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    That's a really good idea! I like it. If I capture and serialize the packets, I could just store them and use 'em again. Not bad at all. Thanks!
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    Yes, I think that I could probably write a simulator since I'm able to capture all the traffic using a packet sniffer. Could this show me something different than what the packet sniffer tells me?
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    I'm fairly sure that I can do this with Jpcap... it just seems like it's going to be brutally difficult to do.

    The TCPPacket class of Jpcap has fields such as:

    _ipOffset, TCP_ACK_LEN,...
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    I've made some slight progress. I found that I was being an idiot before. When I was observing the packets in Wireshark, I saw what looked like the command "A......." being sent to the equipment to...
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    I've considered that, but it seems from the packets I've captured that my computer is the one that starts the FIN sequence to terminate the connection. That certainly doesn't mean that my computer...
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    Yeah... that's the basic feeling I've gotten from my experience with Java and networking. Would it be theoretically possible to utilize C/C++ code to interface between Java and the network interface?...
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    20-years-old is old for continuously operational electronic equipment! Can you image using a 20-year-old computer?

    I've considered that sort of solution, but I really want to improve the program...
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    **NOTE** Make the title "Java" not "ava". Copy/paste error FTW.

    I am attempting to write a Java program that will replace an old DOS-based program that my company currently uses. When I attempt to...
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