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  1. Re: Using Java to change websites title?

    Alright, thank you for this information. I'll look into it more. If I find anything before another reply I'll be sure to edit this one and post my findings.

    Personally, I love it. The graphics...
  2. Re: Using Java to change websites title?

    I'm talking about applets, yes. I run a variety of them. And I didn't know about the certificate issue coming in January so thanks for the heads up. I know it's possible to make the title change via...
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    Re: Please answer this questions?

    public class DataTypeDefaults {
    byte byteValue;
    short shortValue;
    int intValue;
    long longValue;
    float floatValue;
    double doubleValue;
    char charValue;
    boolean booleanValue;
  4. Using Java to change websites title?

    I honestly don't know if this is possible, but it sounds like a really cool idea to me.

    I write very very basic java programs and upload them to my website. They range from crappy games to...
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