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  1. [SOLVED] Re: [RMI] Both NotBoundException and transport errors.

    EDIT: Error fixed :D

    A moderator can close the thread.
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    Re: Yo :D Newbie here =)

    It's for game emulation of the game MapleStory (yea.. rubbish game). But there's a lot to learn about codes when you go through a huge project like that.. Extractions, methods, variables, connections...
  3. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Both NotBoundException and transport errors.

    Hey there ! Well since I couldn't get an answer by any moderator or JavaPF himself, I thought this would be the correct section as there are none specified for this type of threads/issues.

    BUT, if...
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    Yo :D Newbie here =)

    Why hello people !

    My name is Fred, and I'm 19 years old (in July actually..) and I am here mostly cause of getting help figuring out some java related errors and to learn how to add fixes to...
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