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    Re: ArrayList Sorting and comparing

    I see it. Collections.sort() method and compareTo() two methods should have worked. java.util. Collections; package should have down the trick. Of course, see it again.:o
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    Re: sting compare and if statment


    It is read on a different system. JVM also. Stand alone application or applets, read through Java library files that came with kit. API. Not Windows, run on windows though.
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    Re: 3 Threads at once.

    I was wondering if you're explaining the touch pad or ipad. One thread is used to run the application. The other for mouse movements. They had examples on the threads, but it was on another page. ...
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    Re: a basic election program in java

    Will this throw an exception? both a,b are set to zero. IOException thrown on the main method.

    Looks like it was interesting two channel class file. Got it!
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    Re: Read the file Input into arrays?

    noobCoder: I understood the codes clear. Thanks on the information.
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    Re: Input/Output Streams

    I got free videos on a network. I/O stream files read files over the internet. The class files are programs to send and receive the same transmission rate/bandwidth on a computer. I am on a Nook,...
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    Re: Scanning/Filing with Java?

    If you're planning on a website, java is a good way to automate your system into one "programmable" folder. If you do huge volumes, a good book to read is "JAVA for Dummies". It explains JDBC and...
  8. Re: How to Shorten this? Arrays and Classes

    The objective of the program would be using the get method of which the class file Pontcsoportok would get some name or value from an input. So this means you want your program to spit back...
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    Re: Need help with loop/java program

    Thanks. 12programmer: Javax.swing.JOption will do the trick on labels. I like how the program looks. :o
  10. Re: Can you help me to make a java program. I want to make a code in preparing a coffee

    Do you mean connecting your pc to your coffee maker? Other than on/off switch. How would you go about creating a timer to turn the coffee maker on each day at 6:00 a.m.? Curious also. How much...
  11. Re: if statement doesn't produce desired result

    set two and y to the same char value.

    string two="y";
    string y = two;

    They are of the same type string.
  12. Re: Static object creatiion - confused

    Certain fields and methods can be used, when there is an inheritance. Static means you are declaring those variables in your class file and it takes on those fields or methods of a parent class.
  13. Re: Trying to create a light bulb that turns on and off using boolean data types and if else statement

    This small program would be referring to a cell phone light bulb. Acts as a switch. It has one method, bulb(); Thanks for the information. I have an android.
  14. Re: Need to show money change by creating if/else statements

    Does this problem work within limits? $100 or less or $100 or more. From an average price restaurant to fine dining, as in Kobe's Steak house in Waikiki. An upper limit would be the expressions just...
  15. Re: While loop with a sentinel value. (Meeting room capacity and fire law regulation)

    Thanks for the problem. A variable declaration was missing. They were of the same type, integers. Not sure if this was the case. Also,

    int roomCap = 300;
    int totalRoomCap = roomCap;

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    Re: Classes and Methods...Very confused!

    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.AWT.*
    import java.awt.event.*;

    class (Name) extends JFrame implements ActionListener {
    //JButtons, JPanels, java.applet.AudioClipaudio
    // add this here

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    Re: Java gui

    I have a netbeans 8.2 IDE, but my battery needs to be changed. You cannot open a class file and attach or append it to another file. The programs run on a JVM. I know what you're getting at. All...
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    Re: question

    Was the wizards set up before you used excel? The program that excel uses on different network, as on this Nook uses the APIs already loaded on the network's database. The wizards should have done...
  19. Re: Can someone explain the boolean operator in java?

    are you serious? Da?
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    Re: Standalone app - AWT

    I was wondering on a standalone application, if Windows ftp all their files for a price or you download the other files from the vendor in which you heard it from? How much extra? I'd like to do a...
  21. Trying to use a java.AWT on a blog

    I am trying to place a avi video on a blog. Audio video interleave, not sure about last spelling. Anyway it will be a short clip about myself and using Windows toolkit on the blog. 5 minutes. IF I...
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    Re: Inheritance

    Easier to classify objects, animals in an object oriented programming language as Java. Animals would be a general parent class, and cat and dogs would be a subclass. Then they could break things...
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    Re: reading a txt file

    I was wondering if the FileInputStream class handles all reading of files from the server's network? I am on a Wi-Fi and want to know if this class file is the very same files they use on a network...
  24. Re: Understanding Graphics2d, canvas and shapes

    Just curious, do you work at Best Buy stores or any mobile phone companies making these games for the phones or ipad? Because I'd like to know how long it took you do develop a program? If so, how...
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    Re: Trouble adding an object.

    I saw a similar problem on Instance variables, For example, UHFootball myUHFootball = new UHFootball("file.jpg"); Can they find this if they ran it on their network? .com...
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