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  1. Re: Server Audit

    hi JavaPF, i wasn't able to expand the code this past few days as I was on holiday... i'll try it within this week. thanks.
  2. Re: Server Audit

    Yeah. I'm trying to figure out how to do this as well. Thanks.
  3. Re: Server Audit

    hi JavaPF,

    yeah.. it does work.. i overlooked. It appears like it only reads the files and doesn't reads the folders in it and recursively reading the files in each folders.

  4. Re: Server Audit

    Tried String path = "."; and it read the files in the application root however, it doesn't include the folders and recursively reading them too.. one for me to figure out i think.
  5. Re: Server Audit

    tried it but it only writes down date and timestamp in the generated text file.

    i.e. 13-05-2009 11:19:04

    I updated the value of string path with the below

    String path = "c:\\Program...
  6. Re: Server Audit

    hi JavaPF,

    I'm just about to try this today. I'll update the thread as soon as I got something. Thank you very much.

  7. Re: Server Audit

    Hi, thank you very much. Yeah, my goal for now is to get the files in a given directory from a server and then compare from previous day. Any discrepancy, an email will be sent to me. As I progress,...
  8. Java code to to get files in a given directory from a server and do operations


    I am administering a couple of servers and I would to create an IT Audit Management System. The goal basically is to get snap shots of the paths and drives I wanted to monitor. The app will...
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