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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Can't add a method without getting errors

    Thanks, just made it return 1.2; for testing purposes.
  2. [SOLVED] Can't add a method without getting errors

    Hey I want to add the following method...

    private static double Calculations(String Operator)

    ... to this program as follows (down at the bottom of this snippet)

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    [SOLVED] Gap between GUI elements

    Hey, I'm using the following code to make an interface, but for some reason there is a massive gap between the text fields and the next panel. Any idea how I can fix this and make it a smaller gap?
  4. Quick question (intergers and accuracy)

    Hey, why doesn't this work. The rest of the program doesn't really effect how this works, so I'm only going to past the bit of code that Im curious about.

    public static double Average(int...
  5. Re: Finding the length of a two dimensional array

    nope thats fine, thanks for the explaination
  6. Finding the length of a two dimensional array

    What if I were to use ".length" on a 2d array. What value would it return? Would it return the length of the row, or the length of the column? And for whatever value it would return, how would I make...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Sorting a number array (ascending)

    Silly mistake really, got it sorted.

    public static void main(String Args[])
    for (int count=0; count<TestArray.length;count++)
    for (int...
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    [SOLVED] Sorting a number array (ascending)

    Hi, I'm in the middle of trying to write a program that will sort an array from lowest to highest, and I can't get the basics to work right. Any ideas? It starts off ok but then starts listing in...
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    Re: String Index out of range

    It made sense in my head. I works, thank you very much for helping me with the problem, you were right and once I just subtracted Loop by 1, it worked. Here is the finished code incase anyone is...
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    String Index out of range

    Hey, stumped as to why this is wrong. Its the start of a program that will count the number of vowels in a sentance, and I've hit a hurdle. Once I can overcome this the rest of the program should be...
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