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  1. How to use SDF to display a future date.

    When I run this the first date displays correctly (without the time of day),
    but I can't figure out how to call the + 14 days date using SDF.
    I just left a ? in place to show where my problem is.
  2. Re: How do I create an object(function)?

    I guess I was not clear:

    Class object;
    object = new Class;

    What I meant was I wasn't clear how to word the function that computed
    the amount of boxes needed.

    Thank you for posting the...
  3. How do I create an object(function)?

    I am new to java, but have taken one VB class.
    I am working on a common exercise:
    Bags of coffee sell for $5.50.
    User orders a number of bags.
    number of bags * cost per bag.
    Bags are shipped in...
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