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    Whats wrong with my code??

    Hi, can any one help me whats wrong with my code? the file location is that of a usb device which has been connected to my computer system. it should in theory display the name, driver and class of...
  2. Re: Can anyone help with my code please?? (Reading the Registry)

    i dont get what i need to do. when i change the folder to read to a C:\\ folder it works fine but i just dont understand why it doesnt work for the registry folder.
  3. Can anyone help with my code please?? (Reading the Registry)

    Hi, im trying to get this to read the registry by reading the contents of a folder, turning it in to an array then displaying the contents. When i compile it works fine with no errors, however when i...
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    Can anyone help with my code please??

    Hi, Can anyone help me with this error message i keep getting, im unsure how to solve this while trying to compile

    Im trying to read the registry and display the folders.

    Ive inserted a screen...
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    Reading the registry

    Hi, can anyone help me?

    I dont get how to read data from the registry,

    I can start a java program and know how to println data so it can be displayed as an output, but i am stuck as to how to...
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