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  1. Re: How do I stop my answer from looping?

    You code contains lot of weird thing i don't know why you are using the for loop and your IF condition is completely weird.
    It seems like you are trying to take two value and wants to display the...
  2. Re: variable might not have been appreciated

    It looks like you have declared and initialized it properly but thats not true. You have declared it correctly but all initialization is happening in conditional loop so there might be a situation...
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    Re: Constructor

    Just to add some rules which will apply to constructors other then these constructor is just a normal method.

    Constructor Rules

    A constructor can't have a return type.
    Constructor must have...
  4. Re: about access modifiers (abstract and protected)

    "A class can only have public or default access modifier"

    This statement is completely true don't mix Class with Inner Class both are completely different, It will confuse others.

    As for as...
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    Re: Constructing Strings

    You can check here for all String related Details Blog Archive Java String Basic
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    Re: If statement help

    One thing just want to add. There is difference between If from C to if from Java. In C if(name = Ryan) would always result in true while the same statement will never compile in Java. Because in...
  7. Re: I'm new to Java, Please help.

    You can use the link in my signature as well
  8. Re: When to use Comparator and Comparable Interface in java

    There are several difference between these 2 as mentioned by "devkikukde". I would rather focus on when we should use one of them.

    1- There is a scenario when you can not modify the object(Third...
  9. Re: Search class file for particular code


    I don't know any tool for such kind of work to search class in jar but you can write the code to search class in jar file. For that you can take advantage of reflection.
  10. Thread: Abstract

    by vivekanand30

    Re: Abstract

    Its not possible at all. Your Spanish class is not abstract class and none of the class in hierarchy is providing the implementation for makeSoud() method.
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    Re: Basic java question

    Just want to add to Junky explanation. As for as String object is concerned "equals" and "==" both are for different purpose. "equals" are used to compare the value in String object while "==" is...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: difference between String Concatenation and String -Buffer/Builder .append(

    As sean already provided the basic answer why it is advantages to use apend rather then +. Just to add, out of StringBuffer & StringBuilder you should always try to use StringBuilder because it is...
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    Re: Object oriented programming

    You don't need to combine OOP with any specific lang. Oops is concept which can be found several languages, it has nothing to do with java and c++. Both of them implement some of the concept of oops.
  14. Re: Is it possible to instantiate an interafce ?

    You can not instantiate Interface in any case. And the example is just anonymous class and it looks like you are initiating Interface.
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    [SOLVED] Re: metod and class

    What's the similarity between these two??
    Both are for 2 different purpose. A class is the blueprint from which individual objects are created. These object can have behavior and states, for those...
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    Re: Jave help needed.

    if you want to pay then i can call you :P
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    Re: Accessing fields of a subclass

    The code which you have provided doesn't work at all coz you want to access subclass related thing with Superclass reference. It will directly give you compile time error if it is not in super class....
  18. Re: What is the problem with this following declaration in JDK 1.4?

    Java 5 only added the support for Generics.
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