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  1. Required Code snippet for the following question


    I have a list of strings For Eg: s1 = "20 - 30" , s2 = "10 - 30", s3 = "30 - 30".

    Now, I have a text file which has some 100 lines. So , I have to read each line of the fiel and check if...
  2. Re: Code Required in the form of Key Values

    In the above message for each line "Loading positions for PERIOD", it has to find out the errors under that line which starts with 20 -30.
  3. Code Required in the form of Key Values

    Hi All,

    I need a logic for the below.

    Suppose I have the file in a particular directory with the below conntent starts with the below line -

    5/15/2014 2:07:36 PM : 10 - 10 : *** Loading XML...
  4. Replies

    Hello Everybody


    I am new this forum and interest in coding and have some what less coding skills. I am improving myself dialy.

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