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  1. Re: Using a CountingBloomFilter (java.lang.VerifyError)

    I solved it, just stored The Bloom Filter in a file and load it from the file :>
  2. Re: Using a CountingBloomFilter (java.lang.VerifyError)


    After a long Holiday, I came back with this problem!
    I really do not know how to save a Counting Bloom Filter in a DB(MY SQL)?I don not know how to use readFileds() would you please help me?
  3. Re: Using a CountingBloomFilter (java.lang.VerifyError)

    Now I created this cbf. I need to save it to a table in mysql and fetch it later.
    How can I?
    what will be the column's type?
    what about the java code to construct the fetched cbf?
  4. Re: Using a CountingBloomFilter (java.lang.VerifyError)

    I downloaded the packages and Now the code is as below:

    It worked properly:

    Thank you so much...
  5. Re: Using a CountingBloomFilter (java.lang.VerifyError)

    I found the Counting Bloom Filter from this page:
    CountingBloomFilter (Apache Hadoop Main 2.0.0-alpha API)

    I think this source code should care about this it?

    however now I no more...
  6. Re: Using a CountingBloomFilter (java.lang.VerifyError)

    the constructor is written by java! I my self did not wrote it to edit.

    Is it possible to explain more?
  7. Using a CountingBloomFilter (java.lang.VerifyError)

    Dear all,

    I want to use a CountingBloomFilter of java.lang.object.
    This is my primary code:

    but it seems there is an compiler bug!
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    Re: invalid encoding for signature

    Yes, you are right. So thanks for your useful comment.

    I changed the code in this form:

    //create signature

    Signature signature = Signature.getInstance("DSA");
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    invalid encoding for signature

    Hi every body!

    I am writing a java code which creates some signature using SHA1 and I want to store the signature in db. I used MYSQL and I put the signature in a column by VARCHAR type. when I...
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