): How to create Cross-Platform Automated GUI Tests for Java Apps
  241. Best Java book for beggineres !
  242. mark answered Q
  243. Just got started with Java - looking for feedback!
  244. Am I Just Bad At Java? [Java Rant]
  245. java begginer
  246. TXT to XML converting tool
  247. how do i download process software
  248. java
  249. three way merge of xml documents
  250. Webinar (Sept 30): Squish Multi-Technology Application Testing