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    Re: Issues with moving

    Where's the container that actually does the drawing, probably a JPanel? Show that.
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    Re: Changing a frame to JFrame

    There are many errors in your code. Clean those up and post code that compiles and runs without error. If you have errors you can't correct or are still having a problem with the conversion to...
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    Re: problem java.lang.outOfMemoryError

    Post the exact error message, copied and pasted.
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    Re: Multiple threads outcome

    This was an exercise to demonstrate and reinforce the notion that the execution of multiple threads in Java is not predictable. You'll likely get different results on the same computer, and you'll...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Complex formatting within a text field

    This lesson covers the basics.
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    Re: method issue?

    @Maxou: You've erased your code so that this topic is completely pointless. If you continue this habit, your threads will be disapproved.
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    Re: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

    No, what you've described is not the source of your problem. You define the wordReplace[] array:

    private String[] wordReplacer = new String[6];

    Yet, at line 70 (mentioned in the error), you...
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    Re: Java Gaming Site

    Thread moved.

    Search the web for the question and discover the answers.
  9. Re: Making a counter AI for a connect 4 game

    I assume that your code in Post #4 was meant to implement the strategy described in Post #3. Can you comment your code with the strategy? Using methods that execute each of the strategy steps might...
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    Re: Creating Lua Hooks with LuaJava?

    Are you asking for help with the existing Java code? If so, post the code (or as much of it as is relevant) and describe what help you need.

    But it sounds like you're asking for help writing...
  11. Re: Search Algorithm Causing StackOverFlowError

    Check your logic in the findPath() method. You might start by adding print statements that provide valuable information as the method executes - the location to see where the logic is failing and...
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    Re: Creating Lua Hooks with LuaJava?

    I'm not sure if this is a Lua, LuaJava (whatever that is), or Java question. Since this is a Java forum, can you describe how your question is related to Java? If it's not related to Java, then...
  13. Re: Making a counter AI for a connect 4 game

    If you were playing the game against a human opponent using your brain to counter your opponent's moves, what would you be looking for and then doing? Write down those rules and then code them.
  14. Re: Help with Bin to Hex and Hex to Ascii program

    I suspect you have one error causing 40 others. What do you see if you look at line 66, the first line mentioned in the string of many errors?

    This is what I see:

    At line 59 (why so much...
  15. Re: Help with Hexadecimal Java Base Converter

    You do the same as with numbers, except that when you divide by 16, the remainder can be 0 through F.
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    Re: Valid Operands and Operators

    Where are you passing the input to a method to determine whether it is a valid input?
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    Re: Project MazeGame

    Don't you think that's important information we might need to help you? Why do I have to pull it out of you?

    Post runnable code that demonstrates the problem. We can't guess at the code you...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Declare String inside of Loop, use it outside

    The faulty thought was the title of your thread, declaring the same variable over and over in different blocks of code, now fixed.
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    Re: Project MazeGame

    Please post your code correctly.

    How are the two classes you posted in your first post connected?
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    Re: Help on Java code

    The first error message is clear. You programmed the method to return a String, but you're trying to return an int. Easy fix.

    Your variables are hard to read the way they're named. Please...
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    Re: Project MazeGame

    What code in what you've posted is supposed to draw the mouse in the maze and cause it to move?

    Your general design is messed. I recommend you review the Custom Painting Lesson for some design...
  22. Re: looking for this code explained I only understand half - first and second for loop but lost what the last is doing

    Welcome to the Forum! Please read this topic to learn how to post code correctly and other useful tips for newcomers.

    Please post your code correctly per the above link.

    Describe what you think...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Declare String inside of Loop, use it outside

    The variable partner shouldn't be declared over and over again, if it's to be used as a single variable through the program. Your initial thought that it should be defined within the smaller blocks...
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    Re: ArrayOutOfBounds Exception

    What's likely is that heap[c + 1] is greater than the size of heap[]. You can check before executing the if() statement to ensure the size of heap[] won't be violated, or you could ensure that c is...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Declare String inside of Loop, use it outside

    If the block of code were a method, you could return the chosen string. If that doesn't work for you, show what you're trying to do with as simple an example as possible, errors and all, and we'll...
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