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    Re: Service Oriented Architecture

    I recommend you spend more time learning about SOA. For example, the current trend is moving towards REST and JSON, away from SOAP and XML.

    One common approach is the Web Application presents a...
  2. Re: Business Delegate and Session Facade usage.

    Session Facade is not a commonly used pattern. Pick up a copy of Martin Fowler's Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture to learn more.

    Business Delegate is more common but most architects...
  3. Re: Spring MVC -- The requested resource is not available.

    @RequestMapping will only be processed if a corresponding HandlerMapping (for type level annotations) and/or HandlerAdapter (for method level annotations) is present in the dispatcher. This is the...
  4. Re: What can I use instead of instance variables in a servlet?

    The problem is you are trying to preserve state. That is, you are trying to maintain data either between requests for the same user (or perhaps shared among all users?)

    The Servlet is designed to...
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