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  1. Thread: SEO Section

    by copeg

    Re: SEO Section

    In my years moderating this forum, I don't recall ever seeing a legitimate post related to search engine optimization - the most likely reason is because it is completely unrelated to the subject of...
  2. Thread: Java Printing

    by copeg

    Re: Java Printing

    Have you read the tutorials from the 'source' (aka Oracle)?
    Lesson: Printing (The Java™ Tutorials > 2D Graphics)
  3. Re: my program for calculating the circumference and area isn't working

  4. Re: my program for calculating the circumference and area isn't working

    Where do you print the circumference? Perhaps read the API for this method...
    PrintStream (Java Platform SE 7 )
    ...or use System.out.print to print out the value.
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    Re: How to set a button event trigger?

    Suggested reading:
    How to Write an Action Listener (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing > Writing Event Listeners)
  6. Thread: JDialog

    by copeg

    Re: JDialog

    I presume Ada is referring to the setLocation method of JComponent - this will not work with most layout managers. The default LayoutManager of the JDialog content pane is BorderLayout - google this...
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    Re: Open up a dialog on MYSQL

    Sorry, but to be brutally honest this statement alone suggests a fundamental lack of understanding of a what a database truly does. Normalization, primary and foreign keys, indexing, transactions,...
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    Re: subclassing DefaultMutableTreeNode Class

    Class cast each child to the appropriate class
  9. Re: Help me validate or break my conceptions of web technology

    Perhaps read up upon HTTP (S)
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    HTTP Secure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Hi, Can Someone please confirm if what am trying to do with Graphics is possible...if it is, then how? Thanks

    Not sure why you need an alternative to drawing two rectangles, if that's the result you wish to achieve. This being said, have a look at the GradientPaint class
    GradientPaint (Java Platform SE 7 )...
  11. Re: JLabel as part of JTabbedPane tab component overwrites background color

    That's what I meant. Try doing so for the Tab object as well as the JLabel it contains. If what you try doesn't achieve the desired result, post the updated code.
  12. Re: JLabel as part of JTabbedPane tab component overwrites background color

    Set the opacity of the component to false.
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    Re: IM Program Client Side Problems

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e1)

    ip = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter server IP address.");

    Swing is single threaded, running all it's...
  14. Re: Function to Retrieve data from database using Jquery and ajax according to the value in the textfield in jsp

    Not sure what this has to do with Java, so thread moved to Other Programming Languages unless more info is give to suggest a more appropriate subforum
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    Re: JApplet (java runtime permissions)

    An applet is embedded within the html of a webpage, and ran on the client (browser). I could be wrong, but that exception suggests you are trying to run the jar file on the server, which your web...
  16. Re: How to read the mbr-sector ( sector zero of /dev/sda ) and print-out the partition table?

    Java is big endian, regardless of the machine it runs on. Thus little endian data will be read incorrectly when using the readInt, readLong, etc...of DataInputStream. If you believe this to be an...
  17. Re: How to read the mbr-sector ( sector zero of /dev/sda ) and print-out the partition table?

    You can read binary files using either RandomAccessFile or InputStream (eg DataInputStream). Just read (or seek) to the place you want and read in the bytes, mapping them to your data model manually....
  18. Re: How to make executable (.jar) file from a big project?

    Try choosing "Export -> Java -> Executable Jar File"
  19. Re: Is there any significant difference between these segments of code?

    Agree with Cornix - the second implementation is not only overly complicate, as posted it is incorrect (presuming I am understanding what the variable 'files' represents).
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    [SOLVED] Re: Combining JMenuItem and a KeyListener

    Setting the mnemonic and setting the accelerator are two different things, and my post alluded to setting the accelerator:

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    [SOLVED] Re: Could I have made this simpiler?

    Simpler is relative. There are always different ways to write a program, and what one programmer thinks as simple another might think complex, and vice-versa. Perhaps a better question is - are there...
  22. Re: Input stream buffers up to 4K before available to read

    Is there a particular, common command line tool you can reproduce the behavior with? I have never experienced something like you describe, so posting an SSCCE which tries to run a common tool will go...
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    [SOLVED] Re: I need some advice

    Try running an applet on a mobile will quickly find out that most (if not all?) do not support applets. Would a web developer wish to exclude a huge (and increasing) percentage of their...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Static Methods Preventing Usage of Instances?


    Yes...if that's the behavior you want. Sorry for the vague answer, but answers to questions like this are very often context based (the context being what one wishes the program to do)....
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Static Methods Preventing Usage of Instances?

    And to extend off of Greg's code and the situation as I understood it in the linked post 1) suppose another class wishes to call 'someMethod', but you don't have a reference to a Character object (or...
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