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  1. Using serializable yet still getting a shallow copy of object

    I have browsed the other questions and found solutions as to how to do a deep copy of objects that contain references. I am specifically wanting to make a deep copy of a tree. Logically, each tree...
  2. [SOLVED] Issue Determing Average Number of Comparisons for Quicksort

    My objective is to execute quick sort ( i was told to convert the pseudocode from the Cormen book) using arrays of increasing sizes and find the average number of comparisons for each of those sizes...
  3. Is there anyway to optimise this recursive algorithm so I don't get an OutOfMemory error?

    My overall project is to create a tree and use Huffman coding to encode and decode a given file. I am at the point where I need to decode my file. To do this, i am having to step through my Huffman...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Why is my array not being read in correctly from my file?

    Wow, yeah that totally did it. Thanks! I'm glad it was that simple. I guess I was thinking of my array, like an arrayList, as being an object.
  5. [SOLVED] Why is my array not being read in correctly from my file?

    In one file, I save a TreeNode object, then an int, and then a byte array to a file named `huffmanTrial.huff`.
    In another file I want to read in all three of those things and do work on them. I can...
  6. Determing if one string is a rotation of another

    I have an assignment for my computer science 1 class I could really use some help on. Here's exactly what it says:

    Assume you have a method isSubstring which checks if one word is a...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Help with the incrementing in a For loop

    I finally figured it out. Had to nest two for loops!
  8. [SOLVED] Help with the incrementing in a For loop

    I have an assignment that follows " Write a code segement using a for loop that, given a positive integer n, prints first n postive integers, such that each integer is preceded by n number of...
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