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  1. Re: Swing Components Invisible as Startup

    Ok, try this. Comment the line f.setVisible(true). Make a JPanel named c to replace the container. Remove the line Container c = getcontentpane. So basicaly your top and bottom panels will be in...
  2. Re: Swing Components Invisible as Startup

    Thank you for replying. My code is just so long that I did not really want to post it until it was really necessary. And it is not necessary because you got it right. I had the frame made and its...
  3. Swing Components Invisible as Startup

    Hello everyone. I have done a program using swing GUI components, but whenever I run the program the jframe comes up empty. When I minimize and maximize the window or if I click at the bottom of the...
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    Problem running .jar in Windows 7

    Hello everyone, I am new here. I am having a problem running my executable jar file in windows 7. I created a program to open all of my applications from one interface. It runs in windows XP and...
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