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    Re: General programming question

    What is not a "real" programmer? A virtual one?

    To get back to topic: It really depends on what you do and how you do it. If these two methods are almost identical except for one line then you...
  2. Re: Using Eclipse for Java development in a Git environment

    The .project and .classpath files are just regular XML files. You can open them with any text editor and see for yourself what they contain. As far as I can tell its general information about a...
  3. Thread: Extending Java

    by Cornix

    Re: Extending Java

    What is holding you back from creating your own pre-processor? All you have to do is transform your syntax additions into already existing java concepts. Java is already strong enough to do pretty...
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    Re: Creating a equalsIgnoreCase method

    Are you asking how to create a new method? Or how to compare the contents of a String?
    Do you need this for an assignment or just for yourself? There is already such a method in the standard library.
  5. Re: Java swing frame cant call on other methods from main.

    Your class "BelishaBeacon" has no methods, none at all. You can not call a method called "setSize" if such a method does not exist. There is a "setSize" method in the "JFrame" class but not in your...
  6. Re: creat backspace button in my keyboard ((GUI))

    Here you go:
    public class MyKeyboard {

    public MyKeyboard() {
    Object backspaceButton = "Back Space!";


    If you want anything more detailed you really need to describe your problem...
  7. Re: Using Eclipse for Java development in a Git environment

    Ask your questions, perhaps somebody can answer them. If not, you could always try the official eclipse help forums.
    I am personally using eclipse with git. I have never had any problems with it. It...
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    Re: How to iterate two lists at a time

    Do you have a question?
  9. Re: How to get coordinates of transparent area in image

    The classes you use are not part of the standard library and thus we cant tell you what exactly you are doing wrong. However, this:

    sounds really dubious. It might be true, I dont know these...
  10. Re: Sending BufferedImage with ObjectOutputStream over Socket to Android's Bitmap

    Just send the raw RGBA values over the net, on the other side use the pixel information to construct an Image of the appropriate data type.
  11. Re: Java swing frame cant call on other methods from main.

    You can not change your method into a constructor since a constructor needs to have the same name as the class. Your method has a different name.
    Changing your method into a constructor wont help...
  12. Thread: Questions

    by Cornix

    Re: Questions

    These questions do not make any sense. For the first question: None of these needs to be an Object and each of them could be an Object. You can make anything an Object if you so desire.

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    Re: TCP server/client simple question?

    By the way, I would advice you to use a DataInputStream and DataOutputStream if you want to work with integers and such, these classes make it much easier to parse the raw data. Also, never close the...
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    Re: data type that can store methods

    What does "store a method" mean? Methods are not data. What would "storing a method" do and how would you use it? For what purpose?
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    Re: Reading Audio file

    Open the file (FileReader, FileInputStream, etc) and read its contents (depending on the reader / strema you chose there are different methods for that).
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    Re: How to return 2 lowest scores

    Return an Object that can store 2 values.
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    Re: How would you implement this?

    I would use an enum, something like this:

    public enum UserType {

    public int getMaxNumberOfBooks() {
    return 42;
  18. Re: Using SourceTree Git client and Eclipse Java

    Most git client implementations have pre-configured ignore lists for the major IDE's. I know that the git client of GitHub and Bitbucket are already configured to work well with eclipse and...
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    Re: Help code keeps producing NaN

    Well, knowing what the individual parts of the formula resolve to might help you find out what is wrong with the program. To give you a hint, the result of Math.pow(A, 2) will be 0. So will be...
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    Re: Help code keeps producing NaN

    You get the result NaN (not a number) because you divide by zero.
    For your calculation, go through your calculation and try to calculate the result in your head, you will find out what the problem...
  21. Re: "stretch" a jframe (and everything inside it) to fullscreen

    Depends on what the contents of your frame are.
    If you use the standard Swing components then all you need is a good layout and everything will be sized automatically.
    If you use custom components...
  22. Re: Transferring co-ordinates from a design program, to an array in Java?

    Extracting data from a third party software (in your case AutoCad) is not easy. If the third party software offers an API that allows you to extract data it should be manageable, if needed by using...
  23. Re: How do I write a push method for a string stack reference based?

    Stacks are nothing new. If you are having problem I would recommend doing some research on how a Stack works and what the basic design idea behind it is. The internet should be full of information on...
  24. Re: Enable JTabbedPane tab from another window

    Everything is possible. You just need to know how to do it.
    Your questions are very broad and there is an unlimited number of ways how to achieve what you are trying to do. Please try first to do...
  25. Re: I have a general question regarding building an instant message app

    There are different concepts of networking. If you go with a Client-Server approach then yes, you need to have the server running all the time, otherwise there is no service.
    There is also the...
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