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  1. Re: Need a little help with an assignment (emrips)

    Thank you for your insight, your analysis of "format the length of each emirp to 7 characters" seems much more accurate...I should be able to implement all the changes, thanks for the help
  2. Need a little help with an assignment (emrips)

    Alright so...the assignment is;

    (Emirp) An emirp (prime spelled backwards) is a non palindromic prime number whose reversal is also a prime. For example, 17 is a prime and 71 is a prime, so 17 and...
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    Re: Zellar's Congruence error

    I figured it out, just a stupid mistake that I think stemmed from me working on this too long...

    int dayOfWeek =(dayOfMonth +((26*(month + 1)) / 10) +
    yearOfCentury + (yearOfCentury / 4)...
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    Zellar's Congruence error

    Hello everyone, so I'm brand new to java (3 weeks of instruction) I think I'm close on this formula(Zellar's Congruence), but I'm getting "error: cannot find symbol" on line 33 when I attempt to...
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