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  1. Re: Simple Calcular Program, But not working!!!

    Sir, Thanks for giving me that idea of writing a code neatly with proper descriptive names. Well I did the editions, now could you please run the program in eclipse and could u tell me why I am...
  2. Simple Calcular Program, But not working!!!

    This is my first thread. I am a starter and started my Java+Android course today.

    My teacher gave me a problem of simple calculator and I completed the coding. But the result I got, only...
  3. Thread: Hi, I am Achu

    by achugr

    Hi, I am Achu

    I am Achu from TVM, India. I started my JAVA+Android course today. Hope I can become a successful Android Developer. Please help me with my doubts when I post in the forum.

    And thankyou...
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