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  1. Re: Is a modal JDialog possible in this scenario?

    Thanks for your response. Are there any approaches? I would like to keep the panel modal (inside JDialog) while the computations are performed and the progress bar is updated. As far as I know java...
  2. Is a modal JDialog possible in this scenario?

    I have the below spinet of code which basically consists of a panel with a progress bar. The progress bar indicates the completion rate for the numerical computations executed in RunComputations()....
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    Waiting for another thread to finish

    I have a method with two threads (1 &2) which run at the same time. The current thread must stop right after the ‘thread2.start()’ statement until thread2 & thread1 are finished. There appears to be...
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    Filling a Shape with lines

    Is there anyway to fill a shape (Rectangle2D, Ellipse, etc.) with parallel lines (or other line-based texture) which shows what lies beneath the shape (a picture, other shape, etc.)?

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