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    Wheres my devil?

    hey guys, Im wondering where my program would be going to find a .gif file IE folder ect
    package labelDemo;

    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;

    public class labelDemo

  2. Re: Java Software Solutions Graphics Example 2.10

    err I did try the question was, why was the newer book different and found out there was a list of corrections released and it was a mistake in the book. I am running it as an applet, and now have it...
  3. Re: Java Software Solutions Graphics Example 2.10

    ok so they example above came from my friends java book. I have the newer book and it shows the example like this

    package Einstein;

    class Einstein;...
  4. Re: Java Software Solutions Graphics Example 2.10

    When trying to run it on Netbeans it gave an error of not having a main class? So I tryed it in eclipse and it did run. Not really sure y it dident work on netbeans any ideas?
  5. Java Software Solutions Graphics Example 2.10

    Hey guys quick question working on a graphics example in my Java book can not get this to run. Can you please take a look and get back to me with it is wrong.

    package Einstein;

    class Einstein;...
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    Re: Basic java question

    Oh ok, I get that thanks for the help :o
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    Basic java question

    Hey guys
    I just started learning java, I am using the book Java software solutions and have a question.
    Dont know if any one has this book but might help, in chapter 3 creating objects it...
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